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Aspartame - New Evidence to Prove That Industrial
Sweeteners Are Harmful To Health

From Betty Martini D. Hum
Exclusive to Rense

This article below says it like it is: "The biggest mistake scientists have made is that people have always tried to reduce sugar in their drinks by using artificial sweeteners to get the desired sugar taste and avoid calorie intake."  These main chemical sweeteners have caused disability and death with reports for some of them  over thirty years.  Books and medical texts and millions of articles have stayed in the news.   There is a  sweetener that is made from organic food  -  "Just Like Sugar"  organic chicory and organic orange peel. 

This study is being published around the world and basically what articles are saying about the study is  not only are intestines poisoned but artificial sweeteners are not treated with sewage treatment procedures, so artificial sweeteners are also considered one of the culprits in polluting the environment. It was published in the journal "Molecules". Here is the text and abstract: 3049/23/10/2454 Measuring Artificial Sweeteners Toxicity Using a Bioluminescent Bacterial Panel. Also here is a separate abstract on Neotame. 3049/23/2/367 How many people would know Neotame is in pork without labeling?  How do you avoid these destroyers of health and life? 

"According to researchers at the University of Singapore, six of the most popular artificial sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, advantame and acesulfame potassium-k were found to be toxic to intestinal bacteria. The discovery coincides with more and more studies of the importance of intestinal bacteria to the health of general people, where bad bacteria have been linked to a range of diseases, including obesity, bowel disease, and Alzheimer's." 18730.html

From the standpoint of the environment I remember when the Augusta, Georgia aspartame factory closed it was discussed in the Augusta Chronicle.  One person said, "Oh, the stories I could tell, but I signed a document saying I wouldn't".  The most interesting comment was from "Angelo2980 4/25/2015" which I kept.  It was titled, "I didn't Sign".  He said:  "We shipped tons of contaminated product from the Augusta NutraSweet Plant at the direct instructions of the plant manager "John", we dumped contaminated water into the Savannah river at the instructions of the plant manager "John", and we dump millions of gallons of various chemicals into the ground at the instructions of the plant manager "John" (disrepair was not corrected because he said we could not afford it), and I personally saw every one of these.,"   The stories over the years on aspartame poisoning are despicable.  In an email from Jana Marie Kinnard (with permission to publish) she said she was the one who was hired to shred the original studies on aspartame, and was told to fax copies to France.  In discussing the findings she said, "The results were outrageous.  This stuff killed everything it touched."  

It was known from the beginning aspartame is poison which is the most discussed sweetener in this group.  Splenda was developed by an insecticide researcher. chlorocarbon.htm Sucralose has been shown to:

*Cause the thymus to shrink by as much as 40% (the thymus is your immune powerhouse - it produces T cells)
*Cause enlargement of the liver and kidneys
*Reduce growth rate as much as 20%
*Cause enlargement of the large bowel area
*Reduce the amount of good bacteria in the intestines by 50%
*Increase the pH level in the intestines (a risk factor for colon cancer)
*Contribute to weight gain
*Cause aborted pregnancy low fetal body weight
*Reduce red blood cell count

Researchers found that diabetic patients using sucralose showed a statistically significant increase in glycosylated hemoglobin, a marker that is used to assess glycemic control in diabetic patients. According to the FDA, "increases in glycosolation in hemoglobin imply lessening of control of diabetes."  Aspartame has caused a diabetic epidemic.  It not only can precipitate diabetes but simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions and even interacts with insulin.  The methanol causes them to lose limbs.

Other versions of aspartame are Neotame and Advantame.


