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America’s Ugly Problem


By Jim Kirwan


Guns don’t kill people, the people that pull triggers do the killing.

In America the people in government uniforms

Don’t keep track of the number of us they damage or kill

Every day in America

What does that mean to the people still alive in this country?

In the military the number of our dead is not the real number, because it might reflect poorly on our totally incompetent commanders that are charged with enforcing our failed military policies in all of our undeclared wars that currently number over 70 in the world today. Ask any vet how truthful the government has been with them, or ask any of the families of those arbitrarily murdered, in the name of ‘defending’ America—when the truth is that all those troops who supported the U.S. War Department in all of our aggressive wars upon dozens of nations around the plane have been lied to.

Ask any of the surviving families of any of the over 300 assigned personnel that died in a single day at Forward Base Falcon that was literally overrun in Iraq, just outside the Green Zone ­ which was never even reported. It happened on Oct 10, 2006, that’s been scrubbed but here it is:

Casualties at Falcon Base

If America had discovered in 2006 that we lost over three hundred people in one day, then that illegal war would have been immediately shut down—due to public outrage...

The people believe that the government tells us the truth about what they do: But that’s been nothing but lies since we entered the New Millennium.

One consequence of those official-lies, put out by the U.S. War Department, is that so-called civilian police have chosen to mimic the military; which is why they don’t even count the number of people seriously wounded or killed by armed civilian government officers.

Let’s look at this in the context of the current racial-war policies of this government, black, white, brown, yellow or red. The lives of every person who is cut down by gunfire or in any other violent way, ought to matter enough to at least be counted. But that’s not done because we only count the number of those in or out of uniform, who are murdering the citizens which they refuse to keep records of. Yet we celebrate the cops when they die, while they spit upon the public every time they refuse to count the dead.

Given this obscenity we need to change the current civilian policy of memorializing the deaths of those who are supposedly protecting the public from crime, from criminals and from imitation-terrorists.

All the “Walls of Honor” in every police station in the nation needs to be taken down and publicly burned: Because so long as the lives of those they have taken do not count, neither should the lives of those who wear a badge ever be “honored” again. There should no longer be any memorial celebrations, no more police motorcycle parades or flag-draped tributes dedicated to the cowards that wear masks, without badges or name tags - to mark the death of any of those “invisible-officers”, so long as the so-called cops refuse to even count the number of those they have seriously wounded, killed, raped, tortured or murdered.

This treatment has been going on since 911 happened, just to protect the police from the public outcry that would naturally result if the actual numbers of people murdered by the cops or government agents were kept and reported on each and every month.

Under current policies, anyone could walk into a police station with a 50 caliber machine gun and murder a few dozen cops. If they miraculously escaped, they could say that since the cops never paid for any of their illegal murders, then those who kill cops should not be charged either. Think long and hard about that because technically it’s true.

Either there is one law against torture, rape or murder for everyone that commits those acts, or there is no punishment at all for anyone: Since cops don’t have to pay for taking human lives, then neither should anyone else who does any of the serious crimes which have become institutionalized and protected from prosecution in the USSA.

BTW I’d love to give the statistics for this continuing obscenity ­ but the problem is that the police and law-enforcement bureaus, in America, have NOT been keeping those records. That should be a crime in and of itself.

As of March 2014 ­ arrest related death data collection has been suspended by The Bureau of Justice Statistics division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

At the same time there should be records kept on the names and numbers of the cops and District Attorney’s as well as Judges that routinely fail to charge any government officers for the heinous crimes they continue to commit “in defense of the public”. This is especially obscene for those that have been damaged or killed in raids that targeted the wrong address, or anything else that results in unlawful crimes by government actions conducted illegally against the people of this nation. If this policy is not changed the U.S. could see ‘free-fire-zones’ being developed to deal with out of control cops, Homeland Security, or any of the military left over from Jade-Helm 15 ­ if it comes to that, because:

All Human Life Matters.

Either All Lives Matter or no lives can officially matter ­ especially not to anyone wearing one of those disgraced uniforms that have become so common throughout this nation and the world.

What the government and most people need to realize is that these issues more than just matter: The lives of the people that are illegally destroyed and forgotten is in and of itself a massive and potentially a lifelong problem for the survivors of these government crimes.

The police are “worried about the backlash” of the public to the obscenities they routinely do each and every day: If things don’t change then there will be a major backlash, but this does not need to happen, if the government listens to the public, backs down and charges all these creatures that did these crimes ­ because there is no statute of limitations on murder.

This is the one major piece of the problem that the public has refused to even try to deal with—unless we’re directly connected to one of the victims; that’s why we have to act as entire communities to force the governments throughout this war-zone to change now, or face the consequences.


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