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An Appeal To Help John Lenard Walson
Continue His Astonishing Work Showing Spacecraft
In Orbit And Structures On The Moon...
Inarguable Videos Of Artificial Structures
All Over The Moon's Surface

John Lenard Walson
Moon Phases Orbit

Dear Jeff,

I do need help with this ongoing, incredible project...      

For over ten years now, and much of it with your invaluable help and assistance, I have shared with the world my uniquely close-up footage and images of Secret Space Fleet Ships and structures on our Moon.

Here is a Live Stream recording of the moon's surface…
...See what THEY don't want US to see !!!

I have also travelled widely with my telescope in a van, so that i can freely share the live experience of viewing the Moon through a telescope and video camera with many people around the country.

Unfortunately, the van i've been using for years is now beyond repair.  i need to buy another second-hand van so I can continue to freely share the experience of live Moon-viewing with the public. The van must have a lift for the telescope, or be able to be fitted with one.  A van like any of these below would be perfect...

Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI LWB 2.2 Panel van £11,990 + VAT
Auto-trail Frontier Arapaho Hi-Line Fiat 3.0L 160 Coachbuilt Motorhome
Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DI-DC Elegance 5dr (LWB) 2007 SUV 3.2L 158 bhp Diesel

A van with low-mileage would be ideal but the older they are, the higher the it's not easy.

Some links of example vans are here...

I would be more than grateful if you might be able to help with the donations to my cause so that i can bring space
a little nearer to countless people who wouldn't otherwise get to see it.

All the best to all of your wonderful listeners and viewers,

With sincere thanks and appreciation,


Here are two ways for people to help me continue…

Go Fund Me is here…  

And PayPal is here...