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All Roads Lead To Rome -
Jesuit Role In The Russia Dosser

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusie to Rense

 “Orbis non sufficit”. Latin for “The world is not enough” was the motto of Sir Thomas Bond, a recusant Catholic supporter of the anti-Protestant Restoration of King Charles II. In the Ian Fleming spy novels, the wealthy London merchant was purported to be the ancestor of MI6 agent James Bond. The family motto inspired the title of the 19th movie in the series, starring Pierce Brosnan in the lead role. Now what could these words have to do with the Trump-Russia Dossier?
 Before getting to the heart of matter in this year-long series of essays probing the Russiagate affair, some cautionary remarks are appropriate.
 Religion in politics is largely a taboo topic within secular democracies, and thus far in our probe of the Trump-Russia Dossier, the only stress on that sensitive question has has been on crudely aggressive Zionisn. The focus now shifts to the more sophisticated Jesuit subterfuge behind the dossier scandal. This analysis is not meant as anti-papist propaganda or pro-Catholic publicity but is an attempt to better understand the intelligence wars and clashes of civilizations in which the U.S. and the Vatican are uneasy allies and sometimes adversaries.
 The Full Monty
 The first drafts of the dossier, written in London, were focused primarily on “salacious”, a term associated with gossip, allegations about Donald Trump’s supposed sexcapades in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The former Russia desk chief at MI6, Christopher Steele, cobbled together these notes from electronic intercepts of phone calls, mostly after-work hearsay spun with ribald humor. These drunkard tales were treated by the British spook in schoolboy fashion as a lampoon, a sophomoric parody for insider amusement.
 For instance, an incident of incontinence recalled by a housekeeping manager at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton was morphed from an involuntary urinary disorder into a “golden shower” ritual arranged by Trump supposedly to mock Michelle Obama. (The date of that alleged bed-wetting was back in 2013, long before the elections and when Trump was on friendly terms with the Obamas and Clintons. The motive is therefore asynchronous, out of joint within the time frame of events.) In a backward Russia, the Miss Universe contestants were assumed to be prostitutes, in line with local business practices. A beauty queen, with her entourage of hairdresser, makeup artist and coordinator, would have been seen as a group-sex delegation by the babushkas in the hotel staff.
 The golden shower tale can be seen, however, as a “shot across the bow” of both presidential candidates (there was also a dossier on Hillary’s peccadilloes) in warning against the White House’s dirty propaganda campaign to discredit the Catholic prelates in America, which had led to the disgrace and ouster of conservative and traditionalist leaders in the Church, along with public suspicion cast against the entire Catholic community in the United States.
 The complaint was against the American Jewish media campaign of innuendo and harassment against Catholics, as exemplified by that CIA-Zionist trash dumpster called “Spotlight” (which at the time of its post-production was already pushing Pope Benedict XVI out the door of St. Peter’s basilica).
 The Catholic complaint of a double standard has some validity. After so many prominent Jewish men were exposed by the “Me-Too” movement, have we seen the entire rabbinical hierarchy dragged down along with Harvey Weinstein? Or do rabbis get special dispensation from the Jewish-controlled media as opposed to the venom spat at Catholic prelates? The media hypocrisy is blatant. As it’s said in Yiddish about diseased non-kosher beef at the local deli: “Rabbi, the cow is yours.”
 Character Assassins

 After the Monty Python-esque reports were sent to Fusion GPS in Washington,  however, the findings were altered and amplified into a vicious partisan attack, nothing short of character assassination of Donald Trump. The supplemental information and rewriting came from a cabal of CIA-DOJ lawyers, most of them graduates of the Jesuit-run Georgetown law school. Their obvious intention was a coup by media against a presidential candidate the intel chiefs could not control.
 The rewriting in Washington of the dossier shows the difference between modest aims of the Catholic members in the MI6, cognizant of their minority status in an overtly Protestant Britain, versus the imperial arrogance of Washington’s liberal-left Jesuit-trained “attack dogs” who have dominated U.S. intelligence agencies since their inception, as shown by names like Donovan, Angleton, Colby, Casey, Hayden and Brennan. Don’t expect humor from these Cold Warriors, unless it’s the delight in their eyes as they’re shooting you in the back. In their towers of U.S. power, the power-mongering American Catholic spymasters show zero concern for the fate of local diocese parishioners, priests or even most bishops, not since the death of Cardinal Frank Spellman, the patron saint of the Cold War.