When I think about the environment I remember years ago  when people really wondered what was in aspartame an employee of the Augusta Georgia aspartame factory called because he was ill working around the toxin.  I said, "You are making it what is it made from?"  He replied: "I don't know lady, all we have is hazardous waste".   In a discussion with Dr. Bill Deagle holocaust_of_aspartame.htm he informed me he had seen the vats of bacteria that the amino acids in aspartame are made from.  He said "its toxic sludge" !   Dr. Woodrow Monte, who wrote "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills"  tried to have a hearing on aspartame. He lived in Arizona at the time where temperatures soar and aspartame breaks down at  86 degrees or moderate temperature.    Flacks and lobbyists tried to stop the hearing but finally he persevered  and got acceptance.   Industry used an underhanded way to stop it. A bill passed under the title "toxic waste" which deregulated  artificial sweeteners. The hearing was squelched. https://www. Articles/2013/June/Aspartame- History-of-Getting-FDA- Approval.aspx Diet pop with aspartame in front of a 7-11 in Arizona's heat  becomes formaldehyde cocktails!  What do you expect happens to the body?  The Trocho Study proved the formaldehyde embalms living tissue and damages DNA. substitute_or_embalming_fluid. pdf In Dr. Monte's book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" it discusses how the formaldehyde turns the tissues to plastic. Imagine the damage of releasing such a deadly toxin, a class A carcinogen,  in the cells.   Now consider how aspartame is made: howaspar.htm Notice it says  "genetically modified E-coli bacteria are cultivated in large tanks that are designed to make them thrive. The well-fed E-coli cultures defecate the proteins that contain the aspartic acidphenylalanine amino acid segment needed to make aspartame ."  Even nurses years ago  put toxic waste labels over "diet pop" on machines to stop sick patients and pregnant women from using it in the hospital.   Now we have a study that proves aspartame and other chemical sweeteners poison the intestines.  If you consume poison expect a poisonous response.

I also spoke to Paige Kaiser who lives in Augusta, Georgia. She complained  the aspartame people sprayed their toxic waste on crops and wanted to know why.  I told her aspartame is a metabolic neurotoxin that will kill the bugs and make the fruit sweet.  Later she told me  the city stopped the NutraSweet people from doing this because of the fumes. 

Back to the article below, you notice it says there have been 210,000 studies on artificial sweeteners.  It reminds me  of the statements "we just need more research".  Industry is known for doing short term studies because they know. especially aspartame is dangerous.   As an example, Monsanto did the Rowan study on aspartame and seizures.  I kid you not it was a one day study, one capsule, and of the 18 subjects they gave 16 of them anti-seizure medication without telling anyone. aspartame/abuse/ It shows they were afraid of even using one capsule of aspartame causing  a seizure.  Then they even got the study peer reviewed.  It is evident that its hard to get information against aspartame in medical journals because of their power.    Some won't publish against aspartame according to some physicians.    Dr. H. J.  Roberts once mentioned that's why so many publish in the Townsend Letter For Doctors. They are well known for getting the facts and the truth out and they do publish on aspartame.  It's even in medical libraries. 

The late Dr. Roberts who wrote the medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic", said so many times, "aspartame causes gastrointestinal disease, and then they put aspartame in the drugs use to treat the problems it causes".  I didn't realize he meant all of them .  This is how aspartame even poisoned me.  When physicians prescribe medication they don't check to see what is in the generic. Because of insurance that's what the druggist fills, unless you've filed with your insurance company to be allowed to fill the brand.   Aspartame damages the mitochondria and interacts with drugs and vaccines.  It is being put in more and more generics.  It causes chemical hypersensitization so when I was given another drug I broke out in urticaria and then stopped breathing - 3 times. I discussed this with  a Dr. Grubbs   and showed him I had an allergy wrist band and the hospital had on file not to give me aspartame. He said "let me check".  When he came back he said  "all the generic gastrointestinal drugs have aspartame in them, you can't take any of them. I would go back to the surgeon who did the hiatal hernia operation."    Dr. Grubbs is probably the best ER physician they have in this hospital and really cares about his patients.  So I did go back to the excellent surgeon I had and he said, "Dr. Grubbs is right."  Unfortunately doing a second surgery is kind of tricky as the surgeon admitted.  My story was published in the book: "Aspartame: King of Toxins" by Reigh Parker Burch.  Here it is: iatrogenesis_aspartame.htm

In Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text mentioned he does discuss aspartame and gastrointestinal disorders.  He says on page 414 that several patients developed gastric bleeding and intestinal bleeding or both.  He discusses some case histories including a 19 year old who complained with severe upper gastrointestinal symptoms and associated chest pain. He says the patient complained of severe upper gastrointestinal symptoms. "She was found to have incomplete emptying of the stomach (gastroparesis".  This is  what happened to me including gastric and intestinal bleeding.  Very very important is the drug interaction.  He says further: "Aspartame reactors who had related gastrointestinal problems face further jeopardy when they use potentially harmful drugs for relief of pain caused by aspartame products. Ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory agents taken to relieve aspartame induced headache and joint pain frequently cause gastrointestinal injury, most notably bleeding.  Several experimental observations are germane:

"There is significant uptake of radioactivity by the gastrointestinal tract in adult rats 30 minutes after given aspartame labeled with a radioactive-carbon isotope (Matsuzawa 1984).

