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AOC's Handler Linked To The TM Mind-Control
Cult Ripped By John Lennon

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Let's uncork another bottle of bubbly AOC (Appellation of Origin under Control) from a region as temperamental as those commanderies of the Knights Templars. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez from the Kirschenbaum estate is a youngish rose pink that's acidic on the tongue and strangely murky, totally lacking transparency, nearly undrinkable yet perfect for communion at a Black Mass. - Jim Jones Temple Rating: 9.90. At risk of a toxic morning-after, it's bewitching stuff.

Spill the wine, take this pearl, of proven wisdom. Following up on my earlier examination of Alexandra Ocasio and the deep occult scene from whence she arose, this probe continues on with a look at her Hindu campaign manager's career path that put him into the money-laundering stronghold of TM. Transcendental Meditation was founded by the late "giggling guru" Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was described by John Lennon as a "fraud without a religious bone in his body" and, to boot, a leering sexual predator. This mind-control cult that dispenses Tranquilizing Medication is entrenched in Hollywood with brain-addled followers at the forefront of a vociferous anti-Trump chorus led by Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey. Here, the role of sado-director David Lynch and his major funder Ray Dalio with the Bridgewater hedge fund are discussed as to their support for Bernie Sanders along with AOC campaign manager Saikal Chakrabarti.

Fort Bliss

Any group that claims to have achieved human powers of levitation is obviously peddling insanity. TM is also criminal considering its high fees up to $1 million for meditation training, which can be done anywhere for free. The cult's reliance on anti-depressants and probable use of psychotropic drugs to "ease the mind" during sitting sessions has been linked to an unending series of suicides, deaths and severe psychiatric disorders. How does TM get away with its freewheeling abuses? By supporting its friends who sponge off drug cartels and foreign dictatorships known as the Democratic Party.

The bad news for Trump's Greatest Wall is that the illegal immigrants are already inside the Congress, thanks to Clinton-Obama visas for techies from Hindustan and more cash from Narendra Modi's nuclear-bomb program fostered by the Clintons. The Brown Alliance of Hindus, Sikhs, Arabs and Puerto Ricans is led by Justice Democrats honchos Rep. Ro Khanna, who slid a blade into the back of patriotic Japanese-American Mike Honda for the Silicon Valley seat, and Henk Uyghur of the Young Turks, the group named after his thuggish ancestors who perpetrated the Armenian genocide.

Delhi is forward-basing inside Washington to protect its hundreds of thousands of jobs stolen from Americans, from part-time call-back to computer programming that were diverted to India. The Research and Intelligence Wing (India's MI-6 better known as RAW, as in deal) has also overseen the infiltration of Hindus and Sikhs into Silicon Valley, where the top-level executive positions of major tech companies, including Google, are now dominated by the brown crowd. So is the pistachio and almond trade, for that matter. So if the President's populist support base really intends to stop Dem-allied Honduran gangs from storming across the Rio Grande, the Brown Coalition needs to be rolled back in coming elections and, over the long run, with an end to easy visas for students, techies and investors from Hindustan.

The Kirschenbaum Krazed Khorus

The upstart barmaid Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is the poster girl of cultural warfare against American values. Her early-life grooming in the occult underworld has since dovetailed with other dark currents, including the Jesuit front called Democratic Socialists, the Illuminati cabal fronted by George Soros, and now as we've learned, the TM loony bin. To cover their assets, these cultists have thrown their support behind the Hillary-Obama-Sanders continuum, which intends to block any anti-trust action against Big Data, the siege weapon against the Constitution and its guarantees of liberty and populist sovereignty. To roll back this juggernaut from the digital empire, it behooves us to excavate The Temple of Doom and unearth its secrets, including that gigantic UFO wombed like a caterpillar inside its silky web. Aum Mane Padme Humbug.

The loony bin of pro-Democrat cult notables in TM includes loud-mouth Oprah Winfrey, a demonic Katy Perry, Ellen Degenerate, excuse me, DeGeneres, aging Latina stable ponies Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, butt-wiggling Miranda Kerr, the unfunny Amy Schumer, and a bitter aging Martin Scorsese, along with that goofball Jerry Seinfeld, and an expletive-spewing Howard Stern. Age has taken its bitter toll on every one of these clowns, hasn't it? So in desperation to remain relevant on the vapid social media, they are willing to go as grotesque as Katy Perry's stage performance with skulls atop dancers dressed as Trump and Teresa May. Katydid's avatar is surely Kali, Hindu goddess of death.

