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Art In America

By Jim Kirwan

Murdered by CIA in the ‘50’s

The arts in society have been dead for hundreds of years already.

The first major blow against the arts was officially struck by the Vatican, when artists were forced to paint, draw and sculpt the dogmatic dictums of the ‘Catholic’ supposedly Christian world view. That was a by-product of early empire building, coupled with depraved opulence, official religious greed and their global seizure of wealth worldwide.

With the Italian Renaissance, which took place during a massive European depression, the arts began to show true power when the arts were voluntarily combined with the sciences to create a more promising world. But while most professions that had been totally controlled by the state and the royalty of the day began to free themselves, the graphic world remained stuck in poverty and slavery along with poets, when it came to what subjects’ artists could engage in.

What earned the global-arts a permanent black mark came with the work of Francisco Goya, who was at the time the court-painter to the King of Spain. Goya was a rebel with a cause. He was sick of painting the hideously-rich and the inconsequential pabulum related to life inside the Spanish Court, while the wars and slaughter of people the world over surrounded him at every turn.

Goya used his art and his etchings to show the wider world what he could not avoid seeing, in the crimes of the Spanish Inquisition, and in the wars (Seen above in The Disasters of War) of the people in Spain which he watched and recorded first hand. The film about his life, “Goya’s Ghosts”, 2006, clarifies the problems he faced. Francisco escaped being hanged burned alive or imprisoned by the Inquisition or the Spanish Crown, only because he gave the Court the original plates of his etchings that were sold worldwide at the time.

But his etchings exposed the world to the religious-crimes that had become daily-life in the criminally active 50 year long Spanish Inquisition. In fact according to the Catholic Church the Inquisition did not end until 1968. Goya’s life was spent using his art to confront the crimes of the rich and famous, as well as the lives of the poor. With very few exceptions this no longer happens today.

The Caprices

The active arts worldwide never again reached the heights that Goya was able to achieve. The one outstanding image which the world still recognizes is Picasso’s Guernica, (over the bombing of that Spanish Town by the NAZI’s just prior to WWII. It hangs in the UN today.

From those few high points, where the arts were used to bring people closer to their private world views, through activities that could not be denied: That black-experience for the rich and powerful has never been forgotten. Artists were among the first activists and as such they had to be destroyed. Compare Goya with the wasted garbage that claim to be the “artists” of today and decide for yourself.

Ultimately this threat led the CIA to secretly create “abstract expressionism” in the 1950’s.

That was one of the first tasks which the Shadow arm of USI assigned to itself. That led the Jewish backers and collectors into the arts and ultimately into the black-hole of depravity which artists have been living in since Jews worldwide took over the galleries, the arts, and the most of the collectors.

That takeover ended any real independence for all but a very few of those that continued to work toward lives that could remain free to express the real connections between people all over the planet.

The “arts” began over 17,000 years ago in the Caves of Chauvet, in France. More recent discoveries place the origins at over 32,000 years ago. When I went to war with IRS, in 1980, they told me: “there is no such thing as a “self-employed artist”. “In Amerika, according to the government, there are only commercial artists.” No other aspect of that oldest of all professions any longer exists—according to the IRS.

The IRS is barely a hundred years old ­ but they are confident that they can rule over who exists and who does not. Reality not withstanding…

That same fate awaited any songwriters or musicians that dared to create anything critical of either the world or the so-called powers who replaced the Popes from the 15th century all the way to the fake world of ‘art today’, as glimpsed in this self-proclaimed leading art site.

Finally this comes down to the elimination of any real people from any art form, as robots are taking over everything that was once considered an art of any kind. The problem lies in the fact that while robots can copy music, paintings poetry and writings: These robots cannot ORIGINATE anything new, as their role lies strictly in copying pre-existing crap. Ultimately of course robots are scheduled to replace all forms of human activity: The arts in all its forms being the least of their concerns as they race towards the ending of all human activity.

The story is clearly illustrated in the clip on RT’s Bulletin Board for today, beginning long after the report on the Right-Sector bombings of schools and hospitals and civilians that will eventually end in Palestinian-like slaughters. By the time this is finished it will include the murder of civilians, whole families including children and the destruction of houses, apartments, with blockades and starvation, because Israel is behind all of this, from long before the beginning of the coup inside Ukraine.

The clip on Robots begins @ 23min and 12 sec into today’s RT


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