"Aspartame-induced inflammatory gastrointestinal reactions may result from the generation of leukotrienes, a group of biologically active compounds derived from arachidonic acid (Hardcastle 1997).  These substances are released from a variety of human cells - including macrophages, polymorphonuclear leukocytes, mast cells and monocytes." 

Further on page 415 he gives aspartame cases and says "For example recurrent nausea and pain persisted in Case IX-D-15 after her gallbladder had been removed until she became aware of being an aspartame victim."  Happened to me as well. 

Constantly in the news is the opioid epidemic.  This is what happens when you allow a deadly drug on the market masquerading as an additive.  Aspartame violently interacts with opioids and could be the reason people are not waking up.  Here is the study: pubmed/15991573 Also, remember that aspartame causes sudden cardiac death: aspartame_and_sudden_death.htm

In an effort to prevent what  I went through happening to others in the public I wrote a hospital form which you can print out: aspartame_hospital_form.htm It says not to be given aspartame in any form as well as sucralose/Splenda and Acesulfame Potassium.  All three cause cancer and in the case of acesulfame potassium Dr. Abe McCall called me from Sunnett because I had gotten it removed from a health food store.  He said "Acesulfame K" did not show brain tumors like with aspartame, only mammary tumors."  I told him first it wasn't true it only caused mammary tumors (and thank you but no thank you - we don't want breast cancer either) but it also caused leukemia and other cancers. health/is-acesulfame- potassium-bad-for-me More information on acesulfame potassium and cancer can be found in books by H. J. Roberts, M.D. 

  The interesting thing about talking to Dr. Abe McCall is  after I mentioned his remarks he called back and said:  "I didn't give you permission to tell anyone what I said ."  This proves they defend their product regardless of the research.  Here is a study at Sydney University proving industry research funding leads to bias in artificial sweetener research. technology/sydney-university- study-claims-industry-funding- leads-to-bias-in-artificial- sweetener-research-20160916- grhph6.html Like we didn't know but nice to have it in writing and a study.

The hospital form leaves room to add any other allergies or information you want the hospital to have.  Make a copy of it for your records.  As the drug companies add more and more aspartame to drugs, and especially to generics the Supreme Court made the decision that you cannot sue on generics.  Industry covers all sides.  https://www.bowmanandbrooke. com/insights/supreme-court- rules-makers-of-generic-drugs- cannot-be-sued-for-failure-to- warn-06-23-2011

Also I have noticed if a brand name drug is simply a pill you swallow and doesn't need sweetening, the generic will be one of these chewable or melting drugs.  That way they have an excuse for adding a sweetening agent. 

Here is a Fox News Report in 2015 showing aspartame linked to three different cancers: aspartame-linked-to-three- types-of-cancer You would think the FDA would alert the public showing at least some concern for consumer health.  Instead as usual they say don't rush to judgment.  Consider they already know aspartame  causes cancer because the investigator who originally did the research. Dr. Adrian Gross,  told the Senate on 8/1/85 that beyond a shadow of a doubt aspartame caused brain cancer and violated the Delaney Amending making it illegally on the market.  Instead with even more confirmation of cancer the FDA in this article says not to rush to judgment.  How could any study show it not causing cancer.  All that is necessary is for industry to control or fund it and the FDA accepts anything they say.  So FDA in this article is already getting their excuse ready. What they are saying is they can say a study proving cancer is not consistent with others showing negativity.  You can be sure if there is a link to industry  studies what the FDA  is really  saying  is if industry studies coverup  cancer they will go by industry studies. For over 30 years we've seen the FDA coverup aspartame and cancer.  It's been three years since this particular 2015 study proving cancer and the FDA has done absolutely nothing. 

You may think it couldn't possibly get any worse but it has.  The FDA knows for instance aspartame causes leukemia so now they are approving leukemia drugs.  With full knowledge of the leukemia link they are allowing aspartame to be added to leukemia drugs.  Here is an example:

Glutammune contains active ingredient aspartame , glutamine 10gm ... 307863324511364180/
Glutammune contains active ingredient aspartame , glutamine 10gm available ... Active ingredient: Erlotinibtablet Category: Cancer Generic Tarceva (erlotinib) .... to buy Generic Imatinib Gleevec or Imatinib 400 mg Capsul or Imatinib 100 mg ...

