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Everyone Has An Angle




The Only Question Is: To What End?

Everything is Sexist, Everything is Racist, Everything is Homophobic”

Compared to What?

Halloween Is Racist!


People have a right to their own opinions, beliefs and practices, or at least they did until the corporations began to take over city-governments and city-councils in the metaphorical dead of night by slight of hand. San Francisco was a 24 hour city, revered by the world as a major destination for the varieties of life that was lived to the fullest here, before the privatized corporations took over and forced out the people on the edge that made this city something of international value to the world. The LBGTQ movement in San Francisco took over from New York, when they established their Gay-Pride Day, on “Fathers; Day” in order to supplant any importance of men to the latest fad of that day, with Dykes on Bikes and other rarities for the city and the world to 'watch'.

The pricing out of the artists, writers and musicians, by the private corporations completed the coup-de-gras while the city began to welcome all kinds of PC restrictions on everything that once made most of everyday life slightly more interesting. Today San Francisco has become just a changing room for techies from Silly-con Valley, where they come to jam the sidewalks and leave their litter everywhere they tend to congregate in their privately insecure groupings so that people who live here cannot easily use either the sidewalks or the intersections thanks to their clusters of insecure creatures that were never human in the first place.

Of course the world keeps changing, which is a natural part of what I just mentioned, but the element of brute force combined with stolen public “representation” that is being applied to these 'changes' is about to reach the limit that will very soon discover that there are limits on their obscenities in the eyes of most of the public in this country.

The video above accurately portrays just some of their common-obscenities that are continuously miscast to represent the majority opinion, when nothing could be further from the truth. Moreover if the lazy troglodytes that made the video knew anything about “their subject” then they would not have made that garbage.

Those who are accusing everyone else of racism, sexism and homophobia, must first look at themselves and at the pedophilia amid their own perversions of everything sexual, including 'marriage' while they strive to separate children from their parents, in a supposed “educational-system” whose only goal is to tear down everything that has to do with families, education or just existing as people. Today's LGBTQ members and their followers seek to replace history with this new Fascist State that was created in Germany and Russia in the early 1930's.

Zero-Tolerance and Political Correctness have been the weapons used to shred any and all 'Western Values' (and all of human history) ­ to be replaced by the global model needed to allow the Rothschild-Khazarian-Mafia to rule the planet.

The Roots of Political Correctness

If today's “politically-correct” creatures want this form of life to take over from all the rest of civilization, then they should call it what it is and try to wear those ancient yokes' proudly, instead of hiding behind some kind of holier than thou policies that only seek to destroy the White Race along with the true history of the planet.

The first precept that is required to understand what's going on now is that: Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, and Queer, are not subdivisions of the much larger human-race: They are instead a very small and very vicious minority whose time has not come ­ to take enter-stage in any aspect of the conditions in the world at large.

There is no international movement to replace the past with this disease. In fact the only 'international force' that's calling for these misfits to take over the planet are the same criminally driven private and lawless corporations that want to end any unifying basis for the entire human race to continue to exist—anywhere on earth.

To change this world by outlawing 97% of the global population is obscene, as it tends to try to hide behind the social apathy that's been firmly in-place since the New Millennium began. What's happening now is that this fake-movement is only trying to create more hatred, violence and SEGREGATION where none existed before.

The truth is the world does not desire to alter every aspect of the lives of most of its people, just to please these freakishly hostile and pathetic creatures that are afraid of anything and everything of which they personally do not approve. What the LBGTQ crowd is doing for the privately criminal-corporations, which is a stealth form that seeks to destroy and reek havoc in the most private areas of everyone's lives: Which is also the final-step which the Fascist State always takes, before they open the pre-prepared prisons to lock-away or murder anyone and everyone that disagrees with their recreation of the New-Inquisition of 2015.

Once the public figures this out, it will be these sexually-predatory fascists that will be targeted for either elimination or prison for this global-crime against the human race. Apparently they have not given this much thought.

If “segregation” was wrong in the societal past, then how can it be legalized by the currently 'politically-correct'? If 'racism' is wrong how is it not racism to advocate for the end of the white race? If Child Abuse and the sex-slavery of women were wrong in the history of our collective past: How then is the current subjugation, torture and segregation of women and children worldwide, which is called for by some radicalized fanatics that are demanding the end of any rights for any woman or children anywhere in the world today?

And as for the children that have never enjoyed much protection from their pedophilia-oriented parents, when it comes to sex with their parents, which in the US is now being discussed as potentially legal, because 'to deny a parent the right to copulate with their own children is to deny their supposedly “natural urges”' which the pedophilia-afflicted trash should not be punished for?

The global-public must NEVER-FORGET that all of this is being created by and for the privately lawless-corporations to hasten their total domination over the whole planet, by totally destroying the families and the individuals that have survived their current forms of lawlessness to date.

The global-public is being segregated into submission by the same pedophiles and sadists in government and in the global-banks, that are the same creatures that dreamed up the idea of Three-Sexes as the solution to the differences between the 3% of the population that are naturally gay, versus all the want-to-be fashion seekers that line up to take those “selfies” of themselves around the world: Just to show how “IN” they can be, now that heterosexuals and marriage between a man and a woman are out of fashion entirely.

The “FAULT” in all of this lies squarely with the criminal global-media

for artificially generating smoke where there was no fire.

If these current 'trends' are not immediately dropped, then those advocating these crimes against nature will 'long-for the days' before they decided to force their views upon this country and the wider-world ­ with the EU, the UN and NATO acting as their private criminal “enforcers”.

This policy can only result in the imprisonment or death of the current day advocates, which they have not bothered to even consider because, in their naivete they have forgotten that most people have not ruled out deadly-force, when it comes to saving themselves or their loved ones from the sex and the thought-crime police that no one voted into a position of any authority over anyone else...

What this gargantuan political knot is quickly bringing to light is that all these things are coming directly from the RKM forces that have always hated the people of this world while they continue to seek new and evermore obscene ways to torture and punish ordinary people because we refuse to accede to their beyond-primitive methods and demands...

Individually people must start telling the thought police to go straight to hell, whether they want to rewrite your diet, you habits, your thoughts or how you choose to spend your time and with whom ­ because basically none of that is any business of either the government or of any of our self-appointed monitors that need to “get-a-life” and leave the rest of us alone!



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