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The Assassination of America


By Jim Kirwan


With the end of the fifteen year long war in Vietnam, in 1975, the world that we thought was built upon 'Freedom of the Press' was massively and forever altered, by allowing outlaws to purchase the entire media that ended up in the clutches of six lawless multinational corporations.

By this point it was clear that the lawless courts, both state and federal, combined with treasonous prosecutor's, crooked lawyers, dirty cops, feckless politicians and fake journalists had already sold out to Israel, back that far: These creatures had already set the international stage for the public Assassination of America. This treachery had its roots in the Reagan Administration and in their Iran-Contra Affair, followed by Reagan's Death Squads, international gun-running and global drug-dealing which has now morphed into dozens of mercenary groups around the world that are providing 'cover' for the real point here: The total Assassination of the American public in the United States.

The political forces that created Reagan as governor in California, when he left office in 1975, also set out the above plan for his 'presidency' and the nation which over and above his privatization of everything that had been public property: Included the introduction of 'GLOBAL-TERRORISM' as the real threat to the United States in1978. That was 22 years before 911 when the crazies collaborated with the Israeli attack on the United States on September 11. 2001.

It's been 37 years since “Terrorism” became Israel & USI's operative term in global-politics for their continued naked failures' that are finally approaching international exposure, yet too few people are even remotely aware of what's happened.

I know some of this because I created the images below, as part of what turned out to be a fake-public-service program; devised by the ultra right, supposedly as a public service, but which was sold to the public as “Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime”. In reality this project was just another front used by the Reagan machine to move Deukmejian from AG into the Governorship of California, while it set the stage for the total take-down of whatever was still functioning in law enforcement.

As a consequence, I revised the symbol, much later to define “TERRORISM” in 1978 and to attack the American-Traitors after 911. Below is the image I did in 2005; taken from the image in 1978, 27 years earlier. By 2005 the planet was already standing on the edge of oblivion brought on by everything the global-public has chosen to ignore—yet Americans have still not understood that the real target all along, was to finally 'assassinate the entire population of America' as a precondition for the long sought global-domination which Israel has demanded before they can expand their territory into the Greater State of Israel—which just got a major set-back once Russia physically and forcefully joined in this global war against the criminal elements of the planet just 30 days ago.

Some of what died in the intervening years since 1978 were things like the Miranda Ruling, along with right to be charged with a crime, before being kept in solitary confinement and the right to face your accusers: All of which is dead now. When the criminally applied 3 Strikes program, in California, became law it was soon switched from only being applied to felony cases, to being used in any three arrests which now is an automatic life sentence, with no possibility for parole. Again no public outcry. Somewhere along the way the supposed “Internal-Affairs” departments in every law-enforcement agency across the land has totally disappeared ­ because now every cop and police agency is allowed to “investigate” themselves and they always find their officers “INNOCENT” of any criminal wrong doing.

Obama just publicly declared that 'cops are wonderful and caring human beings even though they've killed over a thousand people this year' ­ and if there is to be a 'next year' then the filth in uniform will probably kill at least four or five times as many people, as just part of their job ­ unless the public resists with real and deadly force.

The out-of-control leadership of police in their overweight and out-of-shape commanders in major cities, speaks volumes about the everyday violence that police do to people throughout the United States: And today any American can be assassinated anywhere in the world by drone or by cops without the need to even confront the supposedly targeted-American with whatever they were supposed to have done ­ before they are publicly seized, tortured, raped or murdered: And the outlaws that created this have never been charged with anything, and no one has gone to jail.

These takeover's, along with the torture, rape and murder of the populace have clearly shown the truth behind the real assassination of the public throughout the nation. This began with Reagan's tenure, but it's now reaching for fully-public permission to continue the slaughter and imprisonment of every man, woman and child in America today, as the only way to “protect” everyone from everything that might be dangerous in this war-torn world—while the real terrorists are “in charge” of a criminal private corporation that together with The City of London & the Vatican still rule the world with rotting and blood-stained hands that must be allowed to die, if this planet is to survive,

Some of the secrets' beneath the success

of their illegal police-state tactics:


This was all built upon the concept that anyone who makes any mistake in their lives, is automatically a felon-for-life, regardless of circumstances. No crime can ever be 'forgiven' or ignored, regardless of time-served or the facts. This is the reality behind the real fear and terror whenever people think about the dangers in this society today.

Yet everyone makes mistakes as we try to live our lives. No one can get through this life without making some mistakes, but if and when those mistakes become a matter of public record: Then that alone can follow anyone throughout their entire life, especially under the Fascist Police State that keeps records from birth ­ and that's been the focal point for the global-police-state, which constantly threatens everyone with arrest and prosecution for any crime, no matter how small, going all the way back to your birth. The one huge exception is that those prosecuting are not subject to the same kind of scrutiny or prosecution. This is what “SPYING” has always been about and that's why it's so difficult to oppose.