 The damage inflicted by the Jewish media on the American Catholic parishes, that are by far the biggest donors to the Vatican coffers, was taken much more seriously in Rome. The unchallenged media attacks, along with vulgar atheism on campuses in the U.S., were largely responsible for the unprecedented entry into the Vatican of that vanguard of the church militant, the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits.
 The installation of one of their shrewdest and toughest soldiers of the cross as pontiff signaled the beginning of battle, initially with disinformation as was seen in the international intrigues of his “mysterious man from Malta”, Professor Joseph Mifsud, who promised to turn over “hundreds of compromising files on Hillary from Russia” to Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos. That was followed by housekeeping, notably the ban of Zionist minion Paul Bannon from the Vatican. Next the Russia dossier, and after that’s done, anything goes and is sure to be coming soon. I for one am looking forward with great anticipation to Mel Gibson’s long-awaited sequel to the “Crucifixion”.
 As for allout geopolitical struggle, it has been limited to the clash of Catholic forces in Ukraine versus a revived Orthodox realm under the self-anointed new czar of Russia. Mainstream Protestant denominations have not in the least rallied behind Donald Trump, who despite his mother’s Presbyterian faith, has emerged as a closet Zionist. Without the protection of Protestant guard, Trump will remain vulnerable to papal forces striking at will against the American president whose only ally now in Bibi Netanyahu, who will cut his throat to save his own.
 Unfortunately, for the emerging populist movement, the opening shot of the Russia dossier succeeded far more effectively than any of its authors could have anticipated. Score one for the Vatican, while Team Trump keeps fumbling near its own goal line. It’s time for the populists to start searching for a new candidate, preferably someone with mainstream Protestant credentials and proven ethical background.
 Forgery for a FISA warrant

 The 16 notes sent to Fusion GPS throughout 2016, which came to be called the Trump-Russia Dossier, werfe mentioned (not handed over as erroneously reported in the press) to Sen. John McCain at the Halifax security forum in mid-November 2016, by Sir Andrew Wood, former UK ambassador to Russia. Two months later, in his statement to the British press in mid-January 2017, Wood recalled telling the senator from the weapons-industry that the dossier was “pretty much public” since autumn, meaning the print version was distributed inside the Beltway prior to the November 8 presidential election, and rumors were circulating in London.
 The FBI had received the revised version from GPS Fusion in August 2016, before it was given to any elected political figure. Some key issues are: Exactly when and how did the FBI-DOJ-CIA nexus tamper with the Steele draft? It is known that CIA analyst Nellie Hauke Ohr was paid to work for Fusion GPS, and her husband Bruce Genesoke Ohr is a DOJ liaison with Steele, meaning they were positioned to edit the notes on behalf of their superiors at the Agency and Justice.
 The FBI and Justice Department launched their investigation into the Trump-Russia relationship in summer 2016 after receiving the first installment, which was handed over in June to Bruce Ohr at their secret meeting in Rome by Chris Steele. With the altered dossier as reasonable grounds for suspicion of espionage, the federal law-enforcement officials then applied to the FISA Court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) for a warrant to monitor communications at Trump Tower and tail his campaign team.
 This conspiracy (in reality, not some theory) sheds light on what Sir Andrew conveyed to Sen. McCain, as quoted in the Mirror: “The report we are talking about had already been seen by quite a lot of people in Washington but not by Senator McCain. I told him I was aware of what was in it but had not read it myself and still haven't.”
 Here already is an indicator that the CIA did not provide a print copy to British intelligence, because the Obama White House was aware of the revisions done on Steele’s first draft. Therefore the FBI-DOJ-CIA had altered Christopher Steele’s notes for their own purpose of gaining a FISA warrant to trip up Trump’s campaign. In short, the American spy establishment was vulnerable to accusations of forgery by their British counterparts, along with unconstitutional election tampering in the USA.
