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Alpha to Omega & Beyond


By Jim Kirwan


From the potential of the Universal Earth, Fire, Water & Air of

all human LIFE - all the way to the Stars”:

Contrasted by the cowardice shown above, in its feeble attempt to hide

behind the Shadow of our Death, contained in all of human


The laws of man are history now, all of them, thanks to our cowardice in choosing not to directly face those that have come to end the human race.

In failing to do this, we have chosen to discard the accomplishments of humanity that brought the world from the barbaric carnage of the Dark Ages into a flawed but growing place, where humanity could still have risen to continue to progress into a limitless-future.

This interruption in the growth and the needed changes to end the ancient and nearly universal-colonialism, that this world managed to live through ­ has been met with a criminal-blockade that's demanding the obliteration of the entire White Race, as the price for the 'only solution for humanity' to seek—in order to cleanse the planet of every human attribute and skill, that was needed to get the world this far.

At the moment we are standing on the threshold of this most Barbaric solution to something that will reverse the world by taking us all backwards in time to that place before humanity even began to build the world, that's been radically obliterated by an obamanation-so-unspeakable that there are no words for the many nations that have already been destroyed in the name of 'global-slavery'.

One example of the rise of humanity from a 7th Century desert camp of camels and tents to a flourishing nation-state that was the envy of much of the world—before USIS & NATO turned Libya into rubble & penury in the ruin that it is today: One of the first targets to be bombed by the West was Gaddafi's Man Made River Project ­ how did that become “a terrorist threat” to the entire-world?

Had he not been assassinated, Gaddafi could have turned the deserts of Africa into another Garden of Eden, that would have ended hunger and thirst throughout Africa and beyond...

Moreover: Did this project come from a man who was intent on “terrorizing his own people” ­ or did it come from a man determined to improve the plight of humanity in Africa and the wider world? Those that utterly destroyed Libya should have been exposed for who they have always been and then erased from the history of the world ­ forever!

Gaddafi's Manmade River was bombed by the American's with depleted uranium so that it could never be restored to anyone in Libya or the world...

The Great Manmade River by Muammar Gaddafi

5 min 32sec VIDEO

The Truth About the Great Muammar Gaddafi

1 hour 32min VIDEO

The Freedom of All of Africa was at stake under Gaddafi, all of which is detailed in the concluding segment in the second video above.


Today I found another variation on the current global situation, this time inside Europe, but with an eye toward overthrowing the attempt of the radical Muslims through the spread of their criminal Sharia Law to ultimately wipe out the entire White Race. This was published in 2010

I can't agree with the goal, given what Gaddafi was able to do for the human race and the world in 40 years of his creative and generous building of nations and potentially the continent of Africa ­ to free the continent from global-slavery while improving the lives of everyone with the natural resources to be found beneath the soil throughout Africa.

Gaddafi was truly a unique human being. His blood lines might be questionable but then humanity comes in all colors, shapes and sizes: And for that reason I believe that we must see the world as an opportunity to work together to recreate a much stronger universe: As a place where the progress of humanity for all the peoples of the world has to be strong enough to overthrow the barbarity of Political-Correctness, the intolerance of Police-State Dictates and the public fear of original ideas and the global freedom-of-speech that has always given rise to new ideas and new freedoms to explore and go forth with the continued progress of human-beings everywhere.

We must remember that mankind has not even explored the oceans, that we have now allowed these primitive savages to own and kill all the life in the bodies of the waters of the world ­ even before we took the time to explore them. We have done the same to the Rain Forests of the planet, the lungs of this earth, that we have blatantly destroyed before we were able to even investigate, beyond a mere 10% of the riches that were given to the planet, but that the filthy rich chose instead to plunder, kill and burn before humanity could ever be allowed to use and expand the knowledge hidden in those forests' that we still have no idea of.

Many yearn to explore the universe, but what have we already destroyed of this earth and the waters of the planet, while we allow the earth the water and the air to be poisoned right before our eyes ­ and now some want to create even more wars, as the only way to prevent even greater losses?

Yes we must stop this attack upon the entire White Race: beginning with, but not limited to Europe. But while that progresses, we must never forget the examples, like the life of Muammar Gaddafi, if we are serious about bringing back the best within humanity after we put a permanent end to the currently murderous-rebirth of the Seventh Century...

Kai Murros - Moscow Speech 2010, the Concept - Part One

9min 03sec VIDEO


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