The ringmaster of this depraved celeb circus is the morbid director David Lynch, whose Twin Peaks series exploited, sadistically, the conventions of cinema noir to retrace the Freudian subtexts done earlier with far more sophistication by Alfred Hitchcock. Lynch unwisely voiced support for Donald Trump early on in the primary campaign, but then "higher powers" in the Hindu cult pulled the hook, dragging him out of the limelight. Thereafter, Lynch (a onetime Reagan supporter) endorsed Bernie Sanders. Then along came Saikal Chakrabarti with his chihuahua AOC on a dog leash, this obviously all done as part of a covert operation, like the one that lured The Beatles to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's den in Northern India soon after Ringo Starr's 1967 drug arrest.

Iowa Murders

Before tracing the AOC campaign manager's telltale trail, I should first credit investigative journalist Corey Lynn, see, for her exemplary research for "Murders, suicides and missing persons at Maharishi's Iowa campus." Her documentation of more than 200 deaths in Fairfield, Iowa, focuses on the tiny township's largest institution and de facto cult headquarters, the TM Vedic Center. A parallel and probably spate of Lynchian crimes in that rural area is the sex-trafficking of young girls at truck stops nearby along Highway I-80. These vile incidents, by comparison, make the Rashneeshees (the subject of a much-publicized news coverage and a recent documentary) seem like a Girl Scout troop albeit with a gun-waving female scoutmaster. Hindu cultists are crazed, another case in point.

Cory Lynn's massively correlated research findings include John Lennon's ascerbic comment inside his tune composed during The Beatles stay at the MM Yogi's retreat in northern India (not far from the CIA-sponsored base of that other religio-asset the Dalai Lama). "The Maharishi Song" contains this message in a bottle:

"Little daddy with a beard. Often spread rumors through his right-hand man / Who used to be with the CIA / and told about the places he saved. But he was a sex maniac, I couldn't say that, but he certainly wasn't (Holy)." Are you still wondering why the CIA's MK-ULTRA operation whacked Lennon in front of the Dakota building in Manhattan?

That Beatles-Yogi encounter happened in August 1967. One of the young women sexually harassed on site by His Holiness Yogi was a budding actress named Mia Farrow, apparently without intervention or complaint from her cult-fanatic sister (Dear Prudence). From there on it got steadily worse for the youngish actress who in the following year starred in the lead role for "Rosemary's Baby". (My recent analysis of AOC's dodgy life-story covers the crosscurrents in the New York occult scene that paved the way for the future congresswoman to be born on a Friday the 13th..)

Now, if a bluntly honest bloke with a wry wit like John Lennon sang out about the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi being a faker (and not a fakir), then the cult with its CIA overseers were from its inception joined-at-the-hip in a mind-control operation, using the loss of consciousness-and-conscience techniques known as MK-ULTRA. There was also a Satanic twist. So roll up. Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour. "They're coming to take you away."

Cultism in War Propaganda

Sgt. Pepper reporting to duty, sir. Ah, yes, the Training Manual, TM. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi remains as much a cipher as the Eggman, lacking any trace of childhood background, including family name and birth certificate, even though he claims to have studied physics at an Indian university (or how else could levitation be possible?).

His interest in yoga began in the same early 1940s time-frame as the Imperial Japanese Army's invasion of British India's eastern border from bases in Thailand and liberated Burma. The timing indicates the OSS officers with US commander Joe Stillwell in the India-Burma-China theater sought to promote Hindu meditation to counter the popularity of Zen Buddhism, which supported the pan-Asianism ideology behind the Japanese war effort. (The first-ever flag of Free India without Britishers was planted on Subcontinental soil by the Japanese-sponsored Indian National Army led by the Hitler-adoring huckster Subas Chandra Bose.) In contrast to Japan's real-world empire-building, the OSS adventurers out of the Ivy League had already been to the Dalai's Lhasa with their folk buddies in the SS and were doing ganga research in Calcutta with Theosophic spiritual advisers from the Aleister Crowley crowd. Fiction invariably wins against realism.

