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By Jim Kirwan


The Wasteland of Obsessions

The dead United States once prided itself on a vast range of things that we used to excel at doing: But all that has changed, now that we have discovered how much fun it is to break every law of nature and of men and women everywhere. We have even gone so far as to outlaw the categories we used to call men and women, or boys and girls, “because all those old established names are sexist, racist categories that no 'civilized nation' can be allowed to use any longer.”

People are no longer allowed to even mention anything that might make any other person 'even slightly uncomfortable': While at the same time the Politically-Correct obscenities who have awarded themselves the absolute rulership over the schools, education and medicine, as well as the boards of supervisors, not to mention the administration that overseas the cops, the judges, the courts and the entire congress as well as the Tarnished House: That's the condition of the world in the law-less U.S. A. at the moment...

It's crystal clear that we've become fascinated with just how far 'we' can take the literal prosecution of men and the rape of all women, in this newly formed obscenity that refuses to yield to any law that might deny anyone, anything in this newly permissive place that has decided to rule absolutely over anyone that even hesitates for a moment before engaging in whatever they have been directed to do...

This started back in the twentieth century with sex-beyond-any limits, mostly for the filthy rich and the college-addicts to whatever was deemed to be 'popular' regardless of any formerly recognized cultural norms. By the time we moved into the twenty-first century, the cutting edge creatures had dumped all the norms and just began to live the twisted dreams that often involved death or permanent damage, as “just part of the fun”.

While that was going on, the world was going through massive changes throughout the distant corners of the planet; most of which involved the rape and plundering of most of the women of whatever race or religion, just because it had become very popular to terrorize women everywhere, by threatening to rape or torture them, before selling or killing them after they had been used to the content of those that found these practices useful, or to satisfy whatever inadequacies they had discovered, while they are smashing the world they too had been born into, just because they could.

So if SEX is the most frequently violated crime committed by the thugs that think they're men, then the second most abused law in the onslaught that has just hit Europe & the USA has to be the human wave of migrants and terrorists that are flooding across the borders of every state and region across the world, just because they can: And in that process they can now rape and punish women at will just to convince themselves of how virile and masculine they've become, now that they can terrorize whole towns and villages, while they entertain themselves by raping the local women at will, again, “just because they can”?

But America is slightly different than Europe is, because America has a lot more room, and yet it's “president” refuses to keep the undocumented Refugees out of the country, as the US Immigration laws spell out. In fact this fake-president seems to think it is his sworn duty to insure that as many illegals as possible are brought into the country that he's supposedly the “president” of?

Why is this?

Aside from the fact that he refused to wear an American Flag on his lapel when he ran for president the first time, because he said that to do so would be “racist”. We have since learned that this impostor is a Muslim, and he actually hates the white race. But the entire controversy about Barry Soweto could be ended if “the president” would simply show the American people his “valid” U.S. Passport. That's all he has to do: Yet he still refuses to do anything of the kind... because he's an impostor and always has been!

To return to the 'other subject' about WHY this president seems to think it is his duty to smuggle millions of illegal people into the U.S., despite the US immigration laws that have always prohibited this practice?

Yesterday it was revealed that UPS, delivered some thirty buses that they had filled full of people from their air-cargo planes, when they had just arrived: To waiting Homeland Security buses that set off to distribute these 30 busloads of illegals to somewhere else. This begs the question of how often does this take place, and why is the president encouraging these crimes against the immigration laws of the United States?

False Flag Alert! Obama Caught Smuggling in Refugees on UPS Planes? (Video)

But even if that is proven beyond any shadow of any doubt, why are there so many people interested in smuggling criminals

into the United States?

What's the point behind all this?

And why has congress made smuggling more illegals into this country

a priority for them as well as

for the resident criminal in the oval office?

Absolutely none of this makes sense, unless you look at the money behind it all. The invading outlaws, many of whom are convicts that come directly from Mexican prisons, to frolic and continue to commit their crimes here in the states, while receiving monetary support from the U.S. Government, along with free health care, food assistance as well as housing and the right to vote: All the things which no American can get legally any longer, because they are American's and therefore they must pay for all those things which are being provided free to the criminals that we're allowing the government to smuggle into this former nation.

The alienation of American Citizens; is definitely part of what's going on with the outlaws

And of course there's also the huge number of migrant Muslims, that keep on coming into the U.S., at will; as 'their choice of location, to start anew, instead of Europe? One wonders who paid for all those brand new Mosques that were built here? Probably Soros, and his thugs that have been trying to wreck the planet since he created ­ was it 29 or 32 color revolutions? George Soros, needs to be charged for his crimes against the world ...

America also needs to enforce a mandatory moratorium on all refugees, from anywhere. And that transparent charade of VISA's and work permits needs to go, in order to give those stolen-jobs back to Americans ­ immediately!

In America there are approximately 80 million people on Social Security, that's about the number of the people that had contracts with the federal thieves to give them a token amount of what they earned for their entire working lives, in order that they could receive that money back, monthly, after they stopped working:

The 'social-security-contract' was not optional, I had to be forced to pay into it, literally at gun point, so when this government unilaterally decides that it's now going to stop paying out it's part of social security, (after we've already paid into it for decades) - those of us who worked our entire lives for that money, and now have a need for it, will definitely come for those that try to change the rules after that game's been played!

Those who want to change this policy had better make arrangements for themselves first, because those that have nothing left to lose will be looking for everyone involved in cutting those funds: If those idiots actually try to use the excuse that “social-security has run out of money”- because they're giving away the social security fund to a bunch of illegals (50 to 60 million of them and growing by the day ­ on top of the 80 million that legally depend upon social security to survive) that never paid one cent into that fund in the first place ­ then the government had better think again, if any of them want to continue to survive ...

Why else would this 'president' and his closed circle of outlaws, go so far out on a limb to flood the country with more illegals?

But then again no one knows how long he's been doing this,

If each of those buses holds say 60 people,

If thirty buses x 60 = 1800 people

How often was this done over the last FIVE YEARS?

But even more dangerous is this deadly clear warning

What are these obscure aliens actually here to do to us

From inside the United States?


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