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Rense Frame Analysis Of Gunshots From A Room
In The Saudi Muslim Owned Top Five Floors Of
The Mandalay - 7 Floors ABOVE Paddock's Suite

By Jeff Rense

To View The Video - Click Here


OK, here we go… The following is a series of frames from the above video.
In the first frame, you can see the front of the of Harvest Festival stage with the
Mandalay tower behind it. Note the arrow, let's see where it goes...

Now, we'll move in a little closer. Just to the right of the vertical light,
look just past the tip of the arrow. You'll see a small little color.
What do you think that could be?

Here it is again…but it looks bigger and wider because it IS...

Now look…it's seemingly pointing UPWARD…what is going on?

Here is the answer.

We've contrast-enhanced the frame and is a ROOM CURTAIN
being blown around outside the window in the wind!

The glass has clearly been removed. The strong wind that night sucked the curtain out of the opening
or there is a second window that has been removed in the room and there
is a strong cross-wind blowing the curtain right out the window.

Now, remember, this drapery is blowing out the window of a room seven floors ABOVE Stephen Paddock's suite.
This room is in the next to last of the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay, including the Four Seasons restaurant, all owned by Saudi Arabian Prince
Waleed bin Talal. (At this writing 'Wally' is under arrest in Saudi Arabia after the failed coup and is being held on charges of 'corruption.')

Back to the drapery blowing in the wind. What happened to the glass? Why did someone remove it? The answer is to be found in the
next few frames. First, we can see that someone has grabbed the flapping curtain and pulled it back in. Why? So someone could more accurately
SHOOT from that open window. The following two frames are muzzle flashes, not a curtain in the wind.

Muzzle Flashes

Here are two frames with similar muzzle flashes. The location of this room raises some issues not the least of which is the ANGLE of fire.
This room or suite, 7 stories above Paddock's, is 'around the corner' and faces a substantially different direction than Paddock's. Someone would have to lean out
and aim very hard to the right to gain coverage of the concert venue. Look at the daylight photos and you can see this is a difficult angle. Was the shooter aiming elsewhere?

What could 'they' be shooting at at? The concertgoers? Or something else? We'll probably never know.
This next frame has been contrast enhanced for clarity

Helicopter Gunship

What we do know is that when you watch the video, you will CLEARLY see a helicopter flying
between the Delano on the right and the Mandalay on the left…and firing a machine gun all the way across that visible distance.
We've identified the single running light on top of the helicopter and the muzzle flash down below.
Look at the video beginning at :40 seconds and you'll see it flying, and shooting, from right to left.

Here is an enlargement of the helo with the muzzle flash to the left and at the bottom of the craft.

Here are two possible configurations of what we are seeing.
A nose-mounted machine gun or a door-mounted gun...

Again, watch the video and you will CLEARLY see machine gun muzzle flashes.Back to the hotel…
the arrow points to the room which featured the unfettered flapping curtain and muzzle flash

The muzzle flash room is on the 38th floor in Saudi Land (or Wally World) at the top of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
In any case, these top five floors were somehow directly involved in the Las Vegas Massacre of October 1, 2017

A closer look…note again the different angle from that of Paddock's suite 7 floors below.

Again, watch the video and you will CLEARLY see machine gun muzzle flashes from the copter.
Now back to the hotel…the arrow points to the room which featured the
unfettered flapping curtain and muzzle flash