Two decades after Japan's surrender, this same spy-manufacturer yoga cult (along with the ecstatic Hare Krishna lunatics aimed against Pure Land Buddhism or Jodo) was revived to discredit Zen practitioners in the United States and Britain, including the prominent Beat poet Allen Ginsburg, who voiced opposition to the Vietnam War and led protest marches. The CIA ploy to undermine the peace movement by drugging activists and confining them under watchful meditation was apparent way back when.

A Pound of Flesh for Soros

Another factor behind the AOC love potion is the ever-tighter Hindu-Judaism conjugal union, a geopolitical Kama Sutra. Narendra Modi, installed by the Hindu fanatic RSS movement, is transforming India from a secular political democracy toward sectarian authoritarianism, similar to the Jewish state of Israel. Modi's militarist Hindustan depends on Israeli weaponry, advisers and publicists for the counterinsurgency operation in Kashmir and other restive minority regions.

The Hindu alliance with Zionism is being implemented in the American political arena by Soros-funded groups including Move.on (which provided "paid volunteers" for the AOC campaign, including Chakrabarti), Justice Democrats, and Brand New Congress. Zionist-linked funding is reflected in the pro-Israel position of the other Democratic Socialist freshman congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, who opposes the two-state plan for a Palestinian homeland. Her support for a one-state formula for Israel with "equality" for Jews and Palestinians is tantamount to the United States merging back into the Royal British Empire. There is nothing for Christians or Muslims in the Holy Land to celebrate in the election of this quisling for Zionism.

Black Magic Woman

Here's a tantalizing Tantric quiz: Did the devil make the black magic woman or was it the other way around?

To arrive at Saikal Chakrabarti's payoffs for the DemSoc's first tango in the Bronx with female temptress Alexandra, there's first a long winding road that runs through David Lynch's TV series that started with a female corpse wrapped in plastic whose death is blamed on a ghost by another ghost, pushing the Rashomon narrative of a literal supernatural presence, psychological finger-pointing away from real-world perpetrators called murderous sex fiends. Twin Peaks (Freudian parlance for breasts, get it, kids?) with its stilted allusions to sublimated sexual violence, can be read not as neo-Gothic fiction but as Lynch's confession, much like the perverse "art" that disappeared from Alefantis' Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza. Serious film critics need to reexamine Lynch's oeuvre for telltale fingerprints, even though as a director he remains several cuts below the master of the genre Alfred Hitchcock, who remained hands-off from the crimes he was spinning.

Lynch's support for Trump in the early primaries could be interpreted as an insurance policy against any future Pizzagate investigation, whereas his spymasters wanted to penetrate the Bernie Sanders movement for long-term subversion of American political life though the brainwashing of naive millennials and snowflakes. And divert their budding attention from the murders of Andrew Breitbart and Seth Rich, the capstones on the Pizzagate scandal. Speaking of which, where was the transshipment point in the Bronx (midpoint between the chicken market in Bridgeport Conn and Podesta's capital), possibly a Tex-Mex restaurant with its hauntingly beautiful Latina maitre d'?

Bridge to the Laundry

So back to the career path of one Saikal Chakrabarti, who got a job at Bridgewater Associates, then the world's richest hedge fund and money-laundry for TM drug trafficking. One of most avid patrons of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-based Education (which reaches thousands of schoolchildren) is Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater who attributes his financial wizardry to meditation. (If you buy that tall tale, then I have a bridge to sell you.) Dalio ran his fund like a cult using his book titled "Principles" as mandatory reading for employees. TM is man-datory about everything, especially when it comes to female converts.

Now try to guess who served as general counsel to Bridgewater from 2013-2017. None other than James Comey, the FBI director who tried to sabotage an incoming President Trump, who had the acumen to fire the pedophile-protector with a badge. Since his departure from the J.Edgar Mary Hoover Building, Comey has been teaching at Howard University, a stone's throw from the spot where Seth Rich was murdered. Now, we are starting to come full circle, always back to the Pizzagate downward spiral. So does it make any sense that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's evening "jobs" were at cool Latin eateries that doubled as bars? Where do you go to score? Does she look like someone with all the right contacts in and out of the barrio? Was her crew part of the Alefantes-Brock pipeline to Podesta and the Obama White House? Put a coin in the jukebox and listen to Santana.