 To translate: Sir Andrew had been verbally briefed on the original notes by Steele because British intelligence never received the final version from Fusion GPS or the CIA-FBI-DOJ nexus, despite the fact that a FISA court-approved investigation had begun 4-to-5 months earlier. The MI6, therefore, was put into the uncomfortable position of being blamed, unfairly, by the incoming U.S. president for that CIA-DOJ doctored text. The FISA warrant probably spurred a probe in London of British intelligence officials by the CIA station chief and embassy FBI office, much to the surprise of the UK Foreign Office.
 Wood therefore strongly advised the senator’s aide Dave Kramer, who was with McCain in Halifax, to meet with the original author. Adding an LeCarre air of intrigue, Kramer flew to London where, following instructions, he approached “a man holding the FT.” The Financial Times is issued on pink newsprint. (If would make a hilarious scene for courier Maxwell Smart to enter Victoria Station and wade through hundreds of British commuters donned in bowler hats and trench coats with the FT tucked under their arms.) More soberly, those security precautions further indicate that the CIA was actively pursuing persons named in the dossier who are UK citizens or residents, and that even McCain’s personal aide could have suffered an “accident” on the train from London Waterloo to Workingham, Berkshire.
 Kramer was driven to a gated community (in South Sussex), presumably to Steele’s two-story $2 million house bristling with CCTV cams. (It was a safe house set up by the MI6 to protect Steele’s actual living quarters in Berkshire, just in case the CIA was tailing.) Kramer heard out the version of events recounted by Steele, who urged him to obtain a print copy from Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS (which had been contracted for a dossier by Obama For America (OFA), supposedly on behalf of the DNC and Hillary campaign). How many Americans were spotted snooping around that misleading gated community is yet to be announced by MI6.
 After a puzzled Kramer returned to Washington, McCain’s office received a copy of the dossier in the mail, and even though that may have been a redacted (and ery possibly re-edited) CIA near-clone copy. That’s when the Russiagate storm broke, with hysterical press headlines implying that the president-elect was a mole of the Kremlin, nothing less than a brainwashed Manchurian candidate.
 Bonfire of Vanities
 Trump’s inner circle immediately proved themselves to be incompetent amateurs, while his only credible defense came steadfastly from populist online news sites. To save himself from prosecutors and persecutors, Trump dropped his populist mask to reveal the Zionist candidate from New York, who all along was allied with bizarre Orthodox Jewry, the very same dark forces that had mounted the anti-Catholic media campaigns. That, followed by his giveaway of Jerusalem to the Jewish state, has only succeeded in adding fat on the fire at his heresy trial.
 It’s near-certain by now that the FBI-DOJ-CIA cabal has widened their net of blackmail when considering the slew of GOP incumbents not seeking re-election. Unrepentant Trump supports could also be facing terrorism, with the near-assassination of Republic congressmen on board a speeding train that hit a garbage truck in Virginia, the state that has been at the center of anti-Trump subversive activities under control of that arch-Catholic conspirator, former governor Terry McAuliffe. (A garbage truck is the only road vehicle sturdy enough to derail a speeding train.) Before proceeding into the black designs of the Jesuit Vatican, Sir Andrew Wood and his associate Robert Hannigan, former chief of the GCHQ, need to be examined.
 A Recusant Catholic

 MI6 director Alexander Younger was reportedly “livid” at the involvement of “retired” spy Chris Steele’s involvement in the dossier project through a contract between his Orbis Business Intelligence consultancy and Fusion GPS. Here, first appearances can be presumptuous. Was spymaster Younger angry about the Orbis-Fusion contract assignment in the first place or, conversely, upset that Steele had challenged the authenticity of the final print version of the dossier instead of meekly taking the fall? Or was Younger trying to save his own neck by pressuring Steele to keep silent about his continuing connections with Britain’s intelligence community?
 Just this January, the Trump-Russia Dossier took its first casualty in London: Robert Hannigan, chief of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which is equivalent to the NSA in signals intercepts, telecom surveillance, encryption and cyber-security. A confidant of then Prime Minister Tony Blair (who has since converted to Catholicism), Hannigan rose to prominence as a mediator in the Northern Ireland conflict, by befriending co-believers Garry Adams and Martin McGuinness to gain their cooperation with militia disarmament. This was possible because of Hannigan’s Irish Catholic immigrant origins.
