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Angela Merkel

By Jim Kirwan


A lifelong Polish-Communist Zionist, out to destroy Germany & the World.

The Great Allied East German Deception

@5hours 36min

Most outside Germany believe that the country is once again whole, when it was in fact only central Germany that was unified on October 3, 1990.

The Eastern territories as defined by the Allies, at the Potsdam Conference, still remain under Polish and Russian control.

On 23 May 1949, the Allies ratified a new German constitution known as the Basic Law. However two days prior a secret state treaty was also signed. It granted complete Allied control over education and all licensed media (press, radio and television and publishing houses), until the year 2099.

This was confirmed by Major General Gerd-Helmut Komossa, former head of German Intelligence in his book 'The German Card'.”

k- In the early 1990's all American publishing houses were taken over Bertelsmann Publishing, in Germany. The names of the American Publishing Houses were kept, but all decisions about what to print, speak or distribute, came directly from the criminally hidden ownership of everything that the public thought were American Publishing companies, corporations, or broadcasting companies.

I know this first hand because five of my contracts for images, were terminated by various corporations that had been directly affected by this shadow take-down of the voices and images that came from Americans: All of which was ended by the German (fascist-communist-allied-supported control) over the freedom of speech, that had once been American.

On 19 September 2000, a limited liability company was formed to organize the financial affairs for the Federal Republic of Germany. It was called “Bundesrepulik Detuschland Finanzagentur GmbH.

The German GmbH is an economic branch of the huge Jewish financial conglomerates that include Rothschild, Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve. These forces of International Jewry are the very same about which Adolf Hitler tried to forewarn the German people.

All of Germany's Gold Reserves are now held in the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Now as then, the German people find themselves in the same state of economic servitude that the Fuhrer sought to correct.”

The Deception Continues @ 5hr 38min 32sec.

K - When you've followed what happened in reality before during and after WW II, what Merkel says here is exactly the opposite

of any truth to be found now, about what took

place in that war that's still going on

and this will last at least as long as 2099

Unless the world intervenes to end this now!

On the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland in 2009, German Chancellor Angel Merkel apologized and publicly blamed Germany alone for starting World War Two. (There's a video at this point in her speech)

Was she speaking as the Chancellor of Germany? Or on behalf of a private non-government Zionist organization?

Germany today is still an occupied country. With 100,000 troops stationed on her soil. After 68 years there still has been no peace treaty concluded with any of the Allied Powers.” @5hours 40min.

k - The amount of information about the crimes that led to WWII and beyond have never been clearly stated until this video made it into the world ­ people need to know what's in the 27 parts to this video...

Adolf Hitler ­ The Greatest Story Never Told ­ Parts 1 thru 27


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