` AMNESTY is Threatened
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AMNESTY is Threatened

By Jim Kirwan


Along with everything else that this government has decided they can do, is to overrule their own rules about AMNESTY, when it comes to having been a target of the obscenity of this government’s over-reach regarding taxes and everything else that their continued illegal-spying has enabled.

From 1980 until 2003 I was at war with IRS. It was a war of their own design, which was begun on behalf of the then governor of California, George Deukmejian. He had been the Attorney General of California, who ran for that office when he was still a State Senator. He used my artwork, commissioned by him thru the California Chamber of Commerce and the DA’s Association of California - supposedly to help the Forgotten-Victims of Violent Crime—to win election to A.G. (1)

Then Duke decided to run for governor, still using the project which the state had not paid me for. I asked him to pay for using my work, politically, for his private purposes. He refused and brought in the IRS and the FBI, for demanding what was due me, by virtue of his personal promise as the Attorney General of California, to that end.

Duke is standing to my left, at a meeting in Sacramento, CA.
The other figure was the Head of the California DA’s Assoc.

For the next twenty-three years—three times as long as anyone is supposed to be under-threat from the government supposedly for any taxes owed to the state or the feds. At the time after seven years, and seven different assigned-agents nothing could be found. The government was supposed to drop the charges but instead they just let them drift away.

By the time that political-power-play ended I was unemployed, living on greatly reduced social-security, because of the 23 years during which I had paid nothing into social-security. The government would not drop their bogus charges against me. During that time anyone who did hire me was harassed, threatened, and generally impressed with how much better off they’d be without my services.

Now that the government has decided to make a new list of targets, which are supposedly ‘in-opposition’ to their takeover of the United States: Apparently the IRS now wants to talk to me again, this time about back-taxes. Apparently this will never-end! What happened to their own provisions against continued harassment, is there no longer any AMNESTY involved, no matter how long such charges might have existed? I’m still unemployed, but nothing of substance seems to matter to the IRS. Being poor is not an excuse, even though my total income is well below the poverty-line and has been since 2003.

If my articles disappear from the scene I thought the public ought to know why it happened. Apparently there are many ways other than assassination that some of us can be forced into…


1) California Politics ­ click on the thumbnails to see the work






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