 Due to the Foreign Office’s extraordinary efforts to stay on friendly terms with the Kremlin, the GCHQ gained in-country access for monitoring Russian phone and email messaging far more effectively than the CIA, vindicating the benefits of 5 Eyes teamwork. GCHQ transcripts were obviously the source for Steele’s sourcing of  off-the-record comments by Putin’s closest advisers and oligarchic “businessmen” aka mafia bosses. It can also be assumed that GCHQ made the raw recordings available to the CIA in Langley, where Nellie Hauke Ohr was employed as a Russian-language translator and Kremlin analyst.
 MI6 boss Younger attended Marlborough College in Wiltshire, founded for the sons of Church of England clergymen. It doesn’t get more Anglican than that. In contrast, Hannigan is a graduate of Oxford’s Wadham College, which has deep Catholic roots and is called informally “Sodom”, for its monastic-like tolerance of homosexuality.
 Sir Andrew Marley Wood, the Orbis emissary to McCain, was born conveniently on the rock of Gibraltar, just a stone’s throw away from arch-Catholic Spain. In his youth attended Ardingly College in South Sussex, an elite private school with a strong Anglo-Catholic tradition, including its historic St. Savior’s chapel and a boarding tuition of more then $42,000 per annum. Of the old Ardinians who served in World War II, 88 died in battle, eight being a number with symbolic value, as discussed further on.
 Wood attended Cambridge a decade after the exposure and defection to Moscow of Cambridge dons Philby, Burgess and McClean and their mentors, and then early in his diplomatic career sent by the Foreign Office to the UK embassy in Moscow during the “golden era” of Soviet-British relations during Harold Wilson’s term as PM. Catholic novelist Graham Greene served as the literary apologist for those confirmed Stalinists.
 The latter half of the 1960s was also when a minority of liberal-minded Jesuits and their Maryknoll fellow travelers began to rebel against the New York diocese’s Cardinal Francis Spellman, the most powerful Jesuit of his generation, liberal ally of Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara, foe of JFK, and the architect of “the cardinal’s war” in Vietnam (to defend the minority Catholic government left behind by French colonialism). The peaceniks tended to be new recruits from liberal families, whereas the Jesuit leadership, starting with the Superior General or “black pope” hail from powerful families allied with fascist dictators.
 Following the sharp division and brutal conflict between the Contra and Sandinista factions in the Jesuits and other orders in the 1980s, both the Catholic right and left have found common ground in the subsequent Solidarnosc movement that ousted the Russians from Poland, independence for the Czech Republic, the liberation of Slovenia and Croatia from the dismembered Yugoslavia and, more recently, the break of Ukraine from Russian domination. There’s nothing like a string of victories to lay to rest murdered popes and past church-authorized death squad executions of priests.
 NATO Catholics
 After his “to Russia with love” microphone-planting spree, Ambassador Wood arrived as Brit envoy to Yugoslavia in 1985 just as the CIA, NATO, the governments of Britain and Germany were launching the drive to break apart the Republic of Yugoslavia, the first move toward smashing the Warsaw Part and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
 These tricks required treats, the funneling of bribes to local politicians and bureaucrats, and enticements to those Pied Pipers, professors and journalists to mislead the naive youth down the trail to corruption, prostitution, Euro dependency and “independence” under NATO authority. Until and even now after the Brexit vote, Euro-skepticism has been a fringe position. CIA director Bill Casey, a leading member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, was the deep-pockets financier of Polish Pope John Paul II’s crusade against Soviet communism.
 For his exemplary services at corrupting the youth and academics of the Balkans, Sir Andrew was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1900, which was created by the British Crown to award loyal officers based in Malta and the Ionian islands of Greece, which clearly indicated that Ambassador Wood is an operator.
 Sir Andrew is an associate fellow on Russian and Eurasia of Chatham House, the intelligence-linked policy center. And also on the board of Washington-based PBN public-relations company, which has represented Victor Yushchenko, the anti-Russian politician who became president of Ukraine. PBN funders include USAID. PBN vice president Myron Wasylyk, a Ukrainian-American who has worked for George Soros, ran the PBN office in Kiev, starting back in 1998. Then in 2012, a merger transformed that company into PBN-Hill+Knowlton Strategies.