This is class Warfare against the disenfranchised worldwide.

It's also a war against anyone that might pose a threat

to the filthy rich or the politically exempt.

And almost no one in America has yet noticed that most basic fact.

What's omitted from the way most people live today is that the only people that are subjected to this inhumane and totally illegal treatment are the less fortunate, the working poor, and anyone who is not wealthy: That's why the cops only attack the defenseless, never the potentially protected. As a result we live in a stratified society where the lower classes are nothing but fodder for the rich while there are ever fewer restrictions ever placed upon those that think they rule the world.

What the world has yet to realize is that the only purpose for 'torture' was not to produce 'information or 'intelligence' but to create and maintain the fake-FEAR and the the bogus-TERROR created by would-be conquerors while those who do this, can enjoy their twisted kicks to the max with no fear of any reprisals—ever! This is what governs the world of now, that was built on Black-Prisons, Gitmo and Abu Ghrab, which produced nothing but the continuation of the Inquisition with no purpose behind all that rape, torture and murder, except the fact that 'they' can get away with all of it!

In that process, most of the ordinary people who had no choice about Agent Orange or Depleted Uranium shells used in Iraq in 91, or in their forced consumption of toxic GMO foods, or contaminated water, or who are forced to use the sterile land that cannot produce anything nutritious, never mind the air that can't be breathed, or the oceans that have now reached 95% contamination levels in the Pacific, at least among the current Salmon run in California. These are some of the components of the real war that's being fought to disrupt life in America, coupled with the invasion of upwards of 60 to 80 million undocumented creatures that have swollen the ranks of our overburdened services, while stealing our jobs, with more on the way.

On top of this we have the glaring facts behind the headlines for every event since Ronnie created his “Armageddon Project”, that used the Federal Emergency Management Agency, along with city, state and federal police along with the National Guard to funnel victims of national disasters into prisons, in place, rather than to treat or help the victims of events like Hurricane Andrew that was produced and“managed” by Bill Clinton: Read the article below and then see if you agree with the deaths (More than double the dead and injured on 911)

Deadly Silences: The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up

Follow that up with what Hurricane Katrina did, and how the armed US employed mercenaries attacked and killed survivors, took away their guns and locked them up in the Silver Dome to starve: Never mind the disastrous and criminal rebuilding of New Orleans, all under a totally unresponsive FEMA organization. These two events were all part of the Assassination of America. And neither event was ever investigated: No one involved was ever charged with anything or ever went to jail: Just like 911 where no one has ever been prosecuted.

Beyond these illustrations we have the glaringly obvious total reversal of every US Agency in the criminal-corporation that runs this place. Pick any agency you like and discover that everyone of them actually serves the exact opposite of what they were supposedly created to prevent. All of this has been known for decades...

The BIA, evicts, murders and imprisons natives, rather than managing natives. The EPA, destroys the environment rather than 'protecting it, NEA, turns schools into gestapo training camps for the PC and LGBTQ society, while they murder public education. The FCC controls the public airways for the corporations, while they spit upon the public that actually owns all the airways in this nation. The entire landscape of the fake-corporate government is nothing but a vast holding company for the totally-illegal corporate-interests that own this place lock-stock and barrel. Medicine has become the protector and distributor of disease, massively and at every level of society.

Everything's been taken over, much of it long, long ago ­ and yet “Amerika” proceeds as if it's just after WWII and everything will 'somehow' work itself out so that they won't have to sacrifice any of their toys or their very-special

lives that have prevented them from opposing any of the above crimes against humanity and nature—worldwide.

The burning down of the rain-forests, the murder of the plants and animals in the oceans and upon the lands coupled with the total pollution of the skies, the streams and the air itself have turned the natural world into a global nightmare that could be rejuvenated if we took back the patents that we allowed the outlaws to steal from the entire 19th Century: But we're afraid of our own shadows, and reluctant to endanger any of the pretend profits that come from the global shell-games that pass for the financial world that is breathing the last few seconds of their existence: And all because we refuse to stand up to the criminals, in every instance and in almost every country...

Perhaps the most outrageous thing of all is that the vast majority of the public, if they'd actually thought about any of this would clearly KNOW just how corrupt this place has become ­ but they've never taken this to next level which would be to realize that the only clear point behind all that criminality that accompanies the backwards American flags on all our “officers” - is to serve only the Enemy's of America from within the nation itself. This Fake-Nation now seeks only the total depopulation of the United States, as they've been ordered by the military owners of Israel and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, of centuries ago...

Never Forget America ­ this was all here for 'us' to lose and lose it we did, without the guts to do what Russia did, just thirty days ago, to begin to put a stop to huge amounts of all of the above.

It's your choice, but remember that the Assassination of you and your way of life has been clearly ordered, by the choices that you have or have not made: Why not get involved before that last card finally get's played?



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