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America’s Last Stand for the Jews

By Jim Kirwan

I’ve used the image above dozens of times, without a challenge.

But no one has, to my knowledge, tried to use what it conveys either?

Yet every organization shown on this octopus is not just illegal, each of them has only one purpose: The maniacal end of America in lockstep with criminal-Israel, that’s hell-bent on the total destruction of the world, in tandem with the old USA. These organizations should be seized by the people and their illegal-charters voided. Their officers must be charged with high-treason for what they’ve tried to do.

Israel has a mental illness, call it the Masada Complex. The State of Israel is mentally ill, the nation is built upon bad myths and on bad ideas, ideas that are so delusional they are mentally ill ideas. Israel exists in a self caused existential crisis, a national Masada Complex is a dangerous paranoid delusion on those that control the state, organizing the nation around mass suicide as a national goal.

What is the link between the insane Samson Option of modern Israel and Masada? Both are Jewish extremist collective suicide pacts, Israel will blow up the world when it goes down. This extremely paranoid philosophy illustrates the insane Jewish victimhood mentality, the Jews have never owned their actions, and before they are forced into admitting that they had something to do with all those pogroms, they are going to go crazy on the world with the Samson Option.

Masada as taught to every Israeli kid is a socialization myth, how it is taught is not how it went down, it is part of the collectivism of the individual in Israel, where every child is taught extreme xenophobia as official state propaganda. Masada is more than some history lesson, it is the collective mental insanity of Israel where the highest ideal is mass suicide.”

The collective mental insanity of Israel

Ironically this did not just begin with the most recent incursions by Israel into the old US government: It began long before that. They gave their plans away to anyone that was watching back in 1913 when they engineered the illegal law that gave Israel, thru the Rothschilds, total control over the money and the treasury of the United States. President Wilson, a traitor, signed the illegally “passed” legislation and the rest is history!

But even before that the Robber-Barons had had help from the secret global-Zionists when they set up their own massive thefts of the Railroads and the communications of this nation which surrounded the links needed to give America, Atlantic to Pacific control, over the stolen native lands which introduced the world to “American Exceptionalism”.

The Monroe Doctrine (1823) and Manifest Destiny (1846-1896), all of which had been patterned on Israel’s current version of their “Masada Complex”. Of course at the time no one ever even suspected that any one people could ever take total control over all aspects of the global financial system. However that was exactly what was being planned, by the Jews of that time, to benefit the current crop of criminally inclined psychopaths led by Netanyahu!

The Masada myth is woven together with the Holocaust myth. The Jews live inside of their lies, deceit has become a national characteristic. The typical Jew feels paranoid that the Holocaust might happen again. It never happened the first time. The Holocaust is myth, the last standoff at Masada another myth. The very real problem of Israel is that their national history was written by other Jew liars, Israel is built on those lies.”

The criminal Robber-Barons were central to the thefts that were legendary. That ended briefly with a stock market crash in 1929. This produced a run on the banks that marked the temporary end of the criminal syndicates and the influence of the Jews who were secretly behind the scenes even then.

But at the time there were huge problems. The wider-society suffered so massively that eventually it was this suffering that brought an end to this primitive pre-emptive strike against humanity. The new Robber Barons of today have scrubbed much of just how the end of the Robber-Barons came about, from the web: But the fact is those original criminals were defanged and declawed across the board ­eventually—but they were not directly punished then, which was a huge mistake which we are repeating.

By the time Global-BANKERS had created the stock-market crash of 1929, (Just 16 years after the FED illegally stole the Treasury) it was clear that the elites and their power-grabs had to be controlled and totally shut down: If there was to ever be any chance for this country to thrive. That huge-mistake is still alive. It consisted of


Revenge of the Robber Barons

As we moved into and thru WWI, the chess pieces of the Jews began to take their places, secretly, in order to direct the next world war. That was the reason for the reconfiguration of so many national and international borders. Changing the names of nations and splitting their populations was required to make divide and conquer easier to conquer. It also locked America into their global-plan which allowed America to win the war, in theory: Then to force post WWII America into massively losing the concomitant false-peace that set US Inc. on the present war path to WWIII.

All of that is and was done by what is now Zionist Israel which goes much further back than just the establishment of the pretended state of Israel, yet that’s who is still pulling the strings worldwide.

