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America's Fake Political System Part 2

By Jim Kirwan


The End Will Happen This Year

We have finally come to the end of this road where the global-Piper has arrived and must be paid so people can free themselves.

If the FBI finally does what they were supposedly created to do, what they are legally charged with doing, by arresting and confining Hillary Clinton before the Elections take place—then an entirely new paradigm will replace the last 50 years of High Treason, torture, rape and murder ­ and at this point something like that is definitely possible.

Some Background:

Hillary Clinton's crimes are legion and cannot be forgiven. She must publicly pay for what she has done and that will end any possibility of ever be elected to anything again, unless she's running for prison which at this point is a dead-bang cinch.

Both political parties have pulled out all the stops to front anything or anyone that might be found to “STOP TRUMP NOW”. That will not happen because there is no one out there who could even begin to be heard amid the cacophony of screaming that has accompanied every campaign stop on the way to the blood-stained White House.

If Hillary goes to jail, there will a landslide victory for Trump and a new beginning for America.

If she does not

That will mark the end of us as a Nation

If she is not charged or convicted for any of her crimes from her betrayal of America, the Constitution or any of the millions of her official lies and her longer list of crimes she committed to protect either her war-criminal husband—or her own record as an un-indicted co-conspirator in war crimes. There's the death of Vince Foster that was never resolved, or of course, her wanton slaughter of everyone that died in the WACO massacre, in which she gave the orders to the ATF & the FBI to send in the tanks ­ even though that task was not her legal responsibility to carry-out. She illegally stepped in when Janet Reno fell apart and Bill just looked the other way, just as he always did when Hillary popped up to defend any of his flaky decisions...

Her financial crimes have also been astounding, right up there with her lies and schemes of virtually every possible perversion of all the laws ­ perhaps least among these is her drug addiction which was reemphasized yesterday with the massive Colombian drug bust, the largest ever such seizure that might actually begin to finally put an end to the phony War on Drugs. When I heard this story I thought I could hear Hillary's cackling laughter bleeding through the story all the way to the end.

Then there's the other deal she's eyeball deep in, in Oregon & Nevada, trying to sell Uranium to the Russians or the Chinese. God the number of deals that have all been supra-illegal that have her fingerprints all over everything she ever touched ­ and yet—this obscene-criminal is allowed “to run for the presidency”?

If Hillary is not charged with these crimes then the rest of us can definitely forget about the Republic or the Constitution because we are the absolutely worst nation on the planet—unless Hillary Clinton is publicly ARRESTED & FOUND GUILTY of everything she's done, since she entered public life back in Arkansas in the good old days after Whitewater, of running guns and drugs with Bill, and long before their war crimes throughout Yugoslavia. Between them both the death-penalty doesn't seem like nearly real enough for America's second family of mega-crime

right behind the five generations of the Bush Die-nasty..

The rest of that crowd of almost total loser's that have been opposing Trump have always stepped in slime, for so many years that for them to run for anything except prison would be an insult to humanity—and you know what? The braindead public has to know that this was and still is the case, as it has been, for the last fifty years of this criminal charade.

To watch these outlaws stomp and fume and threaten what they think they are capable of changing, is the worst kind of failure—because it so clearly describes just how fake and criminal this place has become. Yet the only thugs that cannot seem to grasp these FACTS are those who have gotten away with extortion, blackmail, murder or worse for the most of their sordid public careers.

These are the troglodytes that insist on lecturing the nation about 'the law” and 'legalities' that most of them have never observed, not even once. They threatened us with retaliation from their PARTY, as if that is tantamount to denying god. While most of them have never admitted to any of the massive crimes that most of them are seriously embedded in. They routinely commit treason, high treason, extortion and they all lie routinely under oath. Most have paraded their support of the criminally unregistered AIPAC, which represents a foreign government—illegally. The number of pedophiles in U.S. government service is flat-out obscene, and the list of their blatant crimes seems never-ending: Yet these cretins think they can get away with demanding that the public ignore Trump, or anyone else that might want to take back the Republic or the U.S. Constitution?

Watch very carefully what will begin to happen after the first of many are finally convicted of any of their crimes—crimes that are now legion!

Former Navy Secretary: Six Saudi Government Officials Involved in 9-11 Attacks!

The headlines are scorching over the global now. In place after place the commission of thousands of crimes are now everywhere that anyone can point a camera at: And always USI is on the wrong side of every potential equation—because US Inc is evil beyond redemption.

Once the floodgates that have been protecting them forever begin to open, even just a little, it will be very difficult to stop the tsunami of criminals that will very soon flood every scene with all their misbegotten crimes. All the cracks are there now, and just like Hillary with every passing day they only seem to sink ever-deeper into the quicksand of their self-created-nightmares...

The one thing that, for me seems crystal clear: Is that this can no longer continue without exploding all over the Outlaws that designed this global fantasy, as if they could just shut down the planet, just by intimidating all the people to death with their endless stream of lies, lies and more lies to prevent the truth or the consequences from ever surfacing...

America needs a massive confrontation with reality—because this system is far too broken now to ever be “fixed”, in any serious manner. And whatever is about to transpire, nothing can begin without ARRESTS & FORMAL CHARGES for those at the top of each of the several criminal-pyramids that have crippled this nation to the very core of its being.

If this cannot be done legally, then people will be forced to take up arms, because that's exactly what the 2nd Amendment is for: To defend the people and their loved ones, from any further CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES from this or any other Criminal GOVERNMENT.



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