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Assault By Fire Against Southern California
Is Round 1 Of The Border War

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The Halloween Week blazes across Southern California, prior to the Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) holiday, ignited by Mexican ultra-nationalists, are ringing alarm bells, despite a sinister cover-up by the state's quisling Democrat leadership who were involved in the attention-diverting "impeachment" hearings and a pathetic Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, a panderer to the drug cartels and the Mexico's ruling elite. Whereas the titanic forest fires of 2017, and Mexican quake, were triggered by unprecdented lightning strikes caused by accumulated Fukushima-sourced radioactive fallout on the and secret venting of the reactors at Diablo Canyon, the present autumn's multiple scattered outbreaks cannot be attributed to either natural causes or radioactive fallout.

The facts on the scorched earth campaign point toward a well-planned terror campaign of arson aimed at property losses for long-time Californians, mostly whites, in the home-base of state's Republican Party in Southern California. Abundant proof of a treacherous and cowardly Mexican-fueled arson campaign has been compiled by local police, firefighters and residents, as detailed below. Meanwhile, as the Copper Canyon rages along the San Diego border with Mexico, diverting the police from crime-fighting, it is sickeningly predictable that the drug lords are pushing thousands of tons of Made-in-China opioids and Afghan heroin into the U.S. market, now that the major domestic pharmaceuticals and vape companies are reeling under legal action.

It can also be assumed that the automatic weapons provided by Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder to the Mexican cartels, along with newer purchases from foreign arsenals, are coming onto American soil for the killing sprees to come. The SoCal fires are the spearhead of a cross-border campaign of terrorism, similar to how the Kosovar terrorism opened the war on Serbia or the ISIS attacks against Syria. The same is happening here, now that the gates have been unlocked and opened by the quisling Dems, who have coddled Mexican drug lords and ultranationalist gang leaders, while allowing the State Legislature to fall under control of Mexican politicians, including those born south of the border.

Behind their shield of immigration reform, the Mexican lobby has altered the demographic ratio of the California electorate and now stand poised not only to take full control of the Democratic Party machine, but also to push their visionary agenda for de facto autonomy leading inevitably to secession from the USA and reunion of the western states with their beloved Fatherland, Mexico. Meanwhile in and out of state prisons, the drug cartel's hitmen have set up hideouts in the dozens of crime-ridden Indian casinos, like rattlesnakes under the shady rocks wiggling out at night to vent their poison on to the unwitting prey inside trailer parks packed with old-timers and stucco houses of families across the arid land.


The long-term objective of these initial surprise attacks has been stated in no uncertain terms during Donald Trump's June 2016 campaign visit here, protested by the 200-car low-rider "parade" of intimidation against predominantly white communities along the Pacific Coast Highway, waving the mythic Aztec flag of the eagle and snake: Make America Mexico Again (MAMA). That slow-moving caravan of Latino gangbangers, honking horns and shouting slogans in Spanish, made its way to the historical Mission San Juan Capistrano, founded by Father Junipero Serra to claim the Pacific seaboard for the Empire of Spain and its New World colony of Mexico. All the while the Democrats have gone missing in action (MIA) against the rising foreign threat.

Come home to Big Mama and su Padre, muchachos! Wresting California from the hated Yanquis is the strategic objective in Reconquista, the coming return of lost territories from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains, from the Sonoran Desert to the Canadian border. The imminent fourth major war between the Mexican imperial domain and the gringos of El Norte has begun here in earnest with the targeting for destruction of rural communities and trailer parks of descendants of early ranchers and "Okies" from the Dust Bowl.

The immigrant-dominant tycoons of San Francisco and Silicon Valley are watching this systematic slaughter with eager hopes for new injections of billions in laundered cash from foreign investors, ranging from China and India to Colombia, Brazil and the Saudis, and of course the Sephardic plutocrats of Mexico City. Atop every boulder, these buzzards are eyeing the Yanqui burro wilting under the merciless sun and dancing heatwaves from this firestorm sweeping the parched land. Don't look for heroes other than in the mirror, boys and girls, since even that gunslinger with No Name, retired Carmel Mayor Clint Eastwood, has sold out to these banditos.