Everything taking place now in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, in Egypt and a half dozen more places is all part of this take down of the now dead ‘America’. Israel’s insanity in trying to start WWIII by baiting Russia and their allied nations into starting the next global-collapse is a function of Israel’s mental illness. Yet no one talks about these criminals that have been running this show since before we even knew that we were already captured back in 1913: And again, as if that were necessary, in 2001 with the Israeli attack on 911.

But Israel has received a lot of help from lunatic traitors and from fundamentally defective idiots inside America as well.

Evangelism Fuelling the Zionist Apocalypse

We are in the end times of Biblical lunacy, millions upon millions of Christian Evangelicals are pouring gasoline on the barn fire of Jewish nationalism. Zionism is the corruption of Christianity, Zionist cuckoos in the Christian nest. Zionism will be the downfall of Christianity, it is a huge historical mistake that Christians tied their boat to the State of Israel.

Pastor John Hagee the primary leader at the forefront of the Christian Zionist movement. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church, a 19,000-member evangelical church in San Antonio, Texas. His weekly broadcasts are on 160 TV stations, 50 radio stations and eight networks into an estimated 99 million homes in 200 countries. He is the founder of CUFI, Christians United for Israel, he believes in Israel over America, besides being a traitor, he is a loon believing the Bible to be literally true.

Christian Zionists invariably have a pessimistic view of the future, convinced that there will be an apocalyptic war of Armageddon in the imminent future. They are deeply sceptical of the possibility of a lasting peace between Jews and Arabs and therefore oppose the peace process. Indeed, to advocate an Israeli compromise of “land for peace” with the Palestinians is seen as a rejection of God’s promises to Israel and therefore to support her enemies.

Someday, when America finally wakes up, and smells the burnt offering of 911, the gift Israel gave her best ally, the Jews will scream that the Americans are out to get them! The Jews inflict harm then act like insane victims when retribution comes back from their own actions. This is serious mentally ill behaviour, what could possibly be going on in their heads where they disown their own actions as causal? Are Jews completely insane? Well? Want evidence? Who is at the helm of Israel right now?...”

The above insanity became possible when Reagan erased the lines between church and state to disappear completely. Among other things he turned over some government functions to the churches that gave or withheld services to citizens based on their perverted religious beliefs. Reagan specialized in inserting the language of religious crimes into secular laws which was itself a major crime.

Welfare and child services were among the “government services” that were casually taken out of the arena of government: But the money that came from taxpayers went to the support of criminals like Hagee and others in the mass-meeting variety who also escaped taxes because they classify themselves as religions, not the active political groups they’ve always been.

Reagan is also the criminal and traitor that brought us the massive invasion of illegals which Ronnie set up to “service” his friends that didn’t want to pay minimum wages. Everything that the CEO is now pushing by way of invading this nation had its start with Ronald Reagan and his privatization of the entire nation.

Reagan also brought us his Death Squads, which he called “Freedom Fighters” to further enhance the old Monroe Doctrine throughout the America’s. Not to mention the Arms for Hostages crime with the Mullah’s in Iran, that was never investigated, but which is today enjoying its 35th anniversary of SANCTIONS Incarnate. That’s been going on since the American Hostages were freed in order to get Reagan & Bush elected in 1980.

Reagan should be dug up. His body should be publicly burned for his crimes against the people of the United States and the world. If this place had any guts that would be done…

People say that “There’s Nothing They Can Do”? Really! Maybe if they understood just how vile everything has been in this place since even before 1913 they might want to actually try to “GET IT” in the interest of saving the lives of themselves and their loved ones, if there is to be any future for anyone that’s still alive today.

It’s easy to see how much blame there still is to go around, especially when most Amerikans’ still fail to take the warning’s shown on the illustration at the top of this note, seriously… Read the whole article and this time, think about it!

The collective mental insanity of Israel

Unless we flatten the FED and jail all the people like Hagee and his cohorts; after we charge them the back taxes that they all owe and subject every hyphenated Jew in this country to the RICO laws: Before we brand them all as stateless enemies ­ nothing here will ever change.

There is only a very short time left to ACT upon these facts of the High Treason that’s been committed here now for decades…


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