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Aiding & Abetting!

By Jim Kirwan

The UN emblem divides (and conquers?) the world into 33 sectors.
many other things, 33 is the highest degree in Scottish freemasonry.”

Israel on Barbaric Crime Spree in Palestine ­ video

The Debate

Throughout the entire time that Israel has been officially a part of the United Nations, a number of massive global crimes have continued to go unpunished. These crimes were allowed to happen and encouraged to take place because the United Nations member-nations have continuously refused to do what they were supposedly created to do: Which was to bring and keep order in a conflicted world. The bulk of every crime that is being played out in the world today stems directly from actions not taken by the 5 member states of the UN Security Council.

The UN Security Council votes on each issue brought before it. It takes only one of the five permanent members to block any decision handed down by the UN. The United States has blocked every UN resolution that would have, in any way, ever held Israel responsible for any of her continuing global crimes. Look it up!

What this track record of the UN reveals, is a calculated policy of global-criminality by Israel in every area where Israel has any interest whatsoever.

The current global conflagration is happening worldwide because Israel has never been called to account for any of her crimes against the people of Palestine, which has been ongoing for over sixty years.

As the occupying power in Palestine Israel has an international duty to protect the same people she is supposedly occupying; but in fact Israel continues to slaughter these people as her prisoners; as if the Israeli-war of 1948 never stopped.

In the video above several crucial facts regarding Israel’s current behavior are brought to light. The first continuously ignored factor is the illegal issue of the supposed “Settlers”. These are imported thugs that are generally not Jewish, but are just Carpet-baggers brought in to displace the Palestinians that once lived on the sites where there are now luxurious homesteads, homes that have replaced the Palestinians which were evicted from Israel by force. Yet the case of these illegal “settlers” has never been adjudicated by any court of law—anywhere.

Upon arrival in Israel, each “Settler” is given their own AK-47 to “defend themselves” from the people they have illegally displaced. Yet the official status of these “Settlers” and the land they are illegally occupying has never been challenged in any court because the world, through the UN, has refused to question this illegal practice.

Double-Standards have always been the bedrock principle of Israel’s very existence since they first claimed ownership of Palestine with less than ten percent of that country, which was Palestinian, for the last few thousand years. The UN has refused to do anything about these conditions since their founding in San Francisco in 1945.

The result of this blatant inaction is the root of everything that has been done both in and to the world, since that black day!

In the video it’s clear that Israel believes that its pathetic citizens are worth at least a hundred times as much as any Arab. In the case of those of us they have classified as “Goy”, an Israeli life is worth a thousand times more than any of us could ever be worth—did you know that?

Blood is Blood” the spokesperson for Israel decrees, answers’ to the questions about the deaths of “suspects” and the houses of the people that they destroyed, in their fake witch-hunt, which were not considered crimes, because officially Israel was defending itself against an enemy that they “knew” did this crime. If that were true then Israel could name the names of those that they believe did the killing of the three Jewish teenagers, Israel has refused to do so!

Since no proof of anything has been proven, surrounding “the evidence” which Israel has kept secret for at least two weeks, it is clear that the point behind that failure to come forward was to allow additional time to create a fake backlash, for something the Israeli government knows did not happen as they have intimated. Seven people were murdered because of the way Israel has not handled the follow-up to this “crime” ­ but in fact the world does not know for certain that Israel did not kill these three boys; just to create another false-flag in order to demonize Hamas further, as the source of all problems in Palestine.

The spokesperson says a lot about how evil Hamas is. Apparently he is totally oblivious to the truth about who and what Hamas has always been—a defender and protector of Palestine, from attacks by Israel and the US puppet organization that was once called the PLO. This is the reason Israel is still so incensed. As for Hamas being guilty of so much crime, that’s a flat out lie. The criminal party between Israel and Lebanon, in the 2006 invasion by Israel, was always Israel ­ Hezbollah was the force that blocked Israel from getting any further than 5 miles into Lebanon. And the two organizations frequently collaborate today.

