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Android, Win 7 Power Up
From Covert DSL Command


By Ted Twietmeyer

A new type of attack just happened here. A notebook computer running Windows 7 and a Andriod tablet both woke up while in sleep mode. Neither one was configured to wake up from sleep mode from an internet signal or email. Notebook computer WiFi was already disabled. Notebook was connected to the DSL modem via ethernet.

Seconds before the notebook woke-up, the Samsung tablet suddenly came alive. It was in sleep mode while charging.

There are a various possibilities including:

1. Some thing is running around in the dark touching the tablet screen to wake it up. Then it pressed the notebook computer power button in another room, powering up the machine.

2. A new back door in BOTH Windows 7 and Android which was used to covertly activate both machines. Recent Microsoft updates were installed about 2 hours ago. Prior to these recent June Microsoft "security" updates this never happened before. While that does not explain the tablet waking up, it possible Android may have updated its operating system and installed a new back door. Neither computer  has ever powered up like this before.

The only way to stop these attacks (which is probably someone hacking or snooping) with any notebook or desktop computer is to switch off the power to your DSL, cable modem and/or the computer itself whenever you sleep or leave your home. Do NOT use WiFi with regular computers or think using Windows or Apple sleep or hibernation modes will protect your computer. I already proved sleep mode provides no protection. You can leave your printer connected via Wi-Fi to your modem/router as-is, even if you wire your computer to the modem or router. Printer will still work OK.

Tablets may be partially protected by shutting off your router, but that won't stop someone outside your home or on the other side of a wall from sending a signal to wake it up. Tablets must be shut down completely or placed in a 100% metal box or fully shielded enclosure to prevent remote activation. You can still charge a tablet while in a metal box with no problem. Also, switch off the power on your cable or DSL modem.

Ted Twietmeyer



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