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The Art of War

By Jim Kirwan




Military action is important to the nation—it is the ground of death and life, the path of survival and destruction, so it is imperative to examine it.

The ground means the location, the place of pitched battle—gain the advantage and you live, lose the advantage and you die. Therefore military action is called the ground of death and life. The path means the way to adjust to the situation

and establish victory—find this and you survive, lose this and you perish.”


Sun Tzu is taught in almost all military schools and his Art of War, dates back thousands of years, which is why his principles should be used to assess the current situation—in which the dying United States now finds itself.

If we look back over the last three years of Obamanation, anyone can easily see the patterns that describe what's coming next. For instance he announced the creation of his own private military, an army that needed to be even larger than the then current U. S. Military. Obama and the congress have done that.

The unnoticed physical change in US military personnel began with Clinton's “Don't ask, Don't Tell” policies that, with the intensification of LGBTQ policies, has led directly to a feminized military and to alterations in the effectiveness of the formally powerful special units of the U.S. Military.

Then two years ago he began buying bullets ­ enough hollow-point bullets to murder every man, woman and child in this country more than four times over. Yet this insane purchase did not cause even a murmur from the general public. Given that fact Obama began arming his private army with heavy military weapons, helicopters, aircraft, missiles, drones and all types of technically advanced weapons of war: Yet still the public did nothing.

That led directly to war-game “drills” across the nation, military exercises that cost billions in a time when the nation's people were having a very hard time, just to stay alive—still no response...

This garbage began with Obama's habit of physically bowing down to filth like the head of Saudi-Arabia in public. While this was continuing, the Homosexual-Muslim-Marxist kept on increasing his ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, the traitor Soros and the anti-American candidate Hillary Clinton, while increasing the number of illegal immigrants allowed into the country, despite the fact that what he is doing with his illegal and criminal population increases are threatening the lives of every American: Yet on he goes.

While this was happening Obama began a major firing campaign throughout the U.S. Military cutting and slashing the top leadership of the U.S. Military while the actual military needs have been stripping the nation down to a situation that leaves the U.S. in a much worse position than it's ever been in, in modern times.

List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama

The Crisis in Military Aviation

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Where Is Media Coverage of George Soros Meddling in U.S. Internal Affairs?

U.S. Military has Surrendered to Unqualified Women

NWO War On Humanity

Meanwhile the ability to fight anywhere has been severely reduced

while it begins to look very much like

Obama is beginning to copy what Erdogan recently did,

just before he launched his own fake coup.

So basically if one were to follow the path laid out by Sun Tzu, then we would have to assume that the people of the United States are about to be attacked by it's pretended leadership ­ 90% of which is already aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, the broken states of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the other terrorist organizations - all of which were created, by the Zionist Apartheid State and funded by USI.




Anyone not prepared for this eventuality will pay for that mistake

with their lives.



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