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'Anything Goes!'

By Jim Kirwan

There are always consequences for whatever actions are taken. All anyone needs to do is to count the dead and wounded that we have already slaughtered. Apparently what we are unwilling to accept will be the number of Americans that will be cut down, raped, tortured, imprisoned or murdered as this global-war on humanity comes home.

This ‘war’ began with us; because of our policies that for far too long have been permanently based on “Anything Goes”!

There is a fascinating video which covered the rise of this nightmare that began for the USA in 1947—ironically: The year before Israel supposedly became a nation-state.

This video is narrated by Bill Moyers who was LBJ’s press secretary. Moyers and I are the same age and we began as opposites.

Moyers continued to explore what began as a parallax-view, politically, for both of us. Today he has become someone very clear about the events and failures that have brought us to this point in time. I’m still invisible, but the problems that brought us all here, constitute the real basis beneath most of what has still not been addressed. The video is: The Secret Government: Bill Moyers 1987 (1)

If we continue to rob ourselves to feed this National Security monster, we are going to continue to degrade American life.”

At this point in the video Jackson Brown sings “Lives in the Balance’ This is a musical comment on why this version of the Secret Government needs to be heard and understood. Listen to his words then watch the video in its entirety in order to understand just how it is that we have come to this point in history.

The National Security Act of 1947, during the Truman Administration, threw open the doors to everything that underpins the Secret Government and all the illegal wars that followed from it, after WWII ended. The National Security Act created the framework for the National Security State that today is now introducing biometric ID cards for every person in the USA: These invasive totalitarian controls have become ‘needed’ because the STATE has declared WAR upon every man woman and child in this country.

Also from the establishment of the National Security Act came the National Security Council which determined national priorities which placed national-security at the top of the list, militarily and in every other way, so that the whole point behind American government became the twisted fears of national-security, as if the STATE in America was following the NAZI vision of internal-security. The hands on version of this policy can be seen in the creation of Homeland Security and everything else that has come directly from the acts that happened on 911.

National Security was invented, almost, in 1947

It established the framework for a National Security State…

The National Security Act also gave us the CIA” (1)

Once we decide that “Anything Goes” ­ then ‘Anything Goes’ can come home to haunt us.”

Consider that this video was made in 1987

Then look where we are now!

1) The Secret Government: Bill Moyers 1987 ­ 1 hr. 26 min 30 sec VIDEO





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