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Aspartame Lawsuit And Censorship

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.

Referred by Attorney James Turner is the case against Coca Cola by Cedric Williams.  Cedric is a young prisoner having committed some crime for which he was remorseful and given a long sentence.  The prison system uses Diet Coke.  As soon as he started using it he became ill with the usual symptoms of headache, vision and memory loss, etc.  Here is the FDA's  list of 92 SYMPTOMS of aspartame use... aspartame_symptoms.pdf

  Consumer Attorney James Turner is the famed Nader  Raider who with the late Dr. John Olney tried to prevent aspartame from getting on the market because among the problems of this poison its a carcinogen and caused brain cancer because of the diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.  Here is the documentary with Mr. Turner which explains the entire ordeal:  "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" v=toKyRlpmG7A
Also in this documentary will you hear from Mr. Turner understanding FDA actually asked for the company to be indicted for fraud.  They simply were not able to show safety and both US Prosecutors hired on with the defense team.  G.D. Searle had hired Don Rumsfeld to get it marketed even though the FDA had revoked the petition for approval.  

The case proceeded because Coke must have figured this young man couldn't do much against their power.  In the documentary you see a woman who ended up in prison because her husband was an aspartame addict and died from methanol poisoning which is free in aspartame converting to formaldehyde and embalming living tissue. 
 (Trocho Study: aspartame_and_preembalming.htm   - peer reviewed)   
Formaldehyde is a Class A carcinogen.  Having spoken to FDA Jerome Bressler when he retired he told me they were mostly concerned with aspartame causing cancer documented in their studies along with seizures and horrible birth defects. This was confirmed in the Senate, 8/1/85 by FDA Dr. Adrian Gross.  Don Rumsfeld got President Reagan to write an executive order forbidding the FDA to sign the  revoked petition into law and  fired the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Jeri Goyan. truth_about_diet_coke.htm
Today, aspartame disease is referred to as "Rumsfeld's Plague".  

Coke has known all along  aspartame is poison since they were part of the National Soft Drink Assn, now American Beverage, who protested to the FDA they did not want to use it in soda because it wasn't safe.  NSDA's own words are listed in the congressional record: pepsi.htm
Everything is a matter of public record.  

Cedric Williams needed a professional witness so Dr. Ralph Walton agreed to testify.  Coke obviously knew Dr. Walton would be hard to go up against.  He did the research for 60 Minutes showing almost 100% of scientific peer reviewed research showed the aspartame problems and only industry's studies showed safety. 

https://lightenyourtoxicload. com/wp-content/uploads/2014/ 07/Dr-Walton-survey-of- aspartame-studies.pdf

The aspartame industry can pay to get studies done and say they're safe.  As an example see the Rowan Study.  It was only a one day study on 18 people giving 16 of them anti-seizure medication to prevent seizure without anyone knowing.  Then they actually got it peer reviewed.  Here you can read about scientific abuse in seizure studies:   http://www. abuse/   Dr. Walton has done two studies on aspartame.  One had to be stopped because the administrator who took part of it, not even using up to the ADI, got a retinal detachment and lost his vision in one eye.  

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/8373935/

Dr. Walton immediately wrote in the information that was needed by the judicial system and Coke since he was the prime witness to testify required.  Both said they didn't receive it.  Dr. Walton did everything possible to let them know what was required was done so they said they would allow this case.  As it got close to trial time somehow they figured out how to stop it.  This is common.  Six class action studies were presented because aspartame is connected to obesity and its been known for 40 years.  With over 60 scientific peer reviewed studies no judge would allow these class actions to go forward, class-action-lawsuits-filed- against-aspartame/    That's power.

When they stopped Cedric's case he asked me if I would make what happened public.  Someone emailed me Cedric's story but when I tried to copy it I was stopped with a note that I would have to buy Acrobat which I already have.  You couldn't forward it.  Finally someone used a cell phone to read in the information and get it in an email box.  When I tried to email it I get a certificate wanting to reject the recipient. This certificate is attached and I don't know if it will forward.  It is coming up even on private emails trying to stop me from posting.  Many people including physicians have set up their own social media outlets that can't be censored.  As an example Facebook has told me they won't allow my web site   to be listed.

How were these even possible? I'll explain. Coca-Cola Co. accomplished this via its attorney from the law firm Goldberg Segulla LLP. These attorneys fraudulently claimed that I failed to provide them with an expert disclosure from Dr. Walton in a timely manner prior to the discovery deadline. The reality was that myself and Dr. Walton sent separate copies of Dr. Waltonâ€ôs expert disclosure on time, all with notarized affidavits of course. I was furious at the ploy of Coca-Cola Co as attorneys and I promptly filed a motion alleging fraud on the federal court, to no avail.