The attack on Lebanon happened despite the fact that this same criminal UN had blocked all attempts to stop the Israeli attack on Lebanon in 2006: Actually Israel held the world hostage so that they could be victorious. But even then Israel still lost upon the global stage to Hezbollah and Lebanon.

This entire episode was made clear in 2006 when Israel had their asses handed to them by Hezbollah in Lebanon—which is what Israel is still furious over. Since they can’t get to Hezbollah, they’ve gone after Hamas, over their part in liberating Palestine today.

Who Will Stop the Countdown”

This instance was not an isolated case. Hamas and Hezbollah have both confronted Israel on many different situations and they have inflicted severe losses on that shitty little country ever since the 2006 invasion of Lebanon by Israel. That’s why Israel is turning up the heat and trying desperately to paint these two organizations as enemies of the world—when in fact the only true enemies of this world are Israel and USI—and that has been the case since 1948.

Ask yourself why there have never been any trials for all land that Israel has stolen from the original owners: According to International law and Geneva Conventions no country can take land by conquest, thru war. Yet regardless of this fact, Israel is still immune!

Where are the trials that have examined the legal status of “the Settlers” who are nothing more than imported squatters with no real rights at all: Given how they got the land on which they sit today?

What about the court decisions that would have awarded DAMAGES to all those who were illegally evicted or who had their homes destroyed because Israel got a bug up their collective ass and because they still get angry? Track the decline of the green area, the Palestinian areas as compared to the white areas above, which is that portion of the land that is today illegally called “Israel”?

Everything in the world today, in every war-torn place, comes straight back to USI & Israel.

Look closely at Ukraine right now. The pattern of their criminally prosecuted genocide is identical, to what Israel has been doing to Palestine for decades. Just like Netanyahu: Porky is claiming that he has the right to genocide the people whose families have lived in Ukraine for hundreds of years, because they refuse to accept him and his Israeli policies that were brought down on them by USI, the US State Department along with Israel. The criminal UN refuses to interfere. The leaders of the rest of the world, thru the UN, are aiding and abetting Israel through their silence. This continues because no other nation has spoken out forcefully against the war crimes being done against the ordinary people of Ukraine. There must be a global BACKLASH against those UN member states who refuse to charge Israel & USI for everything they’ve done to date!

Kiev’s bloody eastern Ukraine Campaign

Look back to what happened in Iraq with Saddam. The question was asked recently of Iraqi’s; about how they fared under Saddam as opposed to under the US occupation? “No comparison” was the near unanimous answer, because we did not deliver on a single one of our promises in Iraq. The same could be said of those in Libya, if anyone could find anyone that once lived there. Today there is nothing there but a staging ground for dozens of different bandit and mercenary forces, with screwed up mentalities and even murkier loyalties—so basically Libya is now an international “no-man’s land”.

A few days ago Kerry disavowed any involvement in either Iraq or Libya by the United States—which is fascinating because without us neither place would have become what they are today…

What we’re doing now throughout the world, is trying to compensate ourselves for making a total disaster out of our failed policies that have been failing since they were initiated back in 2001. 911 was a false flag attack and Afghanistan had nothing to do with it. Just for the record Bush Sr. secretly took charge of 350 decommissioned American nukes which he then privately sold to Israel for his personal profit. Two of those nukes were used in 911.

Why has Bush 41 never been charged?

GWH Bush is still moving around in the world today along with Kissinger, Cheney, Bush Jr. and Obamanation, all of whom need to be removed from the scene with extreme prejudice ­ as in YESTERDAY!

What this all means is that everything that’s going on thru ISIS and ISIL is all coming from the same forces that want to declare open warfare on the United States.

Ultimately all the crimes committed on this planet from 2000 forward, can be directly traced back to inaction by the UN Security Council and all of their shadow government forces who have taken charge of what used to be the lives and futures of the people in the 220 nations that were called the Community of Nations: Before the current criminal organization unofficially took over this planet…


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