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America’s Caligula Continued

By Jim Kirwan

As the story of Caligula continues through his 1400 days of terror there are many differences between Obama and Caligula that can be easily compared. But there are also many totally different circumstances that can lend some very unusual coincidences as well: Bearing in mind that in human history there are seldom any true coincidences, especially not when the comparisons span two thousand years in time. Here are a few of them.

This story takes place less than 20 years after the death of Jesus Christ, in the first century A.D.

When it began Caligula was just 24 years old: Young, inexperienced and twisted by the politics of his own time in life to that point. Not unlike ‘Obama’ whose own early years were fraught with being tossed from place to place and separations from family as well as from national allegiances.

Caligula’s story begins on his first day on the job as “Rome’s Greatest Hope”, something that Obama directly shared with his ancient ‘Emperor guide’ from the long dead past. Obama began his own reign of terror as “The Great Hope for America and the World”. As an individual Obama brought neither political experience nor military or managerial expertise to the job—he was indeed a totally unknown property; even his name and nationality remained a mystery as his only “qualifications” for the office of the president were the facts that he was black, he was young and he was unproven.

Caligula had the benefit of a personal history that every Roman knew, by heart, whereas Obama had absolutely nothing that could be officially reviewed. In this respect the two have virtually nothing in common at all. Personally however the absence of family closeness in Obama’s early life leaves its marks on him as well, which could explain much more about this presidential mystery than he has yet provided to the public which supposedly loved him at the start.

Caligula’s father was poisoned in Syria whereas Obama is poisoning his presidency in that country today. If Obama has his way Syria will disappear from world history very soon.

When Caligula was 17 he was assigned to go to the Emperor’s retreat on Capri where he would spend six years learning how to survive through the orgies and the deaths that surrounded the powers of ancient Rome in abstentia on Capri. Obama got no such introduction, but what he did have was a thorough indoctrination in Communism and in the organized political shaping of power through his early associations with bolshevism and the undermining of American life.

Where Caligula got his education in the halls of real power, Obama got his early education in the streets via the drug and sexual depravities of being a casual drug dealer in Hawaii. Everything beyond that seems shrouded in mystery since his formal education cannot be verified because of the millions he spent to keep that part of his ‘official life” a secret. With his father and mother absent from his life Obama’s grand-mother raised him. Obama was at her bedside in Hawaii when she ‘died’. She had not been interviewed about the life of her grandson, so there is no direct familial testimony about his early life.

Caligula received his ‘education’ under the constant threat of death. Obama on the other hand was totally unsupervised by anyone else and he was not in danger of being murdered if and when he made any wrong moves in what would later become his first presidency.

To give Obama the reins of power in America (even though it’s only the position of a puppet) was madness. Both Emperors have this in common. From here on in the two ‘leaders’ begin to diverge from one another in many ways. Caligula made the people his supporters whereas Obama has done nothing but advance his public screwing of the American people whenever and wherever possible.

Where Caligula was safely secure in power: Obama has always been a virtual loner in the position he did not merit. His entire second term has been an even greater disaster than his failed first four years—all that has protected him is the fear of people that don’t want to be seen as “racists” if they publicly disagree with the administration in any way.

Caligula has a base, Obama lacks that part of his presidency. Obama must do everything he is told to do, there is no backup to worry about: he will simply be replaced if he fails to follow the strict orders he is given by Israel. There is no “true Obama” for Americans to discover because he is the perfect cipher. Obama seems to have no personal interests except perhaps for golf—everything else that “interests him” remains secret. Where Caligula indulged himself and the public in excesses, Obama has snubbed the public and denied any public display of his celebrations or indulgences. Obama’s only public hint of corruption is his “marriage” to a man who masquerades as a woman. The public, just like the Romans has ignored this.

