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Answering For Past Lies


By Jim Kiwan


Kirwan 1966 ‘To Tell the Lie’ - McNamara

Robert McNamara LBJ’s Secretary of War was the war-criminal in charge of U.S. War policies at the presidential level under LBJ, in Vietnam. Their U.S. policies oversaw the stripping of the American National Guard units of their equipment throughout the nation, in order to hide the costs of that illegal war. Neither LBJ nor McNamara were ever charged for any of their crimes against anyone in that ‘war’ that murdered over two and half million Vietnamese along with the death of over 75,000 US personnel ­ which did not account for the millions of war-wounded on all sides, in the fifteen year long war or the literal destruction of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, under Nixon.

How did we get into the War in Vietnam?

We were “invited in” to cover up the defeat of France in Vietnam. Kennedy picked up the cudgel from the French after their defeat and sent advisors into Vietnam in 1960 ­ and from there it all went straight downhill. At the time of Kennedy’s assassination he was beginning to advocate for the American withdrawal from Vietnam. An action that LBJ completely reversed, on the advice of Henry A. Kissinger, another unindicted global-war-criminal who went on to design and carry out the overthrow of Chile on 9-1-1973. (Another massive war-crime that has never been investigated).

It’s been forty years since the official end of the Vietnam War in 1975 that was never an officially declared “War” ­ in fact none of America’s ‘actions since the end of WWII have ever been classified as ‘a War’. That means that the title of Commander-in-Chief has always been used illegally since the end of WWII.

You might want to remember this when that fake-title gets bandied about in the fake-selection for the 2016 farce in November of next year.

Yesterday a Russian senator called for a thorough investigation of all of America’s illegal Wars…

Deputy head of the Federation Council’s committee for foreign affairs has said an international court must look into all US wars, in particular the Vietnam campaign that killed thousands of civilians and caused significant damage to many innocent people.

Russian senator urges international tribunal into US-Vietnam war
Deputy head of the Federation Council’s committee for foreign affairs has said an international court must look into all US wars, in particular the Vietnam campaign that killed thousands of civilians and caused significant damage to many innocent people.

Senator Andrey Klimov (Perm Region) made this proposal in an interview with “Govorit Moskva” radio dedicated to the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Klimov supported the idea of holding an international tribunal over these events, but added that the US campaign against Vietnam deserved equal attention from international lawyers.

There is another anniversary [this year]. 1975 saw the end of an almost 10-year war between the United States and Vietnam, that was, by the way illegal,” Klimov said in the interview. “Casualties were not simply enormous there, even though no one had declared war back then. For 10 years they tormented Vietnam, using torture and concentration camps, and burned people alive with napalm,” he said.

The Russian senator also recalled that after the Vietnam War a group of major intellectuals set up a public tribunal that denounced war crimes committed during this campaign. “But unfortunately this moral tribunal has never been transformed into a real court trial,” he said.

Klimov also noted that US military action against Vietnam was an obvious aggression, unlike the situation in WWII…”

Russian senator urges international tribunal into US-Vietnam war

Since the U.S. has taken it upon itself to criticize everything that Russia has done under Putin, it would seem reasonable for the Russians to ask about the war-record of the U.S., because it has been disastrous from the end of WWII right up to the present moment.

This is ugly and obviously divisive, but the truth must eventually come out because since Vietnam, the US has done nothing but repeat the same mistakes that were made in Vietnam, the world over - for which we have never apologized…

The same kinds of global events happened throughout the former Yugoslavia, led by George H. W. Bush and Clinton, but since nothing was said about Vietnam, they got away with mass-murder on an unbelievable scale, just as we did in Libya along with the four years plus that we’re currently involved in, in Syria.

In the negotiations with Iran we are trying to paint Iran as a potential threat to the world, when in fact it is Israel and USI who are the true nuclear threats to the world ­ and only Russia is calling for an international and legal investigation into the actions of the United States, at the moment.

None of the supposed Amerikan “candidates” will ever touch this topic

With a thousand-foot pole

Unfortunately no one is demanding legal action against Israel that continues to butcher the Palestinians and other nations in the region, along with co-sponsoring the attack on America on 911.

The world needs an airing of what we’ve been doing with Israel, since the end of World War II. But of course no one will be holding-their ­collective-breath ­ because there is way too much at issue to ever be willingly revealed…

While this may just turn out to be a weekend-wish that goes nowhere, it would profit people to look again at how Israel and USI have been giving it to the world on every front since “Israel” was artificially created after WWII.

Watch this report,

Then ask yourself how these crimes managed to get this far?

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