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Amerika 'Can't Handle the Truth'

By Jim Kirwan


Back in the day, when Ronnie was supposedly “in charge” he was credited for creating something called “Star Wars”. That total failure was supposed to protect the continental United States from any nuclear attack. The problem with the program was that it's record of success was far less than what it was publicly credited with being able to do ­ basically the missile tests mostly failed.

Fast Forward to Trump's version of Amerika ­ now, because of the completely botched policies with North Korea, that have continued to degenerate, the entire world is about to find out whether or not the United States is as capable as Reagan guaranteed that we were, during his two stints as the flawed resident of the Oval Office. It is this quietly-questionable military capability that is making everything so damned dangerous at this late date, in the talks that have been going on since 1953, in “the Police-Action” begun by Harry S. Truman, that was never classified as a real war, because Congress refused to declare war.

Now we are approaching the end of Trump's victory tour of the “world” that he has claimed to have inherited. The problems are vast and many tentacled ­ as the golden-one refuses to face the real facts in the world he seems to think he

has inherited-- but all is obviously not perfect in his version of paradise.

Did Melania just slap Donald Trump’s hand away?

Melania Trump STILL doesn't wanna hold Husband hand


This is not about some marital twist in the family way: This is about something massively wrong in the “first-family”.

I have no proof whatsoever of what I'm about to propose for your consideration. But whatever is behind this, I believe, has to do with Ivanka's intrusion between the president and his wife. This is not some petty squabble, this is about policy and Ivanka's glutinous greed, compounded by her husband's role as the stand-in vice-president who in this case is a nothing but a stand in for Israel's Netanyahu.

Given Trumps' recent obscene behavior with the Saudi's and again in Israel, the whole damned world can clearly note that something is not right between the first couple in what has become the disaster that is still called Amerika. Melania Trump is not some half-baked media hound, she's a full grown woman with her own views on life and real power, which have obviously been shocked to the core by her husband's “daughter”, as well as by the hanger-on that is married to Ivanka.

Think about her predicament, what can the first lady actually do about any of this? If she went public she would be arrested and her prenuptial agreement would be annulled - if she were declared incompetent and sent away for disagreeing with the public-farce that her husband has become.

Any man that changes his mind as often as 'the Donald' does is obviously not in his right mind: Especially when these bizarre changes directly affect global policies, not just here but in the wider world as well. When “that person” is also supposed to be the leader of the United States the whole damned country is in trouble ­ and now with Trumps' totally insane actions with 59 Tomahawk missiles followed in days by the dropping of “the mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan ­ everyone is now wondering what he has planned for Korea ­ with two nuclear carrier groups on the way, and even more to come ­ which could very easily lead directly to WWIII?

How would you feel if you were married to such a creature. How would you react, and what could you do if you were to find yourself in such a totally hostile predicament?

Think about it rationally, and know that these actions by the stand-in for the legitimate presidency cannot be allowed to continue.

You Can See the Moment When Trump Crushes Melania's Soul