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Are Billionaire Capitalists Actually Communists? Among Many
Goals, The COVID PsyOp Is Designed To Bankrupt As Many
Businesses As Possible - Over 50% Of Small Business Is Gone

By Michael Wysocki

If one good thing comes from this so-called 'live exercise' or 'pandemic #1' is that it's teaching the otherwise mentally-impenetrable, truth-averse masses to unite in disbelief and distrust of the government.

In any event, I get the distinct feeling the entire coronavirus psyop was to bankrupt as many large, medium and small businesses as possible so that the government could then come in and 'rescue' them... and then become part owner of some of the largest chains.

Remember, in all the communist and fascist countries of the past the government co-owned most if not all private businesses.

This whole fiasco seems like a giant leap towards implementing pure communism and with the virus serving as the excuse for implementing the social credit-tracking-travel-passport elements which will leave very of real America left.

"And they (the communists) came in the form we least expected, and were least prepared to defend ourselves against, capitalists."

Specifically, as billionaire capitalists. This decades long takedown of America has been orchestrated not by well-meaning, naive socialist revolutionaries wearing Che t-shirts on college campuses, but by bolshevik communist-installed billionaires running all of our massive corporations (Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, the MSM -- etc.)

It was literally the perfect disguise. Who among any of the "normals" would have imagined the captains of western capitalism were bolshevik communist change agents in disguise? The very accusation would've been akin to running around accusing the world's vegetarians of all keeping secret freezers stuffed with prime rib in their pantries.

But in hindsight, it was the perfect vector for attack. Communism was created by the tribe, and the tribe has always controlled the world's banks and currencies -- meaning it has also always controlled who may possess large sums of its lifeblood -- fiat money. And with the power to decide who'll be the world's billionaires, all they had to do was direct them to collectively, over time, use their stations to export all of the west's domestic capital (factories/industry) to already-communism-controlled slave gulag-nations until so little of it remained on western/home soil that ... well, see the present; we get hit with an alleged pandemic, and we can't even manufacture our own fucking ten cent N95 masks or PPEs for doctors ... let alone keep our food supply stable.

By the way, this "all our billionaires are really bolshevik agents" thing also neatly explains why so many of them can never explain how they or their corporations rose to such wealth so rapidly -- or why, after dying, as in cases like Epstein or JP Morgan, it's often shown they actually had very little personal wealth vs public assumptions.

I reckon this is because - while these agents are generally trusted by the tribe - the tribe understands above all that money is power, yet that power is kinetic energy. Therefore, if a few hundred million amounts to a pipe bomb, many dozens of billions amounts to a nuclear warhead, and you never let anyone but yourself hold the nukes, or you don't run the world anymore. Hence most billionaires being mere stock/paper billionaires, with none ever daring to cash it all out.

Anyway. The tribe did all this brilliantly. They achieved our ruin by force-feeding us to death with the very blessings we once bragged capitalism's cornucopia elevated us above communism with. They fed us to obesity. They McMansion'ed us to mortgage-induced homelessness. They credit carded the middle class to debt serfdom. The higher- education'ed us to lifelong financial slavery, mooting the point of even going to university for that ticket to the higher paying job. They socially secured and medicare'd us until we drowned in our own hyperinflated fiat money. Talk about the occult touch. By the powers of greyskull and the laws of the universe, you don't act the brutal savage and just kill your victim outright. You let it demonstrate it's unworthiness to inherit the stars by luring it to gorge itself to death on its own misjudgments, and smile as it executes itself by eating until it explodes.

It's no coincidence that they synchronized things so that, at this exact moment in time, the very last generation of Americans that even partly remembers American ideals well enough to fight for them is now quickly dying off, and that the first generation to be overwhelmingly disillusioned with those ideals (for the reasons above) is now taking their places, culturally marxified to intellectual death and waiting with open arms to accept a world of pure, technotronic communism.

No response necessary. Just a lament (and apologies for its length). Thank you, as always, for the truth. Your on-air conversations with your guests are always epiphanal.

P.S. I first began suspecting that the billionaires weren't actual capitalists in the 1990s under Clinton when the megamerger phenomenon began and it dawned on me that if corporate megamergers continued unabated until the inevitable happened, communism would be the actual result. I.e., if every company merges with every other company until only one giant global holding corporation remains, you end up with a single monolithic oligarchy that owns absolutely everything and a huge population of irate little people you must then continuously battle to keep them from trying to get all their stuff back. Well, is that not communism? Is communism not a monolithic oligarchy that's confiscated everyone's property and that engages in endless gaslighting to make everyone believe they still own it ("the people's _______") so they'll not fight to take it back (and if they do, gulags)?

True capitalism only exists when there are too many competitors selling the same thing for them to keep a consensus on where to fix their prices.