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An Irishman's insight on Africa As To
America's Immigration Predicament

By Frosty Wooldridge
Exclusive To

One week, you hear about a Moslem terrorist running down people on a New York bike path. The next you hear about lone-wolf Islamists stabbing someone on a street corner. The next, you turn around to hear about a gay nightclub being shot up. What next? You can bet something horrible because immigrants from Africa and the Middle East live in societies totally incompatible with Western countries. Just last month, Somali's beat an American man to death in a Lewiston, Maine city park. No word on the national news!

The problem: such incompatible societies and their citizens cannot function with normality in Western countries. Their cultures cannot adapt. Their ways of life run counter to ours. No matter how much we try to assimilate immigrants, we can't fix the problem. We now suffer 500,000 female genital mutilation cases in the USA. We face an average of 25 honor killings annually from those 6th century ritualistic immigrants. (Source: Ed O'Callihan, DA for DHS, February 2, 2018, White House press meeting) Social scientist Garret Hardin wrote the clearest understanding of what we face: "Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars. Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism'."

Yet, American church groups want you to send money to save African children. But the more you save, the more they spray their seed all over that continent. United Nations projections show Africa jumping from one billion in 2018 to two billion by 2050 and four billion by the end of this century. There's no way they will fix it.

Irish journalist Kevin Myers gave a compelling understanding as to the folly of endless immigration.

Myers said, "Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster. The current drought is not the worst in 50 years, as the BBC and all the aid organizations claim.

"It's just that there are now four times the population; having been kept alive by famine relief, supplied by aid organizations, over the past 50 years. So, of course, the effects of any drought now, is a famine. They cannot even feed themselves in a normal rainfall year. Worst yet, the effects of these droughts, and poor nutrition in the first 3 years of a child's life, have a lasting effect on the development of the infant brain, so that if they survive, they will never achieve a normal IQ. (Average IQ of a Somalian stands at 68) Consequently, they are selectively breeding a population who cannot be educated, let alone one that is not being educated; a recipe for disaster.

"We are seeing this impact now, and it can only exacerbate, to the detriment of their neighbors, and their environment as well. This scenario can only end in an even worse disaster; with even worse suffering, for those benighted people, and their descendants. Eventually, some mechanism will intervene, be it war, disease or starvation."

What did I see in my world travels to document his work? For example, Egypt houses 91 million people in 2018. United Nations projections show them exploding to 151 million within 30 years by 2050. Do you see why our horrific immigration imports spell our doom?

So, what do we do? Let them starve? What a dilemma for our Judeo/Christian ethos. And this is beginning to happen in Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries in Asia, like Pakistan. Is this the beginning of the end of civilization?

"Africa gives nothing to anyone outside Africa," said Myers. "Apart from AIDS and new diseases. Even as we see African states refusing to take action to restore something resembling civilization in Zimbabwe, the begging bowl for Ethiopia is being passed around to us out of Africa, yet again. It is nearly 25 years since the famous "Feed the World" campaign began in Ethiopia, and in that time Ethiopia's population grew from 33.5 million to 78+ million today. So, why on earth should I do anything to encourage further catastrophic demographic growth in that country? Where is the logic? There is none. Now they want to move to other countries to continue to breed and commit crime."

To be sure, two things stand out: logic doesn't count, along with common sense.

Unlike most of us, Myers witnessed Ethiopia. He watched charities try to save them. The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a low IQ, AK 47-bearing moron, siring children whenever the whim takes him.

"Alas, that wretched country is not alone in its madness," Myers said. "Somewhere lies Somalia, another fine land of violent, AK 47-toting, khat-chewing, girl-circumcising, permanently tumescent gadabouts and housing pirates of the ocean. Indeed, we now have almost an entire continent of sexually hyperactive, illiterate indigents, with tens of millions of people who only survive because of help from the outside world or allowances by the semi-communist Governments they voted for, money supplied by borrowing it from the World Bank!"

Yet, we import them into our country at grave risk to our citizens. Ethiopia stands at 107 million in 2018, but faces 174 million by 2050. Do you or anyone in America or Canada see a problem with immigration? And, the more you give Africans food, the more Africans result in the starving and refugee process.

Meanwhile, Africa's peoples outstrip their resources and cause catastrophic ecological degradation. By 2050, the population of Ethiopia will be 174 million; the equivalent of France, Germany and Benelux today, but located on the parched and increasingly Protein-free wastelands of the Great Rift Valley. So, how much sense does it make for us actively to increase the adult population of what is already a vastly overpopulated, environmentally devastated and economically dependent country?

"How much morality is there in saving an Ethiopian child from starvation today, for it to survive to a life of brutal circumcision, poverty, hunger, violence and sexual abuse, resulting in another half-dozen such wide-eyed children, with comparably jolly little lives ahead of them?" asked Myers. "I know, let them all come to the West. Germany and the rest of Europe is already inundated and there are literally millions queuing up who want a handout, taking in refugees because you feel sorry for them will end in the demise of those countries taking part."

Notice NO Middle Eastern Islamic countries take any African refugees! Exactly what do we face if we fail to stop all immigration? What more do you need to know to take action with your U.S. Congressional representatives? Tell them that we need a total shutdown of all immigration. If not, here's what we look like in 2050:
"Immigration by the numbers—off the chart" by Roy Beck
This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, "Mind boggling!"

How are you going to save your kids from this future? Please join the following organizations that already feature over nine million Americans from all walks of life. Roy Beck continues to work to stop this immigration invasion. Help him help you.

Take action by joining for free:
America:  ;  www  ;  www.Fairus. org  ; www.CarryingCapacityNetwork. org


-- Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
Population-Immigration-Environmental specialist: speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences
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