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As Abroad So At Home

By JIm Kirwan

Abroad these troops will belong to ISIS, ISIL, NATO, UN and US Inc.

At home this is the new face of DHS, NATO UN & Israel in American cities from coast to coast. In all cases these “forces” were designed to be unleashed on the streets to murder insurgents, terrorists, and Americans that refuse to be captured: The ratio of civilian control over these thugs is made clear by the single civilian, standing in front of “The Peacekeeper”, versus the eight heavily armed outlaws.

There is no longer any US police protection for the public here from real crime or from the terrorist-traitors that call themselves ‘the government’ throughout the fifty states. Look closely at the facial grimaces on these mercenaries and ask yourself what happens when you call 911 and parts of this garbage are what will answer that call?

This is the lynch pin that awaits what will happen in the next nine days when the US dollar collapses on July first.

Recently much has been made of the dumbing down of the public, along with the willingness of the same public to ‘drink the Kool-Aid being dispensed by the warmongers. But there’s also some very old information that suggests that the people most guilty of drinking that same Kool-Aid are the elites in charge of making war upon America and the world. To understand this seemingly total disconnect you need to go back into the follies of the 1950’s.

In Korea, there was a ‘Police-Action’ that has still not ended. It was the first US conflict since the end of WWII and it was not approved by congress. The time frame then, in which this happened, was totally different than is the world of today. But that’s when the elites first became addicted to the Kool-Aide. It was called Harry Truman’s War.

When the Chinese first swarmed across the border with North Korea and pushed that war southward toward Seoul, the UN “responded” with the “Police Action” that became the Korean War. G.I.’s were still being drafted, but most didn’t pay attention, until General Macarthur announced that we should use nukes against Red China. Harry woke up from his coma and recalled the General, then fired him. I was in the 7th grade and I was marching through the halls of a public Junior Highschool in Oklahoma City chanting “Lord Same Me From Truman”.

But Macarthur stayed “fired” because Truman and the public were terrified of using the Atomic bombs we developed for Japan against the Red Chinese. Russia, under Stalin, was also a patron of N. Korea as well. By the time the truce was declared in ‘53’ Stalin had a stroke, after Truman failed to sufficiently arm the US troops with enough bullets to stop the swarm of Red Chinese: The Communists had been drugged and armed with broomsticks to literally march over the defending troops, trading their human lives for bullets that still had to be stopped, so a “Cease Fire” was called for.

The American forces complained of machine gun barrels that were melting from overuse, along with the absence of enough ammo to fend off the invaders: This was a failure of Dirty Harry’s policies. Something that’s still not been investigated.

Dirty Harry created the Council on Foreign Relations that ended any role for the congress. He created the CIA illegally, and that ended constitutional oversight over Intelligence. Then he brought Israel into the universal “Community of Nations”, and that pretty much put paid to any chance that we could ever get rid of the FED. ”

Then things got quiet for the war machine, until under JFK sent American advisors into Vietnam in 1960. That produced another pair of false-flag attacks which allowed LBJ to widen that war, also without congressional approval. That lasted 15 years and ended in disgrace in 1975. But throughout both Korea and Vietnam, the leadership of these two totally unnecessary wars was convinced that they could win even without the support of the public or the congress: Because by 1975 the upper echelon of both the US Military and the Congress thought that we could use raw military power to simply wipe-out other nations, when in neither case did U.S. Inc. even consider that they could easily have been dead-wrong.

By 1975 of course, the elites began buying up the media worldwide, so that never again would the American public ever actually get to see what was really going on in any future military escapade. By the time Bush Senior opened his War on Saddam, the media had already been enslaved and turned into “imbedded journalists” which was the end of any actual journalism. If there was any doubt at all of any of that: the National Democratic Convention in Chicago in1968 wiped out any remaining traces of a nation that ever had a free press or any civil rights at all, under the so-called constitution that was already dead by the end of 1968.

Throughout that entire period the only thing that hadn’t changed was the addiction to the Kool-Aide of greed & power to which the corporate leadership of this already defeated nation had become totally addicted.

