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As Goes France So Goes Europe,
Long Live Islam?

By Jim Kirwan


Within a very short time, the France of 2017 will be converted to a Muslim Caliphate that will end the long and glorious history of France, as having any part in her own power in Europe or the world.

“The war against Christianity is being waged all over Europe as the Islamic Caliphate rises. France, in a self-destructive demonstration of its commitment to making the flood of Muslim insurgents feel right at home, has been tearing down historical churches and allowing conversions of many of them into mosques.”

But this is only the barest glimpse of the surface of this global-suicide that France just committed. France has been emblematic of the arts and letters of the Western World since the end of The Hundred Years War. Have a look at some of what made Paris and France so beloved throughout the world.

Explore Paris 1920s, Paris Cafe, and more!

The great works of art, that number far too many to show here, including the great architecture, the poets & the great writers: Will all their work be sacrificed in the bonfires to Allah?

When the auction of great art, sculpture, and music begins, will the French people rise up?

When the history of the world

begins to burn will the French people rise up?

The past of France is fraught with massive bloodshed yet many beautiful artifacts came into being, from the artisans and on the backs of surfs

all of which are about to be burned in the flames dedicated to Allah!

Will Versailles or Norte Dame become mosques? What about the once famous cafe's that Hemingway, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, or Rodin once frequented ­ none of these places can be allowed to survive because Muslims don't drink, they don't publicly associate with women and they spit on everything they deem as Western? Will the streets of Paris and the French Quarter will be converted into sites that honor Muslim prayer five times a day, thus ending public transportation anywhere in Paris or in France. This was all envisioned in a 1994 painting called Full Fathom Five, a detail of which is below, with Notre Dame on the far right and Hagia Sophia just below the US capital, along with the Parthenon and the Taj Mahal ­ opposite the Kremlin which is above the Sydney Opera House and more that was envisioned then, when these capitals would all be under water...

Will the vineyards and ancient homes of Champagne and Cognac also vanish?

The Fall of France? | Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux