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Our U.S. Congress: 100 Percent Responsible
For America's Downward Spiral

By Frosty Wooldridge
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Part 1:  Causes of America's downfall

When you look out over the American landscape, you see a litany of problems manifesting in our major cities.  You see our financial systems being choked.  You see our cities being gridlocked with enormous traffic congestion.  You see our inner cities raging with crime, murders and failing schools.  You see our $30 trillion national debt.  You watched two useless/meaningless/deadly twenty-year wars that broke our taxpayer backs with a $6 trillion dollar price tag.  How did  that happen?  The corporates at the Military Industrial Complex forced those wars and profited by them, and so did a lot of members of  our U.S. Congress.  It's called "insider trading" on defense contracts. 

Call up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and ask her how she's worth $124 million?

Now, you see republicans and democrats at each other's throats to such a degree...that none of them compromise to solve anything.  It's astounding that those 535 elected officials snarl at each other, blame each other...and yet, watch the United States spiral into the toilet.

Let's look at how we arrived at this living nightmare in 2022:  first, the history books will show that the 1965 Immigration Reform Act launched us into our own demise.  Truly, Senator Teddy Kennedy and his band of stooges passed this act with no inspection of its ultimate consequences. 

It simply brought over 100 million people from 196 countries from around the world, that possessed not an inkling of affinity to American citizens, and stuffed them down our throats. Our cities became enclaves for cultural and linguistic strangers.

Since 1965, we've got people imported into our country that never used a toilet, never educated, or could be educated, and today, have created their own enclaves in Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and dozens of other cities. They, in turn brought their failed cultures, world views and un-American biases.   They brought over 800 languages that they choose to speak rather than English. 

That single act in 1965 caused us to catapult from a manageable 194 million people to our present 335 million, and onward to 440 million within the next 28 years.  And, along the way, our U.S. Congress hasn't examined the horrible impacts of inviting the third world into our country by the endless millions.  They even started the 50,000 person annual "diversity visa" to give the poorest and most illiterate people in the world a free ride on our taxpayer backs.

Douglas Murry, author of The Strange Death of Europe , said, "When you import the people of the world, you import the problems of the world."

Boy, did we! Look at Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, LA and the rest!

Back in 1965, we enjoyed, virtually all of us, a sense of being Americans.  Blacks, Whites and Hispanics felt good about being Americans.  MLK gave greater meaning to equality and participation. Yes, big riots and anger, but we worked on bettering the nation.

However, do you think we're going to work out what's happening in 2022?  Can we solve this legal and illegal immigration nightmare?  It's doubtful because Congress won't stop it.  They just keep opening up the spigot to let more migrants into our midst.

Thus, over the past five decades, we've paid out trillions of dollars for  this gargantuan welfare state.  Do you wonder why we're $30 trillion in national debt?  Do you wonder why Congress doesn't examine this fiasco and close it down?

Last year and to repeat itself in 2022, Joe Biden invited 2,000,000 illegal aliens to invade our borders.  Who pays?  You!  They have birthed  anchor babies by the millions over the past 30 years.  It's their foothold into our welfare systems. 

Can we or will we survive another 2,000,000 illegals in 2022 and beyond?  Who will pay for their housing, food, energy, and transportation needs?

But along with that, Biden invited billions of dollars in drugs that are being distributed all over America to your kids.  Over 100,000 opioid deaths last year!  Do you think one single Senator or House member has or will stop the flood of barbiturates, ecstasy, fentanyl, and heroin?

Answer: NO!  Who suffers?  You and your kids.   

The fact remains: Congress could shut down the borders with the U.S. military in a month.  Just station 10,000 or 50,000 troops along the Southern Border just like South Korea.  Shut down the illegals crossing. Shut down the drugs crossing.  Shut down the invasion!  They could do it.  But they won't!  Somebody with enormous power makes certain the invasion continues.

Who are those elected officials?  Your two senators and House member.  They haven't done squat to secure our borders.  And, since they haven't done anything in the past, they won't do anything in the future.    My two senators, John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet support open borders, flat out assist illegals with sanctuary  status in the State of Colorado.  They are in violation of their sworn oath to defend our Country.  They in fact are committing treason.

Whether it's Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Sheila Jackson, Maxine Waters—all liberals...or Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham—all conservatives—it matters little. They aren't doing their jobs to protect and defend our Constitution.

So, what will we do with the projected 100,000,000 (million) more immigrants added to this country from all over the world?  Will we survive their numbers?  Will we survive their cultures? Will we survive their languages?  Will we survive their incompatible world views?

For example: have you traveled to Detroit, Michigan's entire 300,000 Muslims that live on complete welfare?  Do you have any affinity or anything in common with them?  What about 125,000 Somalians in Minneapolis?  Would you like to have them over for dinner?  What would you talk about?  What about another 10 million Haitians invited into our country?  What about another 10 million illegal Mexicans?

How much can we take and how will we survive?

P.S. It saddens me to write this eulogy for our country.  All of us face huge consequences as to overpopulation, cultural dislocation, linguistic chaos, fractured anti-American views of our country by women like Joy Reid or Joy Behar or Brian Stetler or Jake Tapper or Anderson Cooper or Charles Barkley who personally condemns America as a "racist" society, and the list grows. Even Oprah Winfrey condemns America. She stated that, "Old white people need to die to stop racism."  When you see so many "leaders" condemning their own country to such a degree, it's picked up by the younger generation.  If enough young people hate their own country, we and they are in really big trouble.

Part 2: More factors of our spiraling downward country.

Is anyone in America thinking about these questions?  Are we not galloping into America's twilight years?

If you would like a free electronic copy of this book, please email me with your email address and I will send it to you.  Every American with children or any American who will live in this country in 2050, needs to understand what they face.

Published March 2021: America's Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations by Frosty Wooldridge, available on Amazon, and/or phone 1 888 519 5121.


This video graphically and dramatically illustrates America's immigration-population crisis as well as the world's. I wrote it and narrated it. Tim Walters of Cleveland, Ohio directed and produced. Please forward it to all your friends, networks and beyond. Place it on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Parler and more. Just click the link below to see the video.

Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

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"Immigration by the numbers—off the chart "  by Roy Beck This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, "Mind boggling!" v=muw22wTePqQ


-- Frosty Wooldridge
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