 The organizing principle behind the the Euromaidan incident was, of course, to mobilize the Catholic majority to align with Ukraine in the NATO rollback of Russia and its Orthodox Church, an underlying struggle going back not just decades but to the Great Schism of 1054 A.D., long preceding the Protestant Reformation. To make a one-sentence (and reductionist) summary of the debate, the Eastern Church stresses the primacy of divine revelation from God the Father, while de-emphasizing any human agency or intermediate role as in that of Saint Peter’s successors at the Vatican, which is similar to the split between the “revelation-only” Sadducee sect and the Talmudic Pharisees of pre-Christian Judaism. (Here, I must confess agreement with the Saducee-Orthodox school of “revelation only”, shared by Zen Buddhism, since received institutional tradition not only preserves the interests of the hierarchy but also saps the religious experience of vitality.)
 The very human agent Andrew Wood is therefore not the casual observer or some divine messenger, as he presumes to be, but an overlord of the secret Jesuit cloak-and-dagger agency, among which was the cell known as Orbis Business Intelligence. As the Euromaidan realignment showed, it’s not just a battle over administrative control or boundaries; it is a struggle over core beliefs with cosmic impact. Institutional inertia (in the Newtonian sense of straightforward momentum) and human agency are behind the bloodletting in the Donetsk region, which certainly could not be anything resembling God’s will, which always points to the path of peace and reconciliation. Theology still matters in a world insufficient of ethics.
 The Inquisitor’s Steal
 Christopher David Steele was born in 1964 in Aden, a British-controlled city nominally part of South Arabia (Oman), which was the key navigational and intelligence-gathering center for naval and maritime activity in and out of the Suez Canal. His parents, meteorologists, were posted by the Met office, whose overseas staffers were often seconded to the Defense Ministry.
 When the Yemen war intensified, British families were pulled out and young Chris spent the latter part of childhood in the frigid Shetland lslands, where the weather report is predictably fog and chill winds. Then a happy transfer took the Steeles, of Welsh origin, back to the Mediterranean, to Cyprus, the locale of the British military bases in Akrotini and Dehkelia, crucial for keeping the Greeks and Turks away from each others’ throats, while keeping track of Soviet warships exiting the Bosphorus.
 Steele was admitted to Girton College, Cambridge, where he proved to the gifted leader of a debate club and was elected President of the Cambridge Union debate club (at the same time that Boris Johnson was student debate leader at Oxford). To win that office, Steele lambasted the rival candidate as an apartheid supporter   and loathsome fiend for entering the South African embassy to apply for a tourist visa.
 One of his classmates disclosed that Steele, even back then, was a “fantasist” who created his own facts while talking to himself, which are superb for a playwright or novelist but dangerous in foreign intelligence. Steele wrote for the campus paper “Varsity”, which one of its founders recalled “began over a bottle of sherry in John's, matured over a bottle of port in Caius, and blossomed with a firkin of ale over the Victoria Cinema.” That goes a long ways toward explaining the tall tale of a “golden shower” at the Ritz.
 As a student, he declared himself to be “a confirmed socialist” in the left wing of the Labour Party, which is part of the Second International, associated with the Mensheviks who were sworn foes of Lenin’s Bolshevik nationalist revolutionaries who pulled Russia out of the British-French world war against Germany. The Socialists were, in contrast, supporters of a “super-imperialist” cooperation between the big powers, and therefore advocates of the League of Nations, the UN, the EU and contemporary globalization. Steele and Tony Blair, also a college socialist, were cut from the same cloth.
  Steele was recruited upon graduation by the MI6 as an agent under diplomatic cover tasked with inspecting cities formerly closed to western visitors including Kazan and Samara. His tourism itinerary included Kazan, production base for Tupolev military aviation known as 22 Zavod. His other sightseeing trip was to Samara, the site of the Progress Plant, producer of rocket launchers for satellites and ballistic missiles. Here, his childhood experience from his parents’ plane-spotting must have come in handy for filing reports to the Defense Ministry.
 The Polonium Fraud

 One of the more esoteric aspects of meteorology is the collection of airborne chemicals, as can be seen in small roadside stations set up by environmental offices. For spies, of course, the better purpose is for detection of explosives, nuclear materials, and exotic fuels. Thus Steele was assigned as a lead investigator into the infamous poisoning case of Russian defector Alexander Litvineko. It was Steele who made the hasty claim that the victim had been assassinated by Russian assassins who poured polonium over an order of sushi and also into his teapot.
