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America On Summer-Vacation

By JIm Kirwan

Quadrants X & IX

The postulate for this story comes from the continuing outrageous preemptive military-attacks upon the public in the United States that will intensify in the late summer of 2013. The government of the United States has declared the entire public of this nation to be


To this point in time the public has remained docile and accepting of the murderous pre-emptive violence from the illegal authorities of the government. With every day that passes most of the armed-forces, both civilian and military, have adopted a policy of shooting first, and dealing with any and all consequences by ignoring responsibility, under illegal martial law which is in place. As these deadly actions expand, the public will begin to respond using the same weapons and tactics as the government is set to begin using, to shut down America.

With this in mind, the day will come when some variants of the following scenario will become part of life in 2013, inside occupied territory. The resistant public will begin to take this war to the government instead of waiting to be tortured or murdered at the whim of the cartels or USI.

We wish to thank the Jewish-owned and controlled film industry, the UN , Blackwater and Agenda 21, and especially the forces that are keeping the entire Middle-East burning, for their contributions, which have been invaluable in creating the possibilities inherent within the following fictional depiction of US military-exercises that will be met with resistance in the near future…

Preparations have been on-going for several months in several sectors of the UN designated zones that have replaced the states.

Our reporters will take you to various on-going situations, in which rebel forces have been working to destabilize the situation by creating terror for the terrorists in uniform. We join a mobile unit on the highway, near the coast in Sector IX as they move into Sector X.

The vehicle is a customized van with exterior electronic display panels that can be transformed in seconds to go from appearing to be a Homeland-Security, ICE-supervisory vehicle, to a down-home American family vehicle on summer vacation. The van is equipped with state of the art electronic counter-measures and offensive weaponry that ranges from miniature missiles and electronic-intercept capabilities to heavy weapons and explosives. In addition the van can detect drones, electronic surveillance sweeps which include infrared technology and heat seeking homing devices. The occupants know they face a high percentage chance of being destroyed—capture is not an option.

Heads up, there’s a checkpoint coming up in fifteen miles and closing. Highway trolls, state police, and DHS thugs in abundance. No enemy-aircraft within range. Defensive measures from the checkpoint are minimal; visibility is close to fifty miles in all directions. Leave the DHS security supervisor ID on the outside. Prepare for maximum destruction of the checkpoint. Engage all technology warning systems, lock & load.” Jam all communications while we close on their 2 mile safety zone. Full speed ahead and Initiate lasers. Blind and deafen the personnel. Destroy the checkpoint and target any vehicle that moves. Maximum speed as we move through what remains of the chaos and detonate the entire area while leaving the scene. Switch to Blackwater Security ID, and after two minutes switch again to the perfect American family, in case any of this was picked up by satellite.”

The van notifies rebel-HQ of the damage and receives further instructions to hide, run or take more defensive measures. There are many-units throughout these UN Zones that are supposedly secure, but the military and civilian forces are not prepared to be neutralized, without warning: Which is only just beginning to be dealt with by the pre-emptive force that are pre-positioned to trap people where they live. The isolated units that conduct these hit & run attacks are the current-day version of what the patriots did to the English during the revolutionary war. However the electronic nature of this war makes these attacks far more dangerous than what our fore-fathers ever faced.

There are other units out there in the vast spaces of this country. Their duties range from the destruction of fixed emplacements, communications towers, water-and fuel storage tanks, as well as ammunition dumps. Their advantage lies in deception and fully capable electronic counter-measures stolen from the military, to be used against them with a vengeance, and without warning.

As the long hot-days, well above one-hundred degrees, crawl on the supposedly victorious lock-down of America appears to have sprung some leaks.

As it becomes easier to coordinate with citizen rebel-forces, taking out vital supply-line infrastructure becomes far more effective. This is true based on what the rebels are able to intercept and the weapons they are stockpiling with surprising ease. As the transportation of goods and munitions is being interfered with along with cell-tower and runway destruction, the entire project of seizing the nation appears to be in doubt, due to the lack of back-up personnel that magically did not arrive to replace those initial forces who failed to function while they died. Desertions have become common-place as illegal government forces begin to feel the effects of having to die in the crosshairs that they themselves were there to supposedly create.

The deserters, because of what they brought to the technical side of the government’s charade are not players that the government can afford to lose.

