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Aiding & Abetting


Jim Kirwan


A.I. in the Crosshairs

Artificial Intelligence has been trying to sell the world on their ‘superiority’ for decades from within their partial cloak of invisibility: But A.I. is not new and it’s becoming more deceptive in its role of Aiding & Abetting the current global takedown, every day.

Their task seems to be to tell the world that humans are inferior to a world controlled by A.I. and the secrecy that their computers claim to be able to produce. The problem is that their entire premise has always been based solely on nothing but lies. Here’s one of the most basic lies that has brought us to this colossal farce.

NATIONAL SECURITY has always been nothing but


Personal security’ anywhere has always been a promise that’s been impossible to fulfill, yet this lie was what 911 “promised” to give to all the people—even though “Security” has never been possible to maintain, because RISK has always been with every human being on the planet, and always will be.

When the outraged American public demanded an open public explanation for 911, the administration gave the public a new ‘agency’, composed of 22 separate government entities which Bush 43 called “The Department of Homeland Security”. That was the formal introduction of the Fascist Police-State in America. This was the moment when, after fifty years of ‘struggle’, American’s completely and unconditionally surrendered.

It was at this point that America stopped being alive.

Since 911 the outlaw-government has claimed to have foiled over fifty attacks on American soil: Yet there is absolutely NO PROOF of any of that, anywhere upon this earth. What we do have proof of, are numerous government-created fake-attack’s that were done by agents of the government, which these Outlaws’ still refuse to comment on.

With the arrival of Obamanation’s Czars and his old-world Communism that continues to drive the Tarnished-House; the public has been seduced into embracing the currently fake-democracy that has replaced the Republic: While also failing to remember the literal definition of “democracy” which translates into “Mob Rule” which was never the point.

The Second Key Point that’s been totally overlooked is the global movement of the DP’s (Displaced People’s) which is about to literally destroy everything of value that has not already perished in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Originally ‘the Dark Side’ tried to use ‘criminality and stealth-driven blackmail’ to pervert, steal or destroy the wealth of all nations. This was their supposed excuse for everything behind every war, on the planet, since 1945.

These goals of the global-outlaws have always been hidden beneath their own bloodlust that is driving the extermination of billions, which they are determined to finish off: That number amounts to over 90% of the global population. It seems not to matter, that in doing this, all that plunder of resources and stolen wealth that will also be destroyed in their scorched earth policies that will vanish: So what’s their point?

For how the current War on the World is going ­ watch RT Today, and see if you can find any of this anywhere else in Western media?

Are Americans’, or anyone else in the world safer today because of the Police State that’s been imposed worldwide? Hell no - The planet is far worse off than ever before in history, because of the lawless world that we’ve allowed to be created.

In fact the whole of Europe has clearly been targeted and this will soon spread to the United States, once Americans figure out this invasion of Displaced People is global. Currently about half the population of Mexico is already inside the U.S. illegally. America has already been invaded by millions of illegal refugees: Hence we will soon follow the example being set by what’s currently happening inside the 28 nations of the EU.

This is true because the same forces behind the invasion of Europe are the same forces that have been working behind the scenes in the US since the 1980’s to overthrow of what’s left of the United States from within.

Part of our problem that’s still pending, is the literal global-takedown of America. And the most frequent and recent weapon that’s being used against us all is Artificial Intelligence, masked as it is, as the latest beneficial ‘breakthrough’ to be ‘discovered’: When in fact. A.I. is nothing but an over-amped series of deceptive illusions that are meant to take the attention of the public away from their real goals which are all about the extinction and perversion of the planetary population…

A.I. State Created Replacements For 'US'

The Future
Of the Children of Men

We are being told that the USA is about to be attacked from any number of ‘enemies’ around the world: But the truth is the only real threat to this country is still coming directly from the fake-government which is and has always been the real Enemy of the People of this nation, since before the US was artificially created...


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