 At the time, I was one of several critics of that erroneous conclusion (based on my experience investigating the gass attack on the Tokyo subway system and my college education in chemistry). The toxicity of polonium, carried in the water vapor from the tea and the victim’s breathe, would have harmed the serving staff at both establishments. None suffered any ill effects, whereas they should have died within days. As later disclosed at WMR, Litvineko has converted to Islam in solidarity with Chechen rebels and buried as a hero of the jihad, indicating that he had been attempting to smuggle in sizeable quantities of polonium, which is used as a neutron-emitting trigger for nuclear bombs. Russian-produced polonium was needed to avoid leaving evidence linking the nuke attack to western sources.
 The rush to judgment on the Litvinenko case sheds light on current MI6 director Alex Younger’s comment to The Mirror: “I do not think he (Steele) would exercise the correct judgment.” Former UK ambassador to Moscow Anthony Brenton has deemed many of Steele’s claims as “shaky at best”.
 Following his exposure in the dossier scandal, Steele and his business partner, former MI6 agent Chris Burrows, created a new business front called Chawton Holdings, named after Chawton House in Hampshire, associated with Jane Austen’s brother who was adopted into the prosperous Knight family. Considering the eminent novelist of manners was an Anglican, could there be any Catholic connection to Chawton? A cursory look at local history shows that a John Knight was a staunch Catholic guardian the village’s Romsey Abbey, which was threatened with closure by taxation demands on monasteries by King Henry VIII, the founder of Protestantism in England. Notably, the address of Chawton Holdings is in Winchester, Hampton, on St. Peter’s Street.
 V for Vendetta
 Outside of the claustrophobic British Isles and, until recently, Hong Kong, the Anglo-Catholic may seen an odd bird, rarer than a dodo. The classic study of this subspecies was the Granada television series “Brideshead Revisited”, based on the fictionalized reminiscences of novelist Evelyn Waugh, starring Anthony Andrews in the role of a precociously decadent papist aristocrat and his Oxford chum, a responsible atheist portrayed by Jeremy Irons who is charmed by his homosexual classmate, the outgoing sister, their commanding mother and the secret realm of English Catholicism.
 For most outsiders, however, there are only two source-works in popular mass media that broach this subject. First, there’s the Scottish battleground of “Skyfall” at James Bond’s family house, which has a “priest hole” by which the MI6 hero twice made his escape from assassins. This refers to a hiding place or escape tunnel installed for outlawed Jesuit priests to evade armed Protestant rabble out to eliminate the secret agents and propagandists of the Spanish Crown.
 The other cultural relic is the Guy Fawkes mask from the movie “V for Vendetta”. Guido “Guy” Fawkes was a mercenary for the Spaniards (Catholics needless to say) during their invasion of the Calvinist Netherlands. After his return to England, Fawkes was recruited to the papist Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament at the opening day ceremony by the successor to Elizabeth I. The terrorist conspiracy was detected with the intercept of a letter by the extensive spy network under Robert Cecil, the puritan secretary of state.
 Today, it is widely accepted that Fawkes’ attempt to light fuses on 36 powder kegs under the Parliament was a false-flag attack planned and foiled by spymaster Cecil. The authoritarian hunchback dwarf, a Puritan, was portrayed by William Shakespeare in the most unfavorable light, as the power-mad King Richard III. The Bard’s major tragedies, including “King Lear”, are apologetic tracts for Catholic loyalty to the Continent and justification of French and Spanish invasions of the heretic isles. In that light, the Tudor King Henry III as founder of English Protestantism was the first Brexiteer, who literally divorced Europe.
 History repeats itself, with the pro-Brexit, anti-EU radical and globalist foe Donald Trump, who has been under ceaseless assault from a pro-Europe conspiracy hatched by Anglo-Catholics and their Jesuit confessors. While Trump has matched King Henry’s fast-food appetite for women, he has yet to take Protestantism to heart. Despite his failure to mount a proper Reformation, preferring to consort with outlandish Orthodox Jews, Trump has made it to the top of the Vatican hit list. As in Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot, the recent train wreck involving the GOP congressional delegation fizzled because someone forgot to light the fuse inside the garbage truck.
