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Anything Goes!

By Jim Kirwan

When nation states abandon the primary rules of all previous societies

Then like it or not Anarchy rules!

What has not yet dawned on supposedly protected-mercenaries

Is that they will be among the first to pay for this,

In this new-age of “anything goes”!

For the last fourteen years only one cop was ever prosecuted for murder ­ and he served less than a year. For all the ones who died in police custody nothing happened to any of the cops that did those people in: Because the Israeli trained cops in the US do not get charged for anything they do ­ including murder.

Now it’s become official: Murder is Legal, so everything else of a lesser nature will become meaningless as well.

In this society there is no longer any need to write laws, because this is now officially a lawless society. No more congress.

A lawless society has no need for “representatives” so this will do away with the entire governmental system and all that goes with that. Since the public owns nothing any more that means that corporations will have to fully field their own troops to protect them from the public: But that also means that it will be open season on everything with a uniform on—because there are no longer any laws. Hence there will be no need for cops, highway patrol, border patrol, or any of the armed officials who wear a uniform, carry a badge or a weapon ­ because since Murder is Legal, everything else is now up-for-grabs!

No laws means no taxes and no need for any “law-makers”. Since there are no longer any rights to a trial by jury, there is no longer any need for a court system at all. There will be no need for the Supreme Court, because there are now officially no longer any laws to dispute. In fact all disputes will be settled by force, because without the law there is no one to appeal any case to—therefore, there will be no help from the state if you run into trouble anywhere ­ any longer.

Without any laws there is no need for an education, except in the ways of the streets. And there will of course be only limited opportunities for most of the professions since the only things that will “get done” will all be illegal anyhow so all of anything which requires formal work rules will definitely be out. Hands on solutions to everyday problems will become the optimal norm, and everything else will be secondary ­ survival will be the only rule from here on in ­ unless the world takes a shower in ice-water and decides that maybe we do need “laws” after all?

What do you think?

Netanyahu means the end of all the District Attorney’s, the trial attorney’s and all the so-called Department’s of Justice, including all Attorney’s General. No laws means no more law-enforcement ­ ergo no cops anywhere, just anarchy!

Netanyahu and Obama would also be responsible for ending all the embassies worldwide, because there could be no immunity laws when there is “no law at all”. When “Everything Goes” then no one is protected from anything and so each person must fend for themselves…

Of course that also means the end of the entire Politically Correct movement ­ because the first time they approach anyone in the newly liberated society, you can just blow them away, so they’ll probably have to hide right from the start, once the word begins to spread.

Hey! There ain’t no law anymore. So get out there and take whatever you want”: And be sure to thank Netanyahu & Obama for making everything free for everyone, but especially for the murderers!

Of course there’s another side to this as well

That means that it’ll be open season on all those bankers, politicians, judges, CEO’s and countless corporate types, thieves and con artists that have been stealing from you, for years and years. At some point someone will figure out how to let the prisoner’s out and then everything will become much more “fun” for “the special people” that hate the natural rebels which many of those prisoners actually are…


Is this that “CHANGE” that you were really waiting for?





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