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Aspartame And The Ramazzini Studies

From Betty Martini D. Hum
Exclusive to Rense

As it turns out, this article I was having trouble displaying was just bad industry hacks cranking this stuff out.  In reality the Ramazzini Studies were some of the most prestigious ever done showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen.  So don't forward bad information.  These studies were peer reviewed by 7 world experts, and Dr. Morando Soffritti received an award only given twice in history.,  Jerome Bressler author of the FDA's Bressler Report bressler_report.pdf
asked me to find the studies that were sealed from his report by the FDA.  

I met him after he retired from the FDA and in one of our conversations he said FDA without Rumsfeld's interference would never have approved aspartame. He said it caused all kinds of cancers, and that was just what they let the FDA see.  A lot was hidden as brought out in the task force.  The task force was so bad G. D. Searle sued to keep it off the record although we have it, of course. That's when the FDA tried to have G. D. Searle indicted for fraud.  There were also malignant brain tumors and G. D. Searle would excise the tumors, put the rats back in the study and when they died resurrect them on paper.

So, the Ramazzini Studies confirmed aspartame as a multipotential carcinogen.  The molecule breaks down to diketopiperazine, a tumor agent.  

Industry did everything they could to get the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, not to accept them.  Finally, Dr. Herman Koeter who was head of the committee resigned and said:  "We were pressured by industry to hijack science."  There were actually three Ramazzini Studies and they showed all the different cancers including the blood cancers like leukemia.   How many times do you have to do a study for agencies to finally tell the truth?  You can't accept industry studies.  They couldn't get aspartame to show safety in original studies so no one would expect them to do it now.  There is no way to make a poison show safety and Searle certainly tried until the FDA exposed them.  As Jerome Bressler told me and others at a Chicago Tribune interview, the studies were so bad G. D. Searle would lock the doors to keep the FDA out.  Dr. Adrian Gross would shout if they didn't let them in they would go for a court order.  I'm sorry the Tribune never published the interview but it is on tape.

Even Harvard did a study and published that it was the longest and strongest showing aspartame causes cancer.  Industry got to them so quickly  they apologized for publishing the study.  So when independent researchers who are unbiased do studies you know we have a multipotential carcinogen on the market.  St. Jude Hospital is full of children with brain tumors and other cancers because their mothers used aspartame during pregnancy.,  The old FDA published the facts.  Donald Rumsfeld got President Reagan to appoint Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner so he could over-rule the Board of Inquiry that had revoked the petition for approval.  Since then the FDA has protected the manufacturers and admitted in 2009 they were broken and discussed corruption.

When Dr. John Olney who with Attorney James Turner tried to prevent approval, got completely fed up with G. D. Searle's shenanigans he insisted studies be done in his lab where he could oversee them.  Indeed they showed aspartame destroys the brain but G. D. Searle did not release the studies to FDA as they were suppose to do.

While G. D. Searle haggled with the FDA they convinced them to allow independent studies from an outside source.  The problem with this source, a group of pathologists, is they were not independent.  Searle had gotten them to agree to look at the studies but make no comments,.  They actually swore them to science as discussed in Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" .  For doing this, Searle paid them a half a million dollars!  Today its called: "Rumsfeld's Plague".  So if someone tries to show studies that say aspartame is safe simply check the funding.  As an example, Monsanto funded a teratology study by Dr. Diane Dow Edwards but when studies took a turn for the worst they stopped the funding,

Dr. Ralph Walton did research for 60 Minutes on aspartame studies and funding: http://www. content/uploads/2014/07/Dr- Walton-survey-of-aspartame- studies.pdf This proved the point.  Then Dr. M. Alemany did the Trocho Study showing not only could aspartame not be proven safe but it embalms living tissue and damages DNA.  It's listed in Dr. Roberts medical text (Aspartame Disease: An Ignores Epidemic") under pre-embalming: aspartame_and_preembalming.htm The methanol that converts to formaldehyde is discussed in  "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" by Dr. Woodrow Monte.  He calls aspartame rightly "a killing machine"!  In the Ramazzini Studies there was so much formaldehyde it turned the rats hair yellow.

There is no safe dose of aspartame as Dr. Adrian Gross pointed out to the Senate: content/uploads/2018/06/HFN_ 2012-2.pdf

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

More on aspartame on , and the files that were hacked now on  (Two of the Ramazzini Studies are listed in the Aspartame Resource Guide: aspartame_resource_guide_list. htm )

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder