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"American Crime"

By Jim Kirwan


Season 3, Episodes 1 thru 8

From ABC Television Available on Netflix

I've been kicking around through investigative journalism, commentary, illustration and politics, globally for one hell of a long time, but this program was reminiscent of the old Television network before it was bought out by the Deep State.

So while I was on the edge of oblivion tonight; just waiting for the world to crash I found the Third Season of this very unique series. I know most people don't have the time to watch anything as lengthy as this is ­ but then I have never seen anything that has even tried to show so many different dimensions of the AMERICAN CRIME that is the entire world at the moment.

In so many areas of life there has been so very much in common that the population has missed the associations that have made the impending collapse almost inevitable, because we've never had the opportunity to see just how massively connected everything quite literally has always been.

The common and savagely worn threads that have always connected everything is the pathetic refusal to accept RESPONSIBILITY in every area of life that has led us all directly to the end of life, in favor of the absolutely fake deals that have virtually ended civilization. The so-called bottom-line of business is an unerring death-trap that murders both integrity and life by wrapping everything into any one of thousands of deals that all end the same way: With no one being paid for what they've built or done, while everything else is swallowed whole by the filth of global-corporations and their totally complicit governments the world over.

The Traitor Trump is the perfect foil to oversee the end of this nation and the introduction of the global-empire that will make its' entrance with the potential nuclear obliteration of all this garbage that we're still trying to pass off as successful business practice's ­ when all that its really been is nothing but a global-slave farm whose only job is slavery and whose only goal is absolute control over every 'worker' that's about to be consumed by robots when they've finished exterminating over 90% of the existing people on this planet.

This happened because we allowed too many to just walk away from every crime and every responsibility that is intrinsic inside every transaction because the money was always just too tempting. While having forgotten, in that deal with Satan: That neither nations, nor much of anything else can ever be created at gunpoint: Something that all those years from the end of WWI has apparently failed to show to anyone in the Wars or the politics at which the entire planet has so miserably failed in trying to do ­ decade after decade.

The film shows us how the collapse has already taken over, by crushing each success that we've collectively built around the planet, only to watch it all begin to crumble into the ever worth-less-money in this global plantation where nothing is true any longer, and where the entire world has finally been turned upside down and inside out ­ because as was noted so decisively in “1984”:

Was is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery & Lies Are Truth & Ignorance Is Strength”

Now we can no longer say these things out loud, because it might make the children that are no longer men or women “uncomfortable”

Watch the film Above and Be Prepared to be Be Surprised.

If you doubt the above then try and wrap your mind around what we're attempting to do with all of humanity now

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