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A Gift From Two Presidents
To 65 Million Americans?

By Jim Kirwan


The 2007 George W Bush created for this Social Security Building in San Francisco. Here it is as seen from United Nations Plaza.

Its that large ugly mass of gray
that looks a lot like an unfinished prison to anyone passing by.

Yesterday Social Security sent me the annual announcement regarding the annual cost of living increase, for the coming year. This year Social Security decided that the cost of living for Social Security recipients comes to an increase in the cost of living that increased my check by two whole-dollars per month.

This is the first time in three years, according to Social Security, that the real cost of living has actually increased at all over the last four years. The electric bill went up four times this year alone, with promises of more in January and the price of food has doubled, but not according to the government or Social Security - which got me started on how this could be resolved, for the 65 million recipients of monthly social security checks.

After all - this 'December-Surprise' was intended to arrive after Clinton had been victorious in the November Election ­ thereby underscoring her view of all the “DEPLORABLES” that both she and Obama just love to hate. But instead we have an entirely 'other' man in charge, soon, who just might use this opportunity to come up with a deal, that only he could make: That could replace all those years of lies which the government has been using to screw what is now literally hundreds of millions of Americans - out of their hard-earned Social Security checks that have been nothing but lies since George Bush stole the oval office in 2012.

With of course huge penalties & interest added to the sizable amounts of money that is still owed to every recipient because of the government's lies about how much the cost of living in America, has been rising - since 2000. A lump sum check, tax-free of course, to catch the government up, on what they still owe the people on Social Security, might just make the difference between surviving and dying - for one hell of a lot of Americans.

If anyone could cut a deal to fix this continuing nightmare ­ that would be Donald Trump ­ and that could go a very long way to prove that in his presidency it won't only be the corporations that will gain ­ but in this case it will be the hundreds of millions of people over all the years, that spent their working lives putting money into social security, only to get screwed when that money was needed, as it was promised to every recipient way back when this system was created.

Of course its a well known fact that the money that Obama is spending so freely now is being taken from Social Security and given to the illegal immigrant invasion in the form of free cars, housing, medical, and a job, along with the ability to vote and a free drivers license without even taking a test ­ it seems like there must be a way to cut off the payments to all the savages that hate us, and take care of the Americans that need to get what they are owed from the USI, over the last sixteen years - at the same time.

But I guess this isn't anything new. This government did the exact same thing with every American Tribe that the government signed treaties with ­ and the government broke every single agreement they ever signed with the natives: So I guess Americans should have expected nothing different, from the same government that lies to the entire world, about everything they continue to do to everyone else on the planet.

Think about what they've recently done to the ranchers in Nevada, in Oregon and to the native tribes in the Dakotas, as well?

Until now there never seemed to be anything,

or more particularly ANYONE capable,

of ever changing any of this


I wonder how much this monstrosity actually cost “us” to build?

Google chose to bloc these images from the public, so I took some shots of how “our government” spends

our money on this lying and totally-corrupt agency.

Merry Christmas America!

BTW when people have any problem with social security they are not allowed to enter the 'building' shown below - there's a special place with armed guards and DHS body searches and windowless rooms where people are crammed into tight spaces beneath flashing neon signs with warnings directly from the Deep State and threats about any misbehavior. If you want to visit Orwell's 1984 come to San Francisco's Social Security offices, courtesy of George W. Bush & Barack Hussein Obama..

The back side of the “building”

Facing Market Street below, on the northern side, as yourself is this really inventive or just another piece of shit: But the true irony is that this ''building' is located directly across 7th street from where George W Bush is being tried for his crimes against prisoners of war in Iraq, in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

As a builder I'm sure Trump understands exactly what he's looking at

and as a leader he also knows damn well how this

disaster needs to end..