The rebels seek these deserters out because of their high-level access to operate and disable the highly technical satellite systems related to both HAARP and GPS positioning information. These illegal weapons were ironically banned by the UN as far back as1947. Yet “Weather as a Weapon of War” has been in full operational mode from that day to this. If the rebels can succeed in eliminating HAARP many of the problems we have today could begin to lessen almost immediately while giving nature a chance to begin to heal herself.

An entire separate subdivision of the rebel-resistance is charged with destroying corporate installations involving the UN sanctioned Monsanto war against the world which is being carried out across the twelve sectors of what was the 48 states of the continuous United States.

Collateral damage, while unfortunate, has had to become standard operating procedure. In the cities the bulk of those addicted bodies that lived there, became victims within the first ten days of the declaration of Martial Law. Consequently the surviving real live people chose to resist rather than wait to be rounded up and die.

Because of the global-fires of the government’s cover-story-wars in the Middle-East—and the massive drain of US military personnel that has been diverted to every far-flung war that was dreamed up to keep them offshore—the government’s Homeland-Security-Force was drafted to shut-down America, long before they could even learn how to shoot their weapons. This oversight was greatly advantageous to the rebel forces that not only know how to shoot but who can also keep themselves alive under very difficult circumstances.

The Bankers and the Politicians early on began to lose their private-security forces, because no one could trust anyone else. This led to the security forces turning on their employer’s almost from day-one of the declared attack upon the nation. This served to undercut the entire protection-service of the elites: Not just here but across the world, because this “war” could not be kept secret from the people in other nations.

The EU greeted the news of Government-Takeover of the USA with their own overthrow of their puppet governments: And the return to nation-states which the EU worked so hard to terminate. Once the true colors of US Incorporated were finally flown, the world was free to evict and arrest their own puppet-governments from power around the world.

Israel was caught by surprise. Israel without USI or UN backed NATO forces which were otherwise occupied from within: created an entirely new situation in the summer of 2013. Israel was forced to face roughly 200 million angrily armed people, and Russia, that they’ve been threatening for years—only to suddenly find themselves without help. This left the loudest-parasitic thugs in the world without any protection from the slaughter that the rest of the planet was free to unleash; against the one place that above all else, needs to be dissolved.

Unfortunately too many have no faith whatsoever in the ability of self-determined-people to fight anything to do with this traitorous treason. If the thugs that run this place were to have to face people that will shoot first and take back their country, then everything about this farce would be forced to change. Too many so-called politicos or commentators have chosen to flee the country or to ignore the severity of the global-crimes these perverts have already committed.

Too many doubt that anything could ever change the current situation. Those of us who know how to live and die have learned how to survive along the way. But this is not about survival: This is about FREEDOM and our right to live our own lives without the government in our bedrooms or our every conversation.

Suspend your disbelief for a moment and just think what would happen if parts of the above began to happen to these international-barbarians?

The people who lived here once, knew how to defend themselves from the government—but apparently too many of the current resident’s have forgotten how to live because they’ve never known what it means to be free!

Take in some of these facts, behind the history that brought us to this place: In this 57 minute video which outlines verbatim, just how criminal and treasonous this nation has finally become. (1)


Military Strategy

Provided posthumously by Sun Tzu


Retired Strategic Air Command Pilots & Vets from all services

Use of the Situation Room

For Greatly Enhancing the Rebels Ability

To expand their stronghold on the stagnant East Coast

Thanks to Private Security Forces everywhere

For reminding us all that there is no loyalty among criminals


Weapons & Hollow point Bullets supplied by DHS

And their criminal sub-contractors

Satellite Communications System provided by NASA

Weather Warfare Modification Technology supplied by HAARP

Map Alterations Supplied by

The North American Union, the UN & NOAA

Global Affairs, Global Deception Intelligence


Mossad, CIA, MI6, FBI, & the Puzzle Palace

With special guest appearances


Ceremonial-members of the Congress

The Tarnished House & the LGBT Supreme Court

Who have each heavily contributed

to make this global-nightmare possible.

Thanks in Advance

To the brave independent journalists

And all those

Who will risk their lives

To participate in the live action that is coming this summer!

1) Gates and Ry Full Interview 57 min VIDEO




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