Both Caligula and Obama seem to enjoy violence. Caligula was very public about that. Obama has chosen to be oblique about murdering people because he can kill anyone he chooses to, wherever they might live in the wider world. Caligula killed individuals, Obama murders the peoples of whole nations in genocide—that’s a massive difference that must be held against Obama and his administration, just as it should have been held against Bush junior—yet to date nothing has happened because the ‘gods’ of the pretend Amerikan government have so far remained “untouchable”.

Caligula spent billions on monuments, parties, games and feasts for the people. Obama spends trillions on wars and the war machine worldwide and ignores the needs or wishes of the people, anywhere. None of this has yet registered with the Amerikan public.

Obama has purchased the senate the house and the Supreme Court, whereas Caligula insulted the Roman senate to expose the Roman Senate for the corrupted aristocrats they were. Obama pays no attention to the rigged government he heads because they are all being paid by the same traitors in Israel, which took all the heat off the puppet’s office which Obama currently occupies.

Caligula did whatever he wanted to do, because there was no check on his power. Obama gets to survive, because he continues to meet the demands made upon him by those who own him, most of whom are not Americans. As a result, in America, the ‘president’ has no need to deal with the supposedly elected government at all. He spends his time raising money and playing golf. When he’s not doing that he’s writing legislation to change whatever he chooses to change about the government and the surrender of people around the world, to pacify the old-world order that continues to call itself “the New World Order”.

Caligula had to deal with many conspiracies; Obama has almost none, because he has not threatened anyone “influential’ on his watch which could lead to anything like a rebellion from within.

Perhaps this explains why there are so few officials jumping ship today: But whatever the real case is, the public is finally beginning to judge Obama for themselves. If this succeeds then this “conspiracy” will end both “his watch” and our enslavement…

Whereas Caligula was always seeking to expand his empire, Obama is desperately trying to shrink this Empire, militarily, financially and socially around the world: On orders from Israel.

The American public is just beginning to unavoidably see what the rest of the world has known for years: USI and Israel are dragging the world to certain death, in the name of global dominance for the Élites along with the destruction of 95% of the world’s population.

With this revelation the public position on Obama will undergo a lighting-like rejection of all of Obama’s powers as well as the overly amped power of Israel. This is long overdue but it grows closer with every passing second. Maybe this review of Caligula might help more people to understand some of these continuing mysteries that surround America’s premiere puppet?

Caligula was famous for building his own “Bridge to Nowhere”. Obama chose to name the health-care disaster after himself: He calls that disaster “Obamacare”. Obama has built nothing at all. His only legacy consists of the destruction of everything this country once laid claim to; beginning with freedom and the wonder of human progress—always deferring to corporate compromises, privatization, criminal ventures of all types—anything that could bring this country down faster: That is the true legacy of Obama, the obsessive destroyer, of every civilization.

He has done all that any real enemy of this country could do, to wreck this nation. Whether it’s racism, religious wars between peoples or just the constant destruction of everything he inherited: Obama is the Conqueror that his office was supposedly created to prevent. Just as the congress and the courts were created to supposedly insure that criminals of this type could never take over the old United States.

That happened because the founders here never envisioned a dictator or a government that could become as totally corrupt as this one is today. That’s perhaps what makes the life of Caligula so meaningful, by comparison to what Obama has both done and not done—as the so-called leader of the world of slaves that were always intended to have had the opportunity to remain free. That possibility must be fought for and as more and more people come to understand this—then the possibilities for more and more people to survive and turn this all around—is vastly increased.

When there are no rules—Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”

When Caligula decided to move the capital from Rome to Egypt that was the last straw. I’ve been wondering why Obama hasn’t suggested that the US move its capitol to Israel—could it be that any such suggestion just might bring Obama down for good?

Rome overthrew their 27 year old Emperor, not for all the crimes he committed but because Caligula wanted to be worshipped as a living God, while he was alive. And that apparently was the reason for the Romans to finally rebel and kill Caligula to end that crime ridden rein which the whole world remembers as the major disaster that he and the Roman world had become…


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