Notably, ranches, culturally symbolic of the region's cowboy tradition and the U.S. Cavalry, were set afire to trigger horses into panicked galloping in ever-tighter rings of fire. The equestrian parade at the Rose Bowl, which celebrates the shared Spanish heritage of the palomino stallion and caballero that once starred the likes of Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry, can be never be the same after these cowardly acts of betrayal that's taken advantage of the delusional misplaced trust in open immigration by the state's governing Democratic Party to hurl flaming Molotov cocktails and shoot flares onto the wilted pastures and bone-dry scrub bordering the homes of white Americans.

Re-Conquest of the West

The firestorms that swept over more than 40 populated areas of Southern California have been radically different from previous blazes caused by lightning strikes, power-line explosions and soaring outdoors temperatures. These fires were started at night or early morning when autumn temperatures dipped to the low 70s Fahrenheit, way off their summertime highs in the upper 90s. A commonality between all these "incidents" is ignition close to a highway or road, indicating a coordinated arson offensive against target-specific white conservative communities, which have been the social, cultural and political backbone of California since its secession from Mexican control in the Bear Flag Revolt during the Mexican-American War of 1846 (something that is no longer taught in local schools, even though it is feverishly preached like an avenging fatwa throughout Mexico).

History cannot be magically changed; we must live in the present fact of American territorial integrity, whatever the merits and faults of past battles. Mexico is itself equally or more guilty of political violence by and against native peoples and settlers. There are no innocents in this contest of national will. Only one issue exists for every individual on either side of the border and that is where one's loyalty resides.

Tolerance to Excess Spoils the Child

This clandestine race-fueled rebellion is happening in the world's 7th largest economy and the American gateway to the Pacific. Contrary to any justifiable reason for revolt, California in the postwar era been the most equitable by income and egalitarian of all 50 states in terms of educational advancement and employment opportunity for minorities, with none of the overt discrimination as practiced in places like Boston or Chicago, Guadalajara or Oaxaca. Bilingualism, here meaning Spanish fluency, is essential to qualify for many jobs, from teaching to industry.

If anything, California has been ultra-liberal to an excess in politically correct multiculturalism, thereby promoting an entitlement mindset that runs contrary to this society's traditional Protestant work ethic. At such long distance from their Puritan roots of the American experiment, the liberal elitists have been promoting separatist identity-politics, to the point of absurdity in pushing the perverse notion that repressive foreign motherlands are superior to a USA with its democratic values. The USA is not without blemishes and wealth disparities, yet every American is the first to admit it.

It's Called Treason

What's happened over these Days of the Dead is something categorically worse, and more foreboding, than the San Francisco 49s doing a knee-drop during The Star-Spangled Banner, since the present conflagration is the start of a foreign invasion abetted by home-grown treason, in short, war. As faced by Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor, the Halloween arson attacks present the shock moment of decision for Mexican Americans and residents here, revolving around the all-decisive question of which side are you on? Same goes for every registered Democrat. Will you fight for the USA or switch your allegiance for the return of California, followed the rest of the West to Mexico?

I hate to have to say this, due to the fact that white people have been cowed into mute shame, despite the truth of the matter: If you don't like it here, amigo, get back to your ancestral heaven in Mexico or Central America. Slavery and peonage have been abolished long ago, at least on the books, and nobody's forcing you to stay in this hellhole of El Norte. Burning down the homes of strangers who never harmed you is a personal disgrace, if only because it should be penalized with capital punishment, in no uncertain terms, for those guilty of racial terrorism in either direction.

More urgently, the quisling Dems, as agents for the drug cartels who abetted and covered up the arson offensive thanks to that idiotic futile impeachment vote, must now be ousted en masse from their entrenched positions of control with many of these treacherous slime-bags soon to be prosecuted for treason and clapped inside hard labor camps or dispatched by a firing squad in Utah. You've got to draw the line somewhere, that being against the knowing crime of high treason.