Clintonista Sanders Man

Saikal Chakrabarti's bio is missing several key summer jobs during his years at Harvard. His hometown is Fort Worth, where the main programming work in his field is at TPG, the Asian regional investment fund jointly chaired by David Bonderman and Richard Blum, the CIA-linked head of the Dalai Lama-supportive American Himalayan Foundation. Blum also happens to be husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee heavyweight, and long-time close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Since Ocasia rescued Pelosi's House Speaker position from the threat of Bronx incumbent Jack Crowley, Dallas figures in this plot, as it does for everything else wrong in American political life.

Chakrabarti's resume starts off with a year's employment at Real Networks in Seattle. Originally called "Progressive Network", the app developer of RealPlayer was founded by former Microsoft executive Rob Glaser, a crony of Bill Clinton, who appointed him to an FCC advisory committee. Glaser is a high-profile donor to David Brock's Media Matters, PBS Democracy Now!, and the Clinton Foundation. Saikal's fast-start in the left lane suggests the barely hidden role of the CIA behind the training of this Brown coalition novice. (Bill and Hillary Clinton, if you recall, made annual visits to India to promote tech cooperation for India's nuclear (bomb) program.) Here, again, the Temple of Doom.

After tech boot camp, Chakrabarti was moved to Ray Dalio's Bridgewater, the TM hedge fund. There Saikal must've got the start-up funding for his Mockingbird app (which has been panned by its few users for all sorts of glitches) for an online payment company named Stripe, a clone of Paypal. Why replicate Paypal? Did anyone say money laundering for drug runners who meditate?

Note here AOC, a former barmaid living on tips, was one of few members of Congress who could afford to refuse a pay check during the federal shutdown, and judging from her wardrobe, she's flush with unreported sources of income. Treasury Department anti-laundering task force, are you paying attention?

So the political "leftist" Chakrabarti goes from working for the Clintonistas and then sidles up to Bernie Sanders as director of Campaign Organizing Tech (getting his curry-stained fingers on every donor list and roll call of campaign volunteers, while dispensing the backdoor cash, presumably through Mockingbird-Stripe). Meanwhile India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) gets duplicates of every transaction. Ditto the CIA.

A parting shot at Chakrabarti comes from his being spotted on FaceBook wearing a Subas Chandra Bose image on his T-shirt. Bose, not to be confused with the sound system, was the puppet of the Imperial Japanese Army, which recruited him out of Nazi Germany to lead its allied Indian National Army against British India. An arrogant Brahmin, Bose was a self-declared Aryanist who made a huge effort to personally shake hands with Adolph Hitler, who was cordial but did not know what to make of a brown-skinned man supporting white supremacy. Sad to say, Bose died at war's end in a mysterious plane crash, which his biographers suspect was a Japanese intelligence plot to be rid of his annoying demands as the head of a personality cult. A more venal motive was probably the Japanese police-cum-yakuza need to dispose of witnesses after the Kempetai military police confiscated gold and gems from the Madrasi community in Burma and Malaya, killing all witnesses. May you follow the path of Vedic hero Bose, young man, and no, Shinzo Abe is not about to refund the gold.

Left Hand Path

Before trashing her tax-the-rich proposal and the been-there Green New Deal, there are a couple of issues with the AOC cult (A-occult, get it?) omitted from my earlier exorcism posted at this site.

Alexandra is left-handed, a genetic twist putting her into the same "left-hand path" as the notorious Beast 666 Aleister Crowley and the Maleficent Angela Jolie. It is a statistical fact that lefties tend to far excel ordinary right-handers at severe psychosis, bipolarity and violent crime, often in combination, as with Jack the Ripper and the Boston strangler, both left-handers. It's not her fault that her brain is wired differently than the vast majority of Americans, with the exception of the crime-infested borough of Bronx and that other criminal loonie bin, Westchester County.

