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West Of Yuma - And The Feds Don't Know? Trump Does
NOTHING And Millions Are Heading To A Free Life Here

By Roger

This is a video I made about the big 13-mile GAP in the fence just west of Yuma. This is a hot spot for the crossing of FAKE REFUGEES, where they just have a short walk from a Mexican highway to what they see as the good life at the expense of American taxpayers and to occupy land that many of them see as their own territory as fake indigenous peoples.

I know there are even much BIGGER gaps in the fence in Southern Arizona but can only cover one small part at a time.

Huge Gap In Border Fence Near Yuma, AZ - April, 2019

I also made this video earlier about the fence in the Campo area. I plan to make more short videos like this, especially of some of the worst spots, to show folks what the status is of the border wall, fence, barrier, whatever you like to call it. At this time many thousands of fake refugees and more traditional illegal aliens are pouring across the border every week. The head of the National Border Patrol Council compared it to a big caravan crossing every week.

Border Fence Status Update in East County San Diego - March, 2019

I don't think a fence will do much to control the fake refugees, because they surrender to the first BP agent they see and there will also be gaps or ways to get around the fence or places were the fence is not right on the border allowing the fake refugees to surrender without having to deal with a fence. I think of asylum fraud as Illegal Immigration, version 2.0. It's a new "improved" version, easier to do and harder to stop than the old kind of illegal immigration.

To stop FAKE refugees some tweaks in the law are necessary, which apparently was not a priority when the Republicans held Congress for two years. For that reason, we well have to accept probably a few million bogus refugees, who do not qualify for asylum and will end up living illegally in the US.

San Diego, Ca