 British Air to Rome
 In June 2016, Steele boarded a flight to Rome to meet with his “FBI contact” Ohr, a way of avoiding mention of the local CIA station, a major hub of covert operations founded by the Jesuit loyalist James Angleton. Rome station is the liaison post for the Vatican and Israel, and also planning center for Operation Gladio, that Pandora’s box of false-flag terrorism, assassinations, guerrilla raids and subversion, all the fireworks you’d expect from the gunpowder Jesuits.
 There in the Eternal City, he met with DOJ official Bruce Genesoke Ohr, who previously encountered Steele in 2010 for a briefing on organized crime involvement in the FIFA soccer match-fixing scandal. Free-agent Steele earned a fee of $1 million in American taxpayer funds, despite the lack of smoking gun evidence of Sepp Blatter as to his mafia connections.
 Rome is also the political hub for the “mysterious Maltese professor” Joseph Mifsud who hired Trump energy adviser George Papadopoulos as an intern, introducing him to “Putin’s niece” and offering to transfer “hundred of Hillary Clinton’s emails”.
 Mifsud is hardly mysterious except to the news media that is reluctant to dissect him. A former bureaucrat with Malta’s Foreign Ministry, he is a confidant of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the island’s Labour Party boss. The former British colony, which gained independence in 1964, has served as an MI6 liaison with rogue states, including Gaddafi’s Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and so on. Located off the southeast coast of Sicily, its casinos serve as a contact point with the Italian mafia and a miscellany of crime figures, including Russian tycoons.
 Once based on the fortress island, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) has served as the MI6-CIA managed guardians of the Pope, a task best performed with their wealthy members’ cheque books, at least since the Blackfriar’s Bridge financial scandal.
 Mifsud, who works at inter-university relations, is assigned to keeping a friendly watch over the unlikely allies of the Vatican State, especially the Euro-communist and socialist parties of Europe, and more recently over the Valdai Club, a pro-Putin think tank in Novgorod, 100 km due south of St. Petersburg.  
 Via his Link College of Malta program in Rome, his close political ally is Gianni Pittelli, head of the Progressive Alliance of Socialist and Democrat Groups, the second-largest bloc in the European Parliament in Brussels. Pittelli has run for office on the ticket of Italy’s Democrat (former Communist) Party led by Matteo Renzi, who is one of the closest allies of Pope Francis. A Sicilian by birth, Pittelli represents the Basilicata district in Potenza on the eastern border of Calabria. The eyebrow-raising Sicilian-Calabrian economic model is based on sucking out funds from the EU to “fight underdevelopment”, the way to win votes akin to Tammany Hall. Have no illusions about “avowed” socialists.
 The New Counter-Reformation
 The Euro-strategy from the left is the latest tack for the pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who in his youth in Buenos Aires worked as a bouncer at a barroom door, and then as a novice priest served as pastor to the “militia” of soldiers assigned to quell leftist opponents of Argentina’s military dictatorship. The favor ritual of soldiers of Christ was “baptism at sea” for disgruntled believers. His new-found enthusiasm for the left  identifies the church with the EU, thereby standing down the voices of nationalism from the Catholic right.
 His official name provides an interesting look into Catholic hagiography. Although St. Francis of Assisi was an absolute pacifist who abhorred any killing of animals, including humans, the saint’s biography in a book called The Life of Jesus was key to the conversion of the swashbuckling playboy Inigo into Ignatius of Loyola, the founding Superior General of the Society of Jesus (IHS, or Jesuits). Francis was also the names of his loyal soldier-priests, fellow Basque Xavier and the Italian Borgia.
 Their mission was to defend the Vatican and its Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Hapsburg, specifically by rolling back the Counter-Reformation and its princely allies. Their weapons were not cannons but prayers, propaganda, infiltration and political-military intelligence behind enemy lines, the foe being the Protestant states on the fringe of the Hapsburg’s Holy Roman Empire.
 A visionary with an artistic flourish, Ignacio composed the Christogram of his priestly order: IHS, which is the Greek abbreviation for Jesus; three marks in arranged as a triangle for the wounds inflicted at the crucifixion; these encompassed by the a curious 16-point circle of sun rays of two types, flames and blades (or perhaps cloaks and daggers).