As for witchcraft, another look at her familial names adds fuel to the bonfire. Her nominal "father" (I've noticed that a false father-daughter photo has been posted online to replace the since deleted portrait of the chubby Sergio Ocasio-Roman, her reputed father, confirming my direct hit on her paternity question.) Once again, what's in a name?

Her nominal father's compound surname is Ocasio (translation from Spanish: twilight, darkness) and Roman (double meaning here: citizens of Rome or the Romani people, popularly known as gypsies). Her mother's family name Cortez translates as either "courtesy" as in "courtier" which applied to conquistador Hernan Cortez but in more recent centuries it is a Romani surname, since pickpockets are more polite than muggers. Here again, slipping into darkness, Gypsy Queen Flamenca Twilight will tell your fortune. If you innocent young lads wander into her long night, don't expect me to send a rescue party to bring you back from clutches of the chickenhawks. Not until Pizzagate is sliced open for all to see can anyone retrieve you.

"Kishan i Romani, Adoi san' i chov'hani" is a Romani poem that translates as: "Wherever gypsies go, there the witches be, we all know."

New Green Steal

By serving as point woman for the New Green Deal, Ocasio is showing her underlying loyalty to the neoliberal agenda pushed by Al Gore and the tech bureaucracy. This sudden conversion to the benefits of exploding lithium batteries and fiery e-cars, bird-slicing wind farms, the hormone-disrupting "organic" pesticide Neem (why female vegans are so fat and sickly), and the clean and safe F'Uku-ed nuclear industry does not jibe with her recent past of working at a non-organic taco grill and doing a high-school research project related to the biological effects of space travel on a worm (instead of measuring the carbon footprint of a NASA rocket launch.)

Saikal Chakrabarti takes personal credit for urging Ocasio to crusade for the New Green Steal. The proposal is a transparently fraudulent attempt at touting an economic alternative to Trump's national re-industrialization strategy known as MAGA, Make America Great Again. This ploy is doomed from the start due to the ignominious bankruptcy of the Harvard-based Solyndra biodiesel scam that burned through federal grants. Telsa, the e-vehicle that frequently catches fire due to lithium filaments inside petrol-based battery fluid, is another disaster out of Al Gore's imagined future. Meanwhile, Trump's brick-and-mortar program for infrastructure and revival of the American auto industry has zero risk factors and will create jobs, and will probably reduce emissions and eco-impacts with more efficient proven technology.

The GND namesake is the New Deal of the 1930s, which was based on similar "green" promises, for example, better soil conservation to prevent erosion. Aside from idle talk, FDR did nothing to help Oklahoma farmers during the great Midwestern drought, which forced thousands to migrate in absolute poverty to the West Coast. Instead the "progressive" Roosevelt administration invested in hydro-dams and coal-fired power plants on land confiscated from both white and black family farms, that were evicted and made landless or forced to work under tenancy. The Tennessee Valley Authority, the greatest "green" boondoggle in history, was the political power base of Senator Albert Gore Sr. and in fine nepotist tradition Al Gore. Let now us praise Famous Men, as James Agee put with poetic skepticism.

The New Deal began the merger of a formerly separate government and industry into state-capitalism, thereby laying the foundations for the military-industrial complex. The concentration of power and investment authorization continues to accelerate via the GND highway toward a post-human agenda of hybridization of homo sapiens with technology to create an artificial species of RoboApe, the New Adam. Green-tinted glasses are peering toward Mussolini-style corporatist social-fascism, as touted by that Zionist fanatic Ze'ev "Jabo" Jabotinsky and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the founder of tech-driven post-human aesthetics. It's onward to Futurism toward the shores of light of the Luciferian tomorrow inaugurated by Mistress Alexandra.

If I may be allowed to differ: Any genuinely pro-environmental program would be based on the Jeffersonian principle of land ownership for hard-working American family farmers, new young horticulturalists and rural communities, aided by a summertime labor force of college and high-school students, and certainly without oppressed undocumented workers from foreign countries. It takes humans with agrarian know-how to care for horses and farm animals, maintain the balance of forest and wildlife through hunting and wood-gathering, and to do the hard work to maintain the fields, groves and waterways.