By the time that Bush Sr. opened the blood bath that was called Kosovo, the “chessboard” was already in place and as far as the elites were concerned everything was ready to just fall into the filthy hands of the global-Zionista’s plots for global hegemony.

But that was back in 1993, and there were many surprises left to totally surprise the globalists which they had not fully anticipated. Mainly Iraq forced the failure of their Quest for Conquest and Afghanistan did not prove to be nearly as vulnerable as they at first supposed. But Africa was already going well with the continent wide chaos we were already working on.

All of that led directly to the out and out theft of the White House for Junior on 12-12-2000 when the Supreme Court stopped the election and appointed Bush Junior president. That did away with any remaining shreds of the velvet-gloves that once hid the iron and blood-stained fists of US Incorporated.

By that point the addicts that were running the global show led by the international-criminal banks, still believed that they could not be refused. Congress even assisted them with the take-down in 2008 that was initiated by Henry Paulson, in November, when he demanded that “the too-big to fail institutions must be bailed out”.

That surrender led directly to the full surrender of the fake-administration with the cooperation of the pretend-congress to the global banking cartel and the end of any check or balance, where any real financial matters were involved. Currently the US is well over $60 Trillion in the red and that number is climbing into the stratosphere, which is what July 1, 2014 is all about. But even that theft of this entire nation was not enough.

After the defeat of USI in Iraq the global bankers and the FED took a new tack. They called it the Arab Spring. That was to consist of a total reshuffle that would dump the older tyrants that had run many nations for eons, in favor of new blood that could more effectively produce the results which the old guard had regularly failed to do. False-flags blossomed everywhere from old world Europe all thru the Middle East, some 32 or more nations had color-revolutions that were meant to totally change all the global maps.

But again the Old World Order had not counted on Putin or on a reinvigorated Russia. On top of that Hezbollah and Hamas had learned from their earlier mistakes and had combined their forces.

The elites kept on with their plans and desecrated Libya. They then turned what was left into a scorched earth that is still smoking from that ruin. Once the booty had been absorbed they turned to finish off Syria and do unto Syria and Assad exactly what they had done to Gadaffi and Libya: But Assad has help and his people had been paying attention to the non-stop lies of USI, so that fight got bogged down and is currently about to be refinanced, and restarted again, by USI, NATO, UN and Israel, despite the three years of massive losses to date.

Just as USI and their co-conspirators were suffering their recent most serious defeat: A new tactic emerged whereby the same gang of thieves could open a European front to distract from their recent losses in Syria: That’s how we came to be Ukraine, so quickly and with so many direct connections to the criminals in charge ­ including Biden’s brat who is now an officer in the major Ukrainian Oil company ­ along with most of the administration that keeps on visiting as if Kiev is a summer home on the US Connecticut shore: Begins @ 6min 46 sec.

Throughout these illegal wars and the wholesale slaughter of the global population, the goal for the Old World Order, masquerading as the N.W.O. is still to eliminate 95% of the global population. Despite the total rearrangement of the nations and the leadership of at least half the globe: the Outlaws still continue: But they have not factored in the crucial flaw in their entire scheme: That ‘addiction’ to “full spectrum dominance” which is the carrot they began to worship so many centuries ago.

Here’s another critical piece of the global history that’s been given only a very cursory look. This traces the origins of global “genetics” back in time to the 1830’s. Then it brings us forward to the psychology behind death camps and even down to the reasoning behind disallowing Americans the right to grow our own food, or maintain our own right to water ­ it’s all part of the plan for Concentration Camps, FEMA camps we call them now, that will be used for the same purpose as the Nazi Death camps were during WWII. And all the supporting documents are herein explained, as to how the world came to believe in a “naturally-superior white race of elites” that must rule the entire planet… All of which is in play right now, even before this global hell is unleashed again, but this time in 2014. You can deny it if you want, but that will change nothing because it’s true…

58min 58sec:

You might want to think about the next nine days ­ because it looks like we might all become far more familiar with those creatures in the image at the top of the article than anyone wants to come face to face with….


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