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American Responsibilities


By Jim Kirwan


Obviously every country has broken promises and failed policies to answer for, but as this drawing outlines, this is largely the current situation in the world at the moment. This snapshot is behind everything that accompanied the technical founding of Israel, that took place soon after the creation of the UN which is the pretend-organization that gave illegal-birth to Israel. That 'contrived-birth' should have have given the world a still-born death, instead of the internationally contaminated pariah that the Rothschild's Kharzian Mafia has succeeded in bequeathing to this war-torn world.

America has finally reached that point where their political and military lies have finally become clearly visible for the whole world to see. Case in point:

US Airdrops 50 Tons of Ammo to ‘Rebels’ After ISIS Loses Most Supplies in Russian Airstrikes


US tank enters ruined Afghan hospital putting 'war crime' evidence at risk

However there are much more damaging decisions that have been quietly going forward, almost unnoticed in the wider world. One of those issues is the illegal takeover of the United States by the United Nations—something that has been pre-configured to happen since the nineteen-fifties. The takedown of this nation by a supposedly international-organization was a key factor in its' creation from the very beginning after the close of WWII.

None of this was 'leaked' to the general public until George W. Bush just happened to mention that 'the UN had been given the power to disarm the American Public', toward the end of his stolen presidency. That was probably a trial balloon. But that was followed by Leon Panetta, in 2012, when he was Secretary of Defense: here's a 5min 44sec video where:

Panetta Admits US Military/Obama takes Orders from the UN

Obama Admin Cites 'Int'l Permission,' Not Congress, As 'Legal Basis' For Action In Syria

Panetta does not see any need to consult the Constitution or the Public, because he takes orders from the UN.

Yet there was no outrage registered in March of 2012.

Consequently it is hardly surprising that the announcement of the September 29, 2015 decision that stated clearly that the United States has surrendered it's right to control the police in every city, county and state in the United States, which according to the U.S. Attorney General is now 'responsible' for the policing of the people of the United States that will now be administered by the UN.

This amounts to nothing less than the overriding of American laws, up to and including the United States Constitution, in favor of United Nations laws that would henceforth be implemented in the United States itself ­ without any consultation of Congress at all.

The United Nations is a sharia-compliant world body, and Obama, speaking there just days ago, insisted that “violent extremism” is not exclusive to Islam (which it is). Obama is redefining jihad terror to include everyone but the jihadists. So will the UN, driven largely by the sharia-enforcing Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the pro-Islamic post-American President Obama, use a “global police force” to crush counter-jihad forces?”

Most people still don't know that this 'surrender' is in reality being done for The Vatican that says they own all the land and property on the planet: The population of the world must resist this takeover because it's been going on since The Doomsday Book was written:

Blowback & the Doomsday Book Book

The puppets in the current government can make all the statements they wish to see enacted, but this threatened-action is not possible without the addition of the tens of millions of supposedly trained-bodies that would be needed “to enforce their laws” in every city and town in occupied-America. This would also include disarming the public in direct contradiction of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Think for a moment about how many bodies it would take to “take over law enforcement” in just the major cities of the United States today, never mind in every city and town, and in every state in the United States: While its true that Obamanation has armed his privately-illegal army with billions of hollow-point bullets, with tanks and armored vehicles, missiles, drones, and helicopters and millions of weapons ­ where will the necessary trained-bodies come for for such a task?

Can you see the inner cities of Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, LA, Denver, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis or Huston just quietly going-along with this totally unconstitutional take-over based on some theory of global law-enforcement over the lives of every man woman and child in America today?

And what about the entire infrastructure of the Darkside in every society across the planet that is expected to simply give-up all their turf along with their considerable and massive profits from the global-criminal world they have owned for decades: Just because some brain-dead Oligarch's have decided that “they can do this”, because they passed another toothless paper law?

And given the fact that on November 5, 2015, the US government will be forced to shut down, because the government is broke, unless Congress again extends the spending limits that are already over 18 Trillion in the red: Meanwhile the administration keeps right on spending $500 to $600 billion at a time, to re-supply the same terrorists that we say we are fighting: With no explanation or apology to those forces that are trying to end the massively illegal wars on Syria.

How many more troops and civilians will needlessly die or be disabled just to meet fake-quota's in the dozens of illegal wars that have been going on since 2001?

Meanwhile a further global-failure has also been disclosed

but not announced

Tens of Thousands of 'us' have been fighting

the UN's AGENDA 21

And the nationwide resistance caused that treason to be superseded

That treason has now morphed into Agenda 2030 This re-branded crime is bringing with it the hypothetical total control over the land and wild-regions of the United States. But it's worth noting that AGENDA 21 via the Wildlands Project in the USA has failed again, yet still the UN won't stop.

When exactly will it be time to order the evacuation of the UN Building in New York City and the orderly deportation of all the delegates, followed by the take-down of that building as the symbol of global-tyranny it has been to millions, if not billions of people around the world today?

Since the creation of the United Nations, the World Court, UNESCO, NATO and the thousands of committees and agencies assigned to insure 'national and international responsibility' for the global crimes committed worldwide by the same criminals that were responsible for the creation of these bodies in the first place. Can you remember anyone that ever went to jail, or paid for any of their crimes with a death sentence?

The UN claims to have “a purpose”, but with a very few exceptions they cannot point to anything like any success anywhere in the world between the founding of their 'offices' and the global-wars that are killing the planet as we speak?

It's one thing to 'found' an institution and charge that institution with national and international responsibilities, but it's something else entirely to tolerate the public-perversion of this artificial-creation to the point where the people of world will allow something like the falsely-conceived United Nations to literally take over the world, in every way imaginable.

'The Leadership of the World' is a huge responsibility, and the continuous-failures to carry out that responsibility must have global-consequences in direct proportion to the colossal illegal profits that those so-called 'institutions' have raked in for the outlaws: The same Oligarchic thugs they have protected while they have refused to enforce the inhumanity and the global crimes, which the UN and it's evil spawn have spread across the world...

The abject and total failure of the UN to investigate or charge Israel or the USSA, with any of their global crimes, would seem to be proof enough, all by itself, to dissolve and destroy this global-insult to humanity worldwide.

The NYPD could simply surround the building, using their own military weapons of war and carry out the evacuation and the deportations necessary before the explosives are planted by the authorities in the City of New York to finish ending this cancer upon the global-body-politic, so the world can get on with charging and convicting those responsible for the last 65 years of Oligarchic Criminal Rule, including the remains of the beginning point that should start with the dissolution of the Federal Reserve that will lead directly back to the theft of the printing and control over our money and our lives.

Americans created this impasse, so it's really up to us

To THINK and then ACT,

to destroy the cancer that is killing the planet.

But however this happens, something major must be decided on and done by the people of the world, because the level of the global-lies are about to drag the entire population of the planet over that inevitable cliff that will end in global annihilation—unless we act to free-ourselves from our continuing global-imprisonment...


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