If you really want to make America green again, try the sweat-labor of working the land, instead of scamming for green subsidies from the debt-strapped federal government. As for snowflakes who might be willing to water the hard soil with their sweat, get your morale-boost from The Who's lyrics. "Out here in the fields" (Baba O'Riley). "Don't need to fight to prove I'm right, don't need to be forgiven." Don't worry, AOC won't be coming down to the farm anytime soon to guilt-trip you, cause she's uptown. Her idea of green is for a sub-minimum wage illegal to mow her lawn in Westchester County.

70 Percent from the Rich

Surely the majority of us eat our hearts out with envy for how the uber-rich are sheltered in their comfort zone from the constant dread of owing and losing what little is left, but the vindictive 70% tax, proposed by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez will neither help us nor hurt the billionaires who can simply relocate to another country, leaving behind the crushing debt and job losses for working people and the middle class. Unlike the scraping-by majority, the super-rich are not stuck at home with only American citizenship to their name. Dozens of other countries with finer weather and luxury amenities, including affordable house servants, are eager to welcome American tycoons and their bank accounts.

The relationship of steep tax hikes and capital flight has been repeatedly proven, as in Greece and Spain, and much more seriously in the past in the Argentina, Brazil, Mexico during the 1970s and later throughout Southeast Asia. When the rich pull up stakes, the IMF comes in to impose austerity, squeezing the few pennies left out of the desperate poor to pay for yesterday's bankrupt excesses like the Green New Steal.

At the start of this year, the U.S. national debt topped 100 percent of GDP, meaning any huge levy on the financial upper-tier will trigger their departure, resulting in the greatest default in world history that will make Weimar Germany seems like a neighborhood yard sale, destroying the purchasing power of the greenback dollar through many generations to come.

At this point, every American individual is carrying more than $150,000 in per capita national debt. If Congress is myopic enough to adopt the Ocasio punitive tax, then an insolvent American economy will then be taken over lock, stock and barrel by foreigners with ready cash, including her beloved sponsors from India,the Rothschilds and their brethren parked in Israel, and of course the millions of Chinese millionaires. The 70 percent tax and the GND will vaporize the American Dream.

AOC is destroying whatever positive legacy there remains of the socialist ideal of a community of hard-working people acting with compassion for the disadvantaged. Her debased vision arises from the noxious "sharing economy" of Uber and AirBnB, those vulgar mini-me petty capitalist pigs, "free" food at the Google employee canteen excluding the hungry street people of Seattle, and student loans taken out by snowflakes for a free ride instead of doing a hard day's job while going to city college in the evening.

Correction to your decadent interpretation, Alexandra: Socialism in its earliest conception was based on the work ethic and under that value-system even those who receive charity should try to do some labor for the rest of society. No grifting is tolerated under its slogan of: No Work, No Eat. Read Proudhon, whose life-work for peaceful worker-based social reform was blown away in Paris 1870 by the French reactionaries in concert with Prussian military-intelligence agents, including that globalist intellectual hero, whose prophesized world system has self-destructed under the weight of its own centralist fixations, unethical compromises, envy of American economic progress, sectarian violence, gulags and plain-old mass murder. It's been a terrible ordeal for a naive dream.

Get a real job instead of leaving the hard work to illegal migrants. Working at a tough job remains the most social activity a person can ever do, and all change, political and ethical, begins with sweat, sacrifice and saving. AOC and her gaggle of goose-steppers won't like being called, scientifically speaking, "social fascists" like the Black Shirts who diverted Italy from its only chance to emerge as a sound industrial democracy out of its continuing nightmare of mafia corruption. Here again, I'm wasting my breath discussing social transformation, a topic either for offbeat historians or a less sinful world in an unlikely future.

For all the criticism directed at the incumbent president, Donald Trump has pushed a viable program of economic revival that has a chance of defusing the debt bomb, despite the neoliberals' defense of pork barrel and a bloated federal bureaucracy. Instead of racheting up their military threats against the USA, ambitious countries like Russia and China should bail out of the armaments race, the rising expense of which is destroying the economic fortunes of all major powers. If MAGA fails, then the greater share of blame will be squarely placed on the neoliberals and phony leftist carpetbaggers. That endgame will be ugly to behold but never mind, if you're an Ocasio. When all the snowflakes are melting in the bonfires of their vanity, AOC will ride off on her broom into the twilight, job accomplished.