 It gets curioser, given the fact that flag of Argentina (the pope’s birthplace) bears the image of the Incan sun god with 16 rays, and more curiouser that the CIA symbol is a compass rose with 16 points. The equal integers for 16 is 4 x 4 (the four Gospels and four horsemen of the apocalypse); whereas the number can be equally divided into a pair of 8s, representing a circle of swords representing secular power in this world, and another ring, of flames, for the spiritual realm extending from heaven. Perhaps this illustrates what’s meant by “the world is not enough” to the soldiers of God. To enter Heaven, one must conquer Earth.
 The Italian Consort
 Therefore, Professor Mifsud rolled out the red carpet when alerted by his MI6 contacts in London to the arrival of George Papadopoulos in March 2016. Mifsud took the ambitious energy adviser, who was promoting Greek-Cypriot-Israeli cooperation to build a network pipelines from Israel’s new offshore Leviathan oil field and the Aphrodite gasworks off Cyprus.
 Mifsud appointed Papadopoulos as head of the Mediterranean energy project for his London Centre for International Law Practice, which is headed by a law professor from Khartoum, Sudan. After the Greek American bachelor showed little interest in “Putin’s niece”, who was a just another slim pretty Russian student at one of the Mifsud-related universities, the professor flew to Rome to make an extraordinary request to his long-time ally Gianni Pittelli to release his former secretary Simona Mangiante from her job with the European Parliament’s child custody program.
 By the time the blonde bombshell showed up in London, however, Papadopoulos was off to Athens, Dubai and Haifa to sell the Mediterranean extension of the Trans-Syrian pipeline project initiated by ISIS, Qatar, the Saudis and the Obama CIA. Her email correspondence with Papadopoulos won George’s heart and they became engaged following a summer 2017 trip to Rome and Mykonos, Greece. There can be no doubt that the Maltese professor had lodged a hook into Papadopoulos. Following the FBI arrest of Papadopoulous at Dulles Airport in late July 2017 on his return from Greece. Mangiante flew to American to stand by him, as fiancee and personal minder.
 Argentine Barbecue
 Donald Trump is a Toro bravo as big as the Merrill Lynch bull on Wall Street. From his apartment in Vatican City, by contrast, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a jolly gaucho, an Argentine cowboy swinging the bolas like a lasso at his prey. If the triple-balled Boleadores fail to trip up the charging beast, then it is followed by the toss of a single heavy Perdida. A hog-tied bull has zero chance of escaping the skewer and flames of an asado grill.  
 By comparison with braggart Trump, the devious dwarf Robert Cecil, son of William, Lord Burghley, was a soft-spoken evil genius who nabbed Guy Fawkes red-handed, shattered the schemes of the Spanish Hapsburgs, chased the Jesuits out of their priest holes, and transformed little England into the world’s most powerful nation-state. The Cecils, and their political heir Oliver Cromwell, made Britain Great, not again but once and forever.
 There’s since been a reversal of fortunes. America’s WASP society has self-destructed under guilt for a Holocaust they had no part in (other than to defeat Germany) and Protestant denominations are wallowing in political correctness. Without making the effort to woo a single Protestant denomination, especially his mother’s Presbyterian elders, Donald Trump is left with only one narrow bizarre base of religious support, the anti-Christian Orthodox Jews to whom he’s just signed away two millennia of the hard-won legacy of the disciples and soldiers of Jesus in Jerusalem.
 The sniveling Kushners have not an iota of the Cecil acumen, and so Trump’s kingdom is left counting down the hours and minutes before its last pawns are swept off the chessboard and his relegation as the most inept leader in American history, to the great disappointment of his populist supporters. His only lasting achievement is to prove definitively that Jews have no place in the American polity.
 While Donald was at Ronald McDonalds and building worldly towers, Father Bergoglio was quietly studying the lessons of philosophy and history, learning with humility and diligence even from enemies of the Mother Church. Though foot soldiers may fall and politicians made to crawl, victory is won he who comprehends “The World is Not Enough”, as stated in the lyrics:

 “I know how to hurt
 I know how to heal
 I know what to show
 and what to conceal.

 ”We know when to kiss
 and we know when to kill.
 If we can't have it all
 Then nobody will.”