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Anatomy Of This Murder

By Jim Kirwan


LBJ dug this grave for us

And since 1966 thousands of traitors

Have been trying to put us

Into this open grave

But we’re still here and we’re still fighting

With every breath we take!

When investigative detectives sift through any crime scene, especially one as old and bloody as this one is, a number of things have to be considered, aside from the crime itself.

Thousands of hours of background, hundreds upon hundreds of articles lay strewn everywhere in some of the most remote areas of this place and yet few have chosen to look directly at the cast of characters that has been in-attendance, at this crime-against-humanity all along?

The public looks to outside influences, to political-intrigues and age-old disputes that might contain some shadows of the clues so many are determined to discover. Many look at the money, most delve into the gossip and the whispered world where they’d love to live. But quiet detectives look deeper, beneath the obvious and self-serving speeches where sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight.

After I finished the State of the Nation 1966, which the illustration and the index above were part of: I inadvertently became a private detective, working as a reporter on my own magazine. My then partner, who had been my bodyguard during the two years of government harassment over this project, was the headliner. My partner and a friend of his kept me alive; during the time when LBJ was wrestling with his presidency and with ending the Vietnam War ­ while I was graphically attacking both him and his presidency. (1)

In the afterglow of politics I became absorbed in a case, in Oklahoma, that was very much like the Karen Silkwood case which came later. After LBJ decided to quit running in 1968 I left the state for California. A few months later my partner who remained in Oklahoma was murdered by a pair of hired kids paid off by Kerr-McGee Oil. His “life” cost the criminals just $100 bucks, fifty for each teenager.

He was a retired NSIA Agent, the kind of man the government then spent millions training: They worked in teams of five or six to overthrow nations when he was active. He was brilliant. I thought he was immune to death, because he was so adept with so many weapons, self-defense and all the martial arts. Despite all that he was murdered on a beautiful Sunday-Afternoon, at home, while watching a football game, by two kids that came to his door ‘asking to use the phone” for their stalled jalopy ­ and then they shot him, twice.

I found out about his death long after it happened. I was in California at the time. I had to let it go because I couldn’t change anything. I could only get myself killed. I went back to drawing and painting but some of what I did before has lingered for times like this.

Since the formal announcement of this Mother-of-All False-Flag events, on October seventeenth: I’ve been looking for ways to explain, if possible, the context of this final chapter in the Murder of the United States of America. A couple of completely obvious things stand out.

The public may continue to scoff, but that does not make what I’m about to say any less possible, or true. The first thing this country must do, is that we must ‘Outlaw” both political parties, because in reality they are both part of the same side, and always have been at least since the 1960’s.

In my slightly skewed career I’ve worked for two governor’s two different AG’s in two different states, the California Chamber of Commerce and a number of national and international people and organizations—on both sides of the aisle, which never bother to actually segregate the players. That part of this is only for the public.

It’s like a luxurious hotel in which the various and supposedly contentious “parties” come to meet and eat and play. Just as opposing councils in a courtroom will appear to tear each other apart in-testimony and acrimonious-outrage—but the minute the court-session ends they go out for drinks and more as tight as ‘family’ members: Just waiting for the next time when they might be on the “reverse side” in another issue in which each of them gets hired.

Yes! It’s a game: But it’s a deadly game in which millions, sometimes billions can easily change hands. Sometimes “the players” screw up. Some are killed in the process, but most often it’s about improving personal and corporate-power, assuring and increasing credentials and most of all it’s about not rocking the one-and-only-boat that everyone loves & lives in!

Whenever you hear anyone talking “Bi- Partisanship” ­ RUN!

This nation was built on the idea that there should be many different points of view on every topic. Politicians have force-fed the public the idea that somehow the parties actually ‘stand for things’. That’s pure crap. Every four years each party makes up a national-platform. All that is, is a pile of words collected in a heap: To be used or tossed as needed in a continuing game of political SCRABBLE. None of that stuff means anything at all. The proof lies in the fact that the supposedly sacred political-platforms can be changed at the drop of a coin—and frequently are! And no one gives a damn about the public until the election-season starts…

The term NON-PARTISAN should be offensive to anyone that cares what this government does. Anywhere or anytime this terminology is gloatingly brought up: This happens only because it means that they have all agreed wholeheartedly! From this, the public should understand that there is only one point of view (That’s ALWAYS true even if you can’t see it: No public arguments are allowed! The public sees and hears this stuff each and every week, yet the herd fails to understand the political-sign-language which is being spoken openly and proudly as if this were a really GREAT thing!

Obama refused to wear the American Flag, as a lapel pin, when he ran for office the first time. People noticed it and commented on the fact. Obama dismissed their comments, and continued to refuse to be identified even in such a small way, while he was running for the presidency of the U.S. A. Now everyone can see why he didn’t wear that identifying symbol: It’s because Obama came to end the USA, not to save it or us from anything!

The congress and the courts are less-obvious but they are each and every one of them in-on this game. You and I are never included in it no matter how long your life has been, or how much money you’ve given to which campaign: We’re all just “Road-Kill” for all of them! Because there is only one party: There have never been any real differences over the last hundred years between any of them—because they hate Americans and seek to end the Constitution & our lives as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you’re privy to those late, late-night conversations, the truth sometimes comes out!

If what I’m saying is NOT true then how can this possibly be explained: Unless “they” really are all on the same side and always have been?

Congressman Grayson writes today:

A simple solution to the impasse is as follows: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke should simply cancel the Treasury debt that it owns. The government can just forgive the government’s debt.

This wouldn’t solve the debt problem entirely. The Federal Reserve doesn’t own all U.S. government debt; it owns only roughly $2 trillion of it. (Well $2,076,927,000,000.00, as of last Wednesday, but who’s counting?)…

Yet canceling this debt would give the government substantial room under the debt ceiling to manage its finances. It would end the debt ceiling standoff in Congress, and it would prevent a default.

The debt held on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve can be canceled without any significant consequence, because it is a bookkeeping artifact corresponding to the money supply. In essence, the government owes this money to itself. If I owe money to myself, I can cancel that debt at will and without consequence, essentially taking it out of my left pocket and putting it in my right pocket.

Last year, the Federal Reserve declared a “profit” of roughly $91 billion, much of which came from interest payments from the U.S. Treasury. The Federal Reserve then quickly remitted nearly all of this profit right back to the U.S. Treasury.

The Federal Reserve does this every year. Reducing or eliminating this unearned “profit” actually will provide a more realistic view of federal finances.” (2)

So why haven’t “WE” heard about this before?

Simple, because it’s one of the inside-moves that protects the players: To be used only in an eleventh hour slight of hand to keep them free and you and I shaking in fear for what might be about to be! The same thing is true of CAFR’s and that huge stash of cash being preserved in every State for the Outlaws and only the Outlaws!

However since this deadly game that is to only be played by one set of traitors who are all on the same side ­ there is something else you must understand: Especially if you doubt what I’m trying to say.

This time it’s a 16min and 21second video which describes exactly how the Corporations are setting up their own Constitution and their own Bill of Rights to use against the rest of the planet ­ among other things. This is a must-see for anyone who still believes that government is on the side of anyone but themselves… (2)

Outlaw Both Political Parties

Disenfranchise and Delegitimize Them

In America there is only One Political Party



1) Oklahoma ­ click on the thumbnails to enlarge

2) Solution to the “Shutdown”: The Fed Could Simply Cancel $2 Trillion of Government Debt

3) TPP Draft: Global Corporate Gov't Tyranny! Check 'Show More'





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