Decision Time for Latinos

For Mexican-Americans, at this moment sentimentality for an aggrieved nationalism in Mexico fails your parents who chose willingly to migrate here to escape the injustices and oppression of the Old World. It is largely up to your community of those loyal American-born citizens and immigrants who swore to uphold their citizenship duties to this country to uproot the insidious terrorists and agents of the drug lords, and also to correct the warped attitudes of misguided youths. Otherwise, the risk to be faced is categorical suspicion of every one of you, as happened to my people in World War II, which was redeemed only through extraordinary blood sacrifices in battle against the enemies, including the brutal battles against our own uncles and cousins born in the motherland. That is nothing special, considering the fact that Anglo settlers fought on courageously despite incredible odds against their British brethren to achieve a just social order on this continent.

If these fanatic cultural nationalists do succeed at their objective of inciting a fourth military struggle between Mexico and the USA, your sons and brothers will either be on the front lines against the looming invasion by the many enemies of democracy or deported in shame in their defeat. The same applies to all citizens, regardless of ancestral origin, since the coming war is far different than any of the morally unjustified foreign interventions since the Vietnam era. All must rally to the defense of these United States, or everything that you believe in and hope to pass on to future generations will be lost forever. Gentleman and ladies, war is upon us though we did not choose it.

Terrorism in Our Midst

Like a rattling drumbeat, the flames of arson against residential compounds have marched by so quickly that it's been difficult to keep track of those widespread neighborhoods, many of them obscure and off the vacationer or shopper's trail. The sites of destruction are much too far apart to have been started by falling embers of an initial fire, ranging as they do from the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles southward to Orange, San Bernadino, Riverside and San Diego. The unpatriotic mainstream media being locked down in a cover-up, so here is a summary of events since the weekend prior to Halloween and Day of the Dead, both traditionally known in Europe as All Souls Eve.

Here are some mileposts of arson:

Jurupa 46 Fire. Witness reports of arsonist activity was confirmed in the Riverside town of Jurupa by a high-speed police chase of 2 Mexicans driving a stolen car fleeing along Limonite Avenue. The suspects' vehicle veered off the road in a ball of flames, likely due to a cargo of Molotov cocktails. Just hours after the Riverside police posted the mug shots of the Mexican arsonists, a hastily cut-and-paste fake photos were posted online of a long-haired while male and a African-American accomplice, who might resemble homeless persons or street dealers, no doubt as disinformation by the Mexican terrorist organization. Either police intelligence or some "high authority" has subsequently imposed a gag order on further disclosure of the suspects' backgrounds or connection with Mexican gang networks in the state prisons.

Tick Fire: Along Sand Canyon Road, a suspect was arrested and reported on local news to be a "female traveler" involved in setting the blaze, the first of this spate of fires. "Traveler" is newspeak for an illegal migrant. Online trolls have tried to pin the blame on "homeless encampments", but by this late in autumn, homeless persons have long since migrated to downtown Los Angeles or San Francisco, where they qualify for cash handouts and food stamps on arrival from the Bay city known for its mild winter temperatures. That fire started close to Highway 14 where it meets Sand Canyon Road, indicating she was spotted climbing off the road shoulder. Due to the uphill convergence of flames from several directions, this blaze may have been ignited at more than one location by accomplices of the female traveler.

Unknown site: A video has been posted of an alleged arsonist, running quickly as he appeared to be in a race with a line of flames, apparently while he was spilling a flammable liquid. Location unknown.

Easy Fire: The late-night ignition of this blaze in the Simi Valley area of Ventura County was detected by an infrared security camera, which spotted the flares of four fire-bombs in a circle. It was too dark to make out the arsonist, but the 10-second video clip, shown only once on a local news report, was obviously an act of arson. It appears that the arsonist used possibly a long-tipped stove lighter to set fire to the gasoline-filled plastic bottles set in a circle on the ground. The main path of the blaze raced toward the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which contains many documents and houses his Air Force One. The flames came to within 25 yards of the archive, which is surrounded by a gravel fire break.

