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The Truth Exists Against All Odds

Jim Kirwan


Conquest, War, Famine & Death ­ Click to Expand

Created in 1974 this is the true face of Global Terror and Death ­ worldwide for the last two centuries and these riders go all the way back into pre-history. The truth of this has cursed humanity since we left the caves. This seven foot oil, shows the capture of the planet on the saddle-horn of Conquest, just below the opening of the Seven Seals of St. John on his golden-breastplate. Conquest also carries the burning flag of all nations, as symbolized by the five colors of that star.

Study the details on the sword & shield of War that are protected by the pawns of War that have been used throughout eternity ­ to die, for every war that was ever waged.

Famine, follows on the heals of War, that maintains the global-imbalance in his scales, that drip with the gold and the food-denied by every war: While the children of starvation clutch and claw for life to no avail ­ beneath the screaming face of terror and torture that's leading the invasions of the entire world yet again: While we reel from a world without any law of any kind.

And of course Death rides his pale horse into the oblivion that has been delegated by the Greater State of Israel in this blood-soaked time that has seen nothing but the continuation of every generation that has failed in every century that worships perversion and every horror known, and unknown; to the victims of these monsters that have ruled our lives and our dreams since “religions” of all stripes were created. These images were taken directly from the Bible, word for word.

Millions of people have purchased this image, in the intervening years since I painted this biblical horror so that we might begin to understand

our true history ­ yet every year things have only gotten worse. The Truth is that with the Death of JFK, the Four Horsemen moved directly into the Presidential Seal.

Think about it and then make sure, that each of us acts according to whatever we can do, to end the

nightmares and take back our dreams. This image was created in 2002, but few dared to see which is why it remains a fact of everyday-life.

Yesterday Putin gave the world the beginning of the answer to our eternal curse:

As I told my colleagues yesterday, they will eat grass but will not stop their program as long as they do not feel safe,”Putin said. “What can restore their security? The restoration of international law.””

Because with no international laws to reign-in these outlaws everywhere,

nothing can ever Change.

Billions of people around the world seem to prefer to remain

deaf, dumb and blind to the truth within

The curse that “Again & Again” of The Four Horsemen, have been bringing into the world, since long before the printed word was possible.

Here's the current situation in a nutshell:

United States and Britain Biggest Terrorists on Planet-Press TV

Every day and every night the global crimes of the UN, NATO, EU and the global private banks are the same powers that have always been, “Conquest, War, Famine and Death” to drive the world into oblivion, for their own private profit margins. The only way out of this is to reestablish global laws that will arrest and remove the leading traitors to the human race!

Clearly: America, Israel and the Vatican have have always been the foremost pedophiles throughout history, going back to Ancient times, even before Rome played out their fantasies upon their world, before the obscenities practiced by Spain. Britain and the slave trade universally. Consequently by the time we got through the first two World Wars, these Barbarians were already well on the way to global conquest.

Now throw in A.I. and the end of all humanity, and the obliteration of every nationstate, as designed by the Global communist disease in the early nineteen-thirties that's still taking over America as this is being written. Our dreams are dead and every human life is threatened. Our air and water are being terminated, the weather is now totally controlled, there is no future for children anywhere. All that's left is the massive murder of 6 billion people that stand in the way of the triumph of their version of global domination.

Mysterious monument ‘predicts’ 6 BILLION of us will be wiped out in bleak future

If we continue to fail to create a world that will enforce international laws against everything that has happened so far: Then we'll all die in one way or another, under global-censorship and domination of the most disgusting creatures to ever walk upon the earth...

It's time to demand action from the global organizations that always plead that “there's nothing that can be done” so no investigations are ever done, SO NO CONSEQUENES ARE EVER HANDED DOWN ­ SO THAT THE STATUS QUO IS NOT DISTRURBED IN THEIR CONTINUING CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

This next war must be turned against the filth that's been running this world since the beginning of time ­ we outnumber them by billions to one and all we lack is the will to stand up and fight them to their deaths'—because if we do not resist this, we'll all die very soon in their coming global-devastation.

America” has killed and destroyed more people than all the global-dictators and outlaws combined. Yet no one seems to care to know just exactly how many people we have slaughtered worldwide ­ because we have allowed Google to begin to eliminate global-history.

