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All Enemies, Foreign & Domestic


Jim Kirwan



Russia Does What the USSA Will Not

After years of overarching global-abuse, Russia has acted, where no other major nation has yet chosen to go.

America has created these international problems. That phase in the title of this article comes from the oath of office for members of the American military that have been failing the people of the United States since the end of WWII: Because since 1945 the US Military has been led by traitors to the Constitution and the Republic, which is why the communist USSA has replaced the antiquated private corporation called U.S. Incorporated.


Russian parliament unanimously approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS

Russia today is doing what no nation has done before, on the record, in full view of the world to come to the aid of Syria, as requested by Syria, in order to end the nightmare that has been going on for almost five years of international lies and deception led by the USSA and Israel, against what's left of the sane world where responsibility is accepted over lawless anarchy and international barbarity.

Russia is doing what she is doing in order to isolate and flesh-out the real-Islamic State which has been hiding behind the criminal-financing of predatory thugs, masquerading as a legitimate force, when nothing could be further from the truth. In reality it is those nations and organizations that are financing the parade of armaments and mercenaries who are the real terrorists' which the world must stand against and end, in cooperation with the other internationally powerful forces, which Russia is embracing in public, and on the record.

Putin's United Nations

Russia has spent years of THOUGHT on this situation

And today they are ACTING on what they believe in.

This has taken a very long time to come to fruition. But as a major power, Russia has accepted her responsibilities in the world and today Russia embraced what is required by those nations who say they 'lead the world' which billions of people still inhabit...

Another illustration which the current global-conflict directly illustrates is the fact that the United Nations must now face this raw view, as contrasted in this simplified card, which depicts the extremes between Challenge & Compromise: That is what the creation of the United Nations was supposedly all about in the first place...

For the entire 70 years that's being celebrated this week,

In honor of the United Nations

The entire record of the UN has been led down the above

tight stairwell into that black hole of the inverse point of the pyramid

from which there is no escape

because the fake-UN has chosen not to act

on any of the global situations they were specifically created to solve.

The people of the world must come together to act as one against this parasitical-curse that has haunted humanity since the Doomsday Book was written. Thanks to Russia's clear leadership, at this critical point, perhaps the coming third world war might be militarily-averted?

Blowback & The Doomsday Book


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