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America Must STOP Taking In Diseased, Primitive, Third
World Africans & Mideast Muslims - They Seek Our End

By Patricia Doyle

Jeff… We must FORCE our ‘government’ to stop taking in these diseased killers and savages.  They live in squalor, always have, and will make the US and Europe nothing more than a slum sewer like their own Third World.  Look at the picture below.  That says it all.   We can expect nothing less from these walking, talking ‘human’ parasites and Medieval and Stone Age savages.  This has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with ‘racism’ or ‘bigotry’…it points out the clear and unambiguous catastrophe of ‘diversity’ and the mixing of Third and First World peoples.  It doesn’t work and NEVER WILL.

 To top it off, all the muslims are sworn and duty-bound through their koran to kill and destroy us. These are the simple FACTS.  Average IQs of 60 don’t rise, they stay right there.  Many African Americans owe their higher IQs…usually in the 70-85 range from inbreeding with European whites.  This was done by the raping of slave cargoes by the Portuguese, Spanish and other euros who crewed the jewish-owned slave ships or via intermarriage in the last 200 years of living here.  There is NO DISPUTING these FACTS.

 Look at Paris and the feces and urine strewn streets.  Sub-human slobs and slime.  Look at Europe and how they relieve themselves IN the streets and parks, and actually crap on the floors NEXT to toilets where they live.  Look at San Diego and now California at large…these walking bioweapons have spread deadly, highly-contagious Hepatitis A all over. San Diego even has to hose down the STREETS with powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial disinfectants to try to make our own streets safe to walk and drive on.   Remember, these muslims and black Africans are only invading Europe and the US because the zionist jews have decided to dilute white europeans and Americans by forced inbreeding and rapes.  Once diluted, the zionist jews will take control easily.  These are FACTS.  

 These savages ARE smart enough to see a lifetime free welfare ride when it is presented to them on a golden platter…it’s called welfare ‘assistance' but, in reality, it is the death knell of the magnificence of Western culture…its music, its literature, its arts, science and medicine and so much more. There is less than zero logical reason to take these black and arab pathogenic bioweapons into our culture.  They intend to kill us directly with bombs and bullets and indirectly by intermarriage, rape and gifting us with deadly diseases to drag the entire collective white immune competency down with them.  I repeat…NEVER forget this is all being engineered and directed by international zionist jews who are the most racist group on the planet and believe they will rise to rule over all other human life.   

 Without the white race, the First World WILL end up becoming the Second and then the Third World, overseen by the Zionist Jewish ‘master race’…the ‘Chosen’ Ones.  You see, ‘Greater Israel’ is not just projected the cover the Mideast, it is ultimately designed to rule the WORLD.  

 Now we are forced to bring these savages here with their myriad of diseases and disastrous IQs.  These are HARD SCIENCE facts.  WE need to understand we have only one political party in this country…it is called the AIPAC party.  We must try to force the government to STOP this insanity.   We MUST have health immigration laws and we must stop ALL immigration from Africa.

 The list of diseases these mentally-challenged people have and bring with them is horrific.  Now they have a new one which results in bleeding from the eyes.  They are disease-breeding bioweapons.  Then, they get into those overcrowded, zionist purchased rafts and spread diseases among each other.  

 By the way, if they allow 'traditional African burial' for Africans HERE - where they touch, kiss and hug the corpses - thousands will contract this new contagious bleeding eye disease and any of dozens of others.  You cannot tell me that people only catch this eye bleed from ticks and livestock.  NO, they can catch it person-to-person and in hospital or residential settings.  The primitive manner of burial is really a proven mechanism of spreading disease and was a major reason Ebola spread and killed many thousands more.  

 And then there are the tragic victims of muslim and black African rapes and gang rapes.  Many of these women and girl victims (and little boys) are effectively destroyed in the process.  Their lives are over emotionally and many will develop deadly diseases they were inoculated with during the rapes…which are actually MURDER…emotional-mental or from diseases (AIDS, HCV, MDR-TB, etc) in a major percentage of victims.


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