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The Answer To Everything
 By Jim Kirwan

First a message from the real world:

According to the New York Times: “JP Morgan Chase Says More Than 76 Million Accounts Were Compromised in a Cyberattack.”

The details of the breach — disclosed in a securities filing on Thursday — emerge at a time when consumer confidence in the digital operations of corporate America has already been shaken. Target, Home Depot and a number of other retailers have sustained major data breaches. Last year, the information of 40 million cardholders and 70 million others were compromised at Target, while an attack at Home Depot in September affected 56 million cards.

But unlike retailers, JPMorgan, as the largest bank in the nation, has financial information in its computer systems that goes beyond customers’ credit card details and potentially includes more sensitive data…

As the severity of the intrusion — which began in June but was not discovered until July — became more clear in recent days, bank executives scrambled for the second time in three months to contain the fallout and to reassure skittish customers that no money had been taken and that their financial information remained secure.”

k) It’s interesting that this coincided with the intensification of the both the Wars on Gaza and Ukraine, which were supposed to keep the public focused elsewhere.

The hackers appeared to have obtained a list of the applications and programs that run on JPMorgan’s computers — a road map of sorts — which they could crosscheck with known vulnerabilities in each program and web application, in search of an entry point back into the bank’s systems, according to several people with knowledge of the results of the bank’s forensics investigation, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Operating overseas, the hackers gained access to the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of JPMorgan account holders. In its regulatory filing on Thursday, JPMorgan said that there was no evidence that account information, including passwords or Social Security numbers, had been taken. The bank also noted that there was no evidence of fraud involving the use of customer information…

l, until the JPMorgan breach surfaced in July, banks were viewed as relatively safe from online assaults because of their investment in defenses and trained security staff. Most previous breaches at banks have involved stealing personal identification numbers for A.T.M. accounts, not burrowing deep into the internal workings of a bank’s computer systems”.

k) Before the consolidation of the “Big Banks” the public was warned repeatedly that something like this could happen to anyone who left their money with any of the big and vulnerable banks. Now that warning is coming true.

Even if no customer financial information was taken, the apparent breadth and depth of the JPMorgan attack shows how vulnerable Wall Street institutions are to cybercrime. In 2011, hackers broke into the systems of the Nasdaq stock market, but did not penetrate the part of the system that handles trades…

“…Hackers drilled deep into the bank’s vast computer systems, reaching more than 90 servers, the people with knowledge of the investigation said. As they analyze the contours of the breach, investigators in law enforcement remain puzzled, partly because there is no evidence that the attackers looted any money from customer accounts.”

k) Hackers would have no reason not to take your money, only the government would profit (By scaring the hell out of the public) by just hacking into bank accounts: The control over your money is what has always been uppermost in the thoughts of everyone who “depends” upon the money they have in their bank accounts.

That lack of any apparent profit motive has generated speculation among the law enforcement officials and security experts that the hackers, which some thought to be from Southern Europe, may have been sponsored by elements of the Russian government, the people with knowledge of the investigation said.”

k) The only organization with permanent access to all the back-doors to everything is, and has always been the US Government. This is not the fault of Russia, as is so blatantly being presented above.

This is the Israeli owned USI at its finest which has always been part of the target that will blow this nation apart: Especially if just one more major bank is hit by the same false-flag-hackers, which in reality is really the US government.

By the time the bank’s security team discovered the breach in late July, hackers had already obtained the highest level of administrative privilege to dozens of the bank’s computer servers, according to the people with knowledge of the investigation. It is still unclear how hackers managed to gain such deep access.

The people with knowledge of the investigation said it would take months for the bank to swap out its programs and applications and renegotiate licensing deals with its technology suppliers, possibly giving the hackers time to mine the bank’s systems for unpatched, or undiscovered, vulnerabilities that would allow them re-entry into JPMorgan’s systems…”

k) Of course no one has “months” to wait for this criminally focused bank to fix anything ­ they’ll be lucky if they can hold out for 48 more hours. And if this same tactic takes down another of the “Big Six Banks” ­ then everything is over.

Take a look at what’s happening in the distractions of the global political and insane military actions overseas: Then factor in this potentially total fixation, by people here, on whether or not they will have any money tomorrow. This will tell anyone still not sure ­ all they need to know about what’s really happening and who has done this to over 76 million people, and that’s just for starters!

The only thing that kept the people here in the dark about all of the above has always been the FACT that none of then (Us) were directly affected by how many trillions they wasted, how many millions of people we’ve damaged or how many hundreds of thousands die every year from these war-games that we have kept increasing all over the world.

This “outing” changes everything between these lawless savages and the rest of the world. But this time it will change everything in this country and on this earth.

Will your bank account be next? We’ve been telling the world for the last fourteen years what’s happening ­ maybe now those who refused to listen then, might have that sudden awaking, if it’s not already too late!

Listen to the voice of Nature one more time. Remember what matters in this world—which involves nothing that “we” have made. If the truth were known, it would be clear that everything we’ve done to nature and the human race has been a massive and continuous crime against everything that matters.


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