In order to check if the FDA lists any negative cancer studies and who funded them in the Fox Report  I clicked where it said "the whole story" and found  what you get is "error 404 - not found". The "whole story" just got  hacked off the Internet.  So here it is 2018 and after 3 years from this 2015 report the FDA has done nothing to even put a cancer warning on aspartame much less remove it because its against the law confessed by the FDA themselves.  I have asked Dr. Joseph Thomas of the FDA several times about the admission of the FDA aspartame causes cancer and he states "that has already been addressed" but he will never answer the question.  That's because aspartame does cause cancer, proven many times,  and he hasn't been able to think up an excuse.  From "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by Dr. Roberts is the entire chapter on aspartame and cancer: and_cancer.pdf While this was published in 2001 before the three Ramazzini Studies and the Harvard Study were published on aspartame being a multipotential carcinogen it goes into the brain tumor issue and other very important information on aspartame and cancer.

No matter how many studies are published the FDA ignores them.  Sometimes they run out of excuses.  Read  below my signature for the article.

Here's some relevant information to this information:

Scientists call for microbiota vault of healthy bacteria

By Ananya Mandal, MD Oct 5 2018 Reviewed by Kate Anderton, BSc

A team of researchers are gathering bacteria from across the world to create a microbiota vault that would preserve the myriad of strains of bacteria that inhabit the human gut and other mucosal levels.

urfinImage Credit: urfin / Shutterstock

The bacteria that will be stored in the vault play a major role in the immune system and other aspects of human health.

This is considered to be one of the most ambitious projects to date, as the microbes would be gathered from human populations who have not yet been exposed to processed diets and antibiotics.

The researchers explain that much of the microbiological diversity in the gut, skin and other mucosal surfaces has been lost due to modernization and this has led to significant health problems.

A proposal for the project was recently outlined in the journal Science .

We're facing a growing global health crisis, which requires that we capture and preserve the diversity of the human microbiota while it still exists. These microbes co-evolved with humans over hundreds of millennia. They help us digest food, strengthen our immune system and protect against invading germs. Over a handful of generations, we have seen a staggering loss in microbial diversity linked with a worldwide spike in immune and other disorders.†Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, Lead Author

Co-authors of the study Rob Knight of the University of California-San Diego, Jack A. Gilbert of the University of Chicago and Martin J. Blaser of New York University Langone Medical Center believe that preserving these microbes could in future mean restoration of health to mankind.

As outlined in Science, the researchers would collect the microbes from Latin American and African populations who have not been exposed to the same environmental and lifestyle corruptions as the Western population.

These people still have a diverse microbial population in their gut, on their skin and on their mucosal surfaces.

These populations have not yet been urbanized and the collection must take place before it does.

This is the first time an attempt is made to collect microbes from so-called ‘untouched’ populations.

The researchers blame lack of microbial health in the gut to diseases such as allergies, asthma, obesity, diabetes and even autism.

We owe future generations the microbes that colonised our ancestors  ...  We must begin before it is too late


A Rudgers University press release and the report itself.
Source link: news/20181005/Scientists-call- for-microbiota-vault-of- healthy-bacteria.aspx

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 11:33 AM Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum. < > wrote:

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl
Also ,

Translated: artificial-sweeteners-like- aspartame-can-be-toxic

New evidence to prove that industrial sweeteners are harmful to health

Thursday, 2018.10.4 02:36 pm Abu Dhabi time

Al Ain News - Ahmed Jamal Ahmed

New evidence to prove that industrial sweeteners are harmful to health

Over the decades, many scientists and researchers have tried to identify the extent of the real danger to the body because of artificial sweeteners, and scientists have conducted throughout this period about 210 thousand scientific research on this issue.
The biggest mistake scientists have made is that people have always tried to reduce sugar in their drinks by using artificial sweeteners to get the desired sugar taste and avoid calorie intake.

According to the site "Science Allert", discovered the researcher in microbiology, "Erbil Kushmar," that artificial sweeteners cause great damage to the body because of its serious negative impact leads to the growth of bacteria in the intestines of the human, which increases the risk of these substances to the degree of cancer.

The researcher, "Ariel Kushmar," that should be completely away from the use of artificial sweeteners, even if the goal to avoid calories in sugar.

Koshmar proved his theory by conducting a study of six types of artificial sweeteners. He tested hundreds of times with the aim of producing accurate results. He found that this substance affects the growth and reproduction of some bacteria. He said that the proliferation of these bacteria will eventually lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction Of man.  end of article