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The Loss Of Southeast Florida To Invaders

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Yesterday, I needed some items and went to Costco in Pembroke Pines...lots of Sunday shoppers and crowded. The sobering reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. 20 years ago, I moved North from Miami to SW Broward to escape the crime, Latin, Haitian and Jamaican cultures that had overrun Miami. Out of hundreds of shoppers, I only saw one other American. I passed her a couple times and we looked at each other making eye contact. I could see it in her face. The crowd in Costco went far beyond the typical Miami types. Yes, the Costco crowd was far more 'diverse'...with burkas on the women, orientals, ethnic Africans with many children, Indian and Islanders. But there were NO whites. I heard at least 10 languages and very little English spoken.

SE Florida is lost. None of these people are here to respect or adopt our way of life. At check out, I was pulling out hundreds to pay while just about all those in the other lines are paying with government plastic. Our tax dollars. 50% of my income is taken at threat of a gun and redistributed to these people. Then the Communists in Congress tell me that there will be means testing for Social Security after they have given all the funds to these people who have never contributed to anything. All of these refugees, evacuees, economic migrants and malcontents have their extended relatives hooked up on SSI with checks being sent all over the world to elders who have never even been in this country.

All of this is by design and intentional. At the top, is the Rothschild's City of London debt-slave East India Co banking Cartel. Wealth extraction has reached a climax as the .001% want it all. The USA is still the honey pot and the vermin and insects will keep coming because it is still better than the sewers they have all come from. With the dollar constantly being stomped on by the FED, Americans have seen a constant increase to maintain their American Standard of living, and now we are seeing our cities fail as the working wages can no longer support that standard. This trend will continue and what is left will continue to be shared by all the Third World, Stone Age Parasites and new comers (that Donald J. Trump continues to allow in).

As an Airline Pilot, formerly TWA and now with the biggest carrier, my frame of reference goes back more than 30 years. All the cities, globally, that I have laid-over in, have all suffered dramatic drops in living standards as the population explodes, unabated. London, Paris, Istambul, Rome, Buenos Aries, Caracas, San Francisco, LA, Chicago and Miami to name a few. It is no longer safe for a White American is any of these places. I seldom leave the hotel any more as airline crews are now frequently targeted.


-- Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
Population-Immigration-Environmental specialist: speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences
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