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Apartheid In America!

By JIm Kirwan

Brought to you by this many headed hydra”

The Globally Controlled Media in Amerika…

What’s going on now in Ferguson Missouri is only the latest version of Apartheid in America! Michael Brown was shot and killed. First reports talked about nine shots. The coroner reports that at least six bullets entered the body, two in his head. No one in officialdom disputes the fact that Michael Brown was murdered: But still they refuse to explain why this happened and they have announced no charges against the coward that pulled the trigger or those above him who continue to try to cover this up. In today’s version of the continuing cover-up the gang members of American’s largest gang, the cops, continue to blatantly threaten the entire town of Ferguson for daring to challenge them with questions which they still refuse to answer.

Make no mistake the town of Ferguson is under full military attack. The thugs ride around in armored personnel carriers, armed to the teeth. There are LRADS and deadly weapons of all types in use around the planet that have all been brought to bear on the people of Ferguson Missouri: They are threatening the public, but they have yet to repeat what they did to Michael Brown. All of this because “the authorities” refuse to answer any of the public’s questions about their blatant murder of one black teenager.

Our criminal military worldwide is treating every country we have invaded, from any of our 900 military bases, in the same way this government is now treating the tiny town of Ferguson. We are persecuting the planet for failing to “unconditionally surrender” to the international outlaws who are demanding the end of society and the reprioritizing of the planet with “death” being our only way out.

Beginning @ 9min: 20 sec ­ 13min 29 sec of the video.Unrest escalates in the U.S. town of Ferguson with police using tear gas, military weapons and the power of arrest. Protests over an unarmed teen shot dead by an officer have lasted almost a week.

The public needs to change this in Ferguson!

Since we no longer have news conferences where reporters are allowed to question any official about “what happened” anywhere in the United States—why don’t the people of Ferguson just snatch one or two of those surly officers and put them on camera, before the public, with guns pointed at their heads: That way the public could ask them questions which, if they refuse to answer, they will be maced, gassed, and beaten for every question they refuse to answer for the world-wide audience? If this kind of conduct is fair for America’s largest official Gang, then the public should use their methods to get the answers we need to get on with our lives!

This has been going on throughout the illegal seizure of this nation in 2002 by Zionist trained thugs that have succeeded in eliminating the courts and destroying the laws that would require the government or the corporations to answer to the public, especially for blatant and unprovoked murders, such as the execution of Michael Brown. The “officer” himself needs to be called, with his commanding officers, before international camera’s to explain themselves. If any of them refuse to answer they should be immediately arrested and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Only in ways such as these will it be possible to finally end this armed insurrection by Israel of the United States.


Near total chaos is still unfolding across the world

The IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements, all owned by USI, have been conducting this global-takeover to control every economy, in order to crash the world’s remaining markets which will change everything, everywhere. It began with hundreds of small nations after WWII and has worked its way up to the creation of the EU, which was to be the capstone that would pave the way to global bankruptcy—followed by total control of all the money on the planet.

To complete this takeover this crash was designed to force the financial markets worldwide into free-fall. They almost got there until Russia responded to their illegal sanctions and placed their own sanctions on the EU, the US, Canada, Australia and one other nation ­ which has crippled the gang’s global-activities in ways they had not foreseen.

The SANCTIONS, which are a form of warmaking upon the targeted nations, without the formality of war fighting - were supposed to seal the deal with their own murder of the EU. However that plan backfired from the inside out. Ironically the part of the plan that worked was the destruction of the 28 members of the EU, but without the end of Russia and China which had been the original target, along with the EU.

In the Middle East

The global financial cabal chose military force, by uncontrollable barbarians everywhere, to crush all remaining religious or political policies while siphoning off resources everywhere that the fighting rages.

The chaos thus engendered, has guaranteed a return to the Dark Ages, which is working throughout the Middle-East. But—as it turns out the same creatures they’ve hired to do their bidding, are no longer following any of the scripts that they were supposed to have followed, in order to get the weapons and the initial protection necessary to let war-criminals like the entire ISIS & the ISIL to be able to run free over the planet, both in the Middle East and in Kiev.

All this artificially generated chaos was supposed to be controlled and yet every day there are new proofs of defection, along with evermore obscene and behind the scenes rebellion’s of the violence initiators - on the ground ­ everywhere!

There are now too many sharks

In the ever-shrinking target pools of the world

Soon, today’s Sharks

Will have to begin to eat each other!

Americans need to remember that all that goes on overseas is being done to keep our eyes from seeing what is taking place right here at home. The Ebola outbreak and all the crimes that began with 911 are only stagecraft in this global-production, whose final act will be the total destruction of the United States, by Israel and the global owners of our money, our land, all our rights, and every thought that anyone here dares to think…

That is why it’s so important that this criminal-government be charged and charged fully: For everything that’s happened in Ferguson, Missouri. The US no longer has “authority” over the people of this nation, because their actions against us are proof positive of their true loyalties. This is exactly what Ukraine and Israel are doing to their own people—which is called GECOCIDE!

It you’re okay with that, because some people trashed and looted some stores, then you’re even dumber than a box of rocks.

The cops in the gang that calls themselves, the police, let those robberies happen, rather than to intervene because they thought that somehow “damage to property” or god-forbid “theft” would somehow trump one very blatant and cold-blooded murder; of someone who was not armed and who was trying to surrender.

Imagine if what happened to Michael Brown had happened to Capt. Todd, the fake cop on the video which tried to excuse his officers for what they so clearly continue to do, every minute in Ferguson.

If a crowd of military armed thugs were to begin showing up at the homes of the “officers” and began terrorizing them and their families with the same weapons the mercenaries are using on the public—all kinds of hell would be loosed.

Watch the 12min 12 sec Video:

This is how American Apartheid works

Everyday and in every way in the USA, on the US Media!

Yet the fact that the authorities will not produce the killer, hold a press conference, or answer any of the public’s questions proves the criminality that is being practiced in this case against an entire city, and by default the whole nation, instead of against just an individual ­ and this ought to be the case with every cowardly cop out there today, across America!

What would happen if this war was taken home to them, instead of what’s happening in the streets right now? This is why this is clearly Apartheid in America!


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