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Rense Finds The Earhart Electra At A
Different Location In Now Famous Photo

By Jeff Rense

This is a stunning discovery. Everyone seems to have been looking in the wrong direction. The 'plane' to the far right on the barge being towed behind a tramp steamer, if it indeed is a plane, clearly has a SINGLE tail…not the TWIN tail of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan's Lockheed Electra. I received a tip from my colleague, the brilliant Yoichi Shimatsu, to look for the Electra elsewhere. I looked and found what is far, FAR more likely to be the Earhart Lockheed Electra…

Jaluit Atoll now...


The dock in the now world-famous photo below is on the left side of the island in the photo above…


Here's the 'plane' on the barge


Here is the Lockheed Electra used for reference…

OK…here we go…this is an enlargement of the extreme right side of the above photo showing the plane thought to be
the Earhart Lockheed Electra on a barge being towed by a small steamer...



Here is an extreme enlargement of the 'plane'… but if this is a plane, it has a single vertical stabilizer tail…not the twin tail of an Electra


Here is THE photo…a beautiful, tropical day, about noontime showing the dock on Jaluit Atoll, Noonan holding his stick with the sign at the top,
a clearly forlorn Amelia sitting on the dock looking out at the two ships and activities going on.



Oh, my, look what is sitting on the front of the ship's deck…what do you see?


Here, we'll put a red box around it. Now what does that look like to you?


Here is a full enlargement. Yes, it certainly looks like Amelia's Lockheed Electra sitting it its 'parked' position with nose upward and tail down…
You can even see one of the two vertical tails which is slightly shadowed by the overhead sun...


Notice that the sun is virtually directly overhead and the glare from the
aluminum fuselage is bright and under extreme enlarging, it appears 'white'.
See also that one of the two twin tails is visible as shadow and that the
fuselage is angled perfectly for a 'tail-dragger' Lockheed Electra…

Inverted Image - This Is Further Proof There Is
Something Solid On The Front Of The Ship's Deck


Again, the normal image under extreme enlargement…Certainly looking like Amelia and Fred's Electra


To further help you see what the distorted enlargement can't quite adequately submit to the viewer, we have taken
a photo of a Lockheed Electra and sized it to fit over the white, reflective plane in the photo.


And here is a final concept composite of a Lockheed Electra on the front deck of the
Japanese freighter. We have erased a section of the sailboat mast to enable easier viewing.

In summary, we feel the plane on the barge, if it is a plane, is not the Electra.
Further, because of the mast of the sailboat in the extreme foreground, no one
noticed the Electra sitting on the front deck of the ship…until Yoichi Shimatsu told
me where to look.

We suspect both steamers are Japanese or were appropriated by the Japanese military
for the recovery operation.

It also seems possible that Amelia and Fred, in this photo, have not yet been placed under
direct armed guard by the Japanese military. They may have been living amongst the islanders
for several months by this time. There were, no doubt, Japanese soldiers on Jaluit Atoll but Amelia
and Fred had nowhere to run and they were probably left reasonably free while the Japanese
hight command recovered the Electra and tried to figure out how to handle the situation.

There is little question that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were abandoned to their
eventual deaths by the communist, zionist, betrayer FDR...for whom they likely agreed to risk
their lives as American patriots to fly over the Marshalls 'by mistake' to take photos of Japanese
construction activity for the US military which knew very well that war with Japan was coming
... 3 1/2 years before FDR betrayed America at Pearl Harbor.

My thanks to my webmaster, James Neff, for doing such a great job bringing my
vision to life. His work couldn't be better and we hope you clearly see what that sailboat
mast was obscuring. My collective thanks, once again, to my friend and colleague,
the incredible Yoichi Shimatsu, without question, one of the world's great journalists,
most gifted political analysts, a master historian and brilliant environmental writer.

There is zero doubt that both the US intel community and the Japanese government
know precisely what happened to Amelia and Fred. We suspect there were other photos
taken but they have been long removed by ONI, etc. The needless loss of Amelia Earhart
and Fred Noonan hit America about that same as if Apollo 11 would have vanished
after successfully landing on the moon. Make no mistake, FDR could have saved
both of them and brought them home. He sacrificed them on the alter of zionist bankster
world politics and followed that up with high treason at Pearl Harbor 3 and 1/2 years later.