Another notable target was either an Easy offshoot or a separate smaller blaze in Simi Valley, targeting a large stable and equestrian trail, followed by a dramatic rescue effort to save the panicked horses surrounded by flames and smoke. This hilly area faces the damp marine layer of the Pacific, and therefore under natural conditions immune to grass fires. Horse stables and corrals have been targeted, likely to attack the cowboy tradition of long-established ranching families, identified as ancient enemies of La Raza.

Fullerton Castlewood: Orange County police found a flare gun at the Castlewood Road starting point of the fire in this traditionally white Protestant area.

Dexter Fire: The blaze that threatened downtown Riverside was started on the bed of the Santa Ana River, a river bottom obscured by large shade trees and devoid of dry grass or other burnables until the fire reached the brush-covered embankment.

Maria Fire: The fire started at sunset on the top of South Mountain near Santa Paula, endangering rural areas in Carpinteria, Ventura County, following the Easy Fire in Simi Valley. None of the Southland, in contrast with Northern California over past months has been struck by lightning.

The case for arson is further backed up by other fires that started near highways and roads (rather than nonexistent campgrounds or barbecue pits in backyards). the Soledad fire by Highway 14; the Getty Fire by the US 405 freeway, threatening upscale neighborhoods and the world-class museum; the Hill Fire in San Bernadino started on the shoulder of Highway 18; the Hillside Fire in Riverside started on the northside of Freeway 60; the Brea Canyon Road fire triggered off the east lane of Freeway 57; the Yosemite Avenue fire in Simi Valley on the southside of Freeway 118, where a helicopter was forced to land due to a "mechanical problem" (which may possibly have been caused by gunfire during its dive while dumping water over the flames).

The Blazing Border

Copper Canyon Fire: The most telling arson incident was started on the Mexico side of the border, when the morning upwind was flowing toward the mountains of San Diego, expressing without a shred of doubt a statement of Fatherland solidarity with the arsonists who attacked many other locations in the middle of that night. The wire fence along the border offers little if any defense against Roman candles or other fireworks or a drone-drop arson against U.S. territory in one of the aerial robots used by drug traffickers.

The prosecution rests, as evidence continues to mount of human agency otherwise known as a planned and coordinated terrorist arson campaign, which is obviously related to a larger geopolitical design to initiate more crimes of aggression leading to a possible cross-border offensive. By suppressing every expression of patriotism across the USA, the Democrat quisling leadership is providing aid and comfort to the enemy drive to Make America Mexico Again.

With the presidency under scurrilous assaults by cartel-quislings and national governance paralyzed by fork-tongued traitors, the fate of genuine democracy hangs by a threac as countless enemies close in for the kill. At this moment of mass terror and weary loss in this once-laidback sunshine state, a stern voice from the Generation of Heroes speaks to each one of us to summon the courage and strength to march to battle. As stated in "The American Crisis" by Tom Paine: "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value."

In the week since this article appeared at, Ventura county police spokesmen have tersely noted that fire-fighting helicopters have been harassed by drones, which aggressively approached too close to be operated by amateur video enthusiasts. Then, the shock news arrived from the Chihuahua-Sonora boundary in nearby Mexico of a drug-cartel ambush of a car-caravan of American-citizens who reside there, resulting in the rape-murder of two mothers, the cold-blooded gun execution of 4 children, and the tossing two babies into a blazing fire. The foul liberal media has not reported these horrors at the time of writing, and so ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the USA, a brutal war of annihilation is being waged across Southern California and Northern Mexico as bad as any threat from ISIS, so we must as a sovereign nation respond in no uncertain terms and quickly arid this country of treason on the airwaves and in the print media. Everything is at stake.