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Southern Oregon Ashland-Talent-Phoenix Fire
Levels Over 1,000 Homes And Over 100 Businesses
Watch Live Video As Talent-Phoenix Burned


Below are the two large towers of the Rogue Valley Manor Retirement
Community in the city of Medford, OR. The stunning nighttime video
that follows was taken from a cam on the top of the building on the left.

Looking East is the second tower. To the right, about 3 miles away,
is the western end of the City of Phoenix and then to the left of Phoenix
is the adjoining town of Talent. Then comes Ashland which is largely
hidden behind the high-rise tower. Most of Phoenix and Talent are
obscured amongst the trees. Interstate 5 is as the bottom of the slope
to the right but hidden by greenery.

This dramatic nighttime video below shows the City of Phoenix being consumed by the wind-driven blaze.
Further left, Talent is already burning a couple miles away. The video opens with an amazing fire retardant
drop by a huge DC-10 jumbo jet air tanker. Then the video shifts to the all night inferno of Phoenix
being largely burned to the ground. The winds were strong and heroic firefighters had little chance of
stopping the inferno. Over 1,000 homes in Talent-Phoenix were leveled as were over 200 businesses.


Incredible View Under A Huge DC-10 Air Tanker
Dropping On The Almeda Fire In Talent, OR - Watch


The Morning After...
Daytime Flyover In Helicopter - Miles And Miles Of Burned Homes

Drone Footage Of The Staggering Damage In Talent, OR From The Almeda Fire

Drone Footage of Talent, OR 9-13-20 Almeda Fire

Drone Footage of Phoenix, OR 9-13-20 Almeda Fire


Massive Loss Of Homes and businesses In Talent And Phoenix Oregon
Click On Center Play Arrows To See Before And After Views


It is believed the Ashland-Talent-Phoenix Fire was were many, many of the fires in Oregon

WATCH - OR Bystander Films Arsonist Lighting Fires
Dressed In Black Hoodie, Black Pants Carrying A Gas
Can And Torch - MANY Fires Were Set

Video Of Devastation In Talent, OR As Seen
In A Drive-Through The Morning After - Start At 26:00


And this is all that's left of Jeff's Harley Davidson dealership in Phoenix, Oregon...