In a final effort to avoid what would have  certainly been a very public and controversial jury trial later than a year Coca-Cola Co., through it's attorneys, resorted to deception. Consequently, their deceptive tactic allowed them to successfully subvert the federal judicial system and have my case dismissed due to the alleged late filing of an expert disclosure... seriously? Understand that despite the trickery the federal judge, Christian F. Hummel, ultimately had the discretion to allow Dr. Walton's expert testimony regardless of an alleged late filing of an expert disclosure given the serious nature of this case.

Which begs the question why would an honorable federal judge preclude the introduction of Dr. Walton's expert testimony into evidence mere months prior to a trial that he himself scheduled? Dr. Walton had clearly demonstrated his willingness to provide it. Furthermore, why would this judge prevent what could've possibly been the most controversial trial since the victory against Big Tobacco over an allegedly late filing? Without a doubt Dr. Walton's expert testimony would have not only exposed Coca-Cola Co., it would have created a ripple effect in the entire beverage industry. This would not be allowed to happen.

After the disposition of my case I was understandably frustrated to say the least. I, we, had fought so hard and we had come so close. I broke off contact for some time. However, as the months began to fly by I began to realize that I still had the responsibility to millions of people who didn't know the truth. I realized that I had an obligation to spread awareness of my keys and help bring attention to the silent war that so many brave individuals like consumer attorney James Turner, Dr. BettyMartini, and Dr. Walton had selflessly and tirelessly fought on our behalf.

I knew that I had to reach back out to my unlikeliest of friends. Once I did I explained to them that I had realized that although my case was over, the war was not and we still had a chance to emerge victorious. We just needed to spread awareness of my case on the web so that people could know that the health risks posed by aspartame and Diet Coke were not only real but scientifically proven. We just needed the whole world to know that we had discovered. We knew the public could take it from there.

So, here we are. Now that you know the truth what will you do with it? Will you turn a blind eye and idly standby as a billion dollar beverage corporation continues to sell poison for profits? Or will you join the fight?  - Cedric Williams

Yesterday I released the words of Cedric Williams who had filed suit against Coca Cola. As soon as I mentioned my web site which are the initials for Mission Possible World Health International .com they censored the end and the words to me from facebook. I'm resending that small part for those who may be forwarding it. You will note that after mentioning my web site the article abruptly stopped. They may censor it again but here is the end that was missing minus my web site. Aspartame is now used unlabeled and its important to know that suits have been filed over the years but never make it to court. Our Mission Possible Illinois who was poisoned has tried for years to just get an attorney to file.

Today because of censorship like this you have to look for alternatives , systems without censorship like Dr. Leonard Coldwell just notified me that he too had set up one of these systems and anyone could post there. It's People who honestly try hard to get the facts to the public when misinformation and fake media rage are frustrated when freedom of speech is turned into censorship.

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Facebook send me messages like this:

"We use the same Community Standards around the world, and for everyone on Facebook. We use either technology or a review team to prevent anything that doesn't follow our standards from being posted. Different regions of the world have their own review teams, trained on the standards." There seems to be no way to correspond with them and ask why a site having original FDA records on aspartame is against their community standards. They are simply trying to censor the facts on aspartame in favor of the blatant misinformation by industry. Also in sending out emails in the attachment you will see the certificate that comes in even with personal emails trying to stop them from being sent. I have no idea if I'm going to be able to make this article public. This so called certificate would not copy and it took some doing to get it in the attachment.

Below my signature will you find the words of Cedric Williams on his aspartame lawsuit. To make matters worse an article told of FDA "out of friendliness" helping the aspartame industry. I asked them to explain because this is the same government organization that wanted the company indicted for fraud and admitted in 2009 of their own corruption. They told me they didn't have to answer my emails.

Persistence is indeed the key to success and we ask anyone that actually gets this article forward it on as it circles the globe. Maybe we can reach someone who can help and prevent the aspartame industry trying to prevent original information from being circulated. Forty years of controversy and cover-up is enough. Read on below my signature for the words of Cedric Williams and the continued coverup of Rumsfeld's Plague, an aspartame pandemic.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder 
Mission Possible World Health Intl 
9270 River Club Parkway 
Duluth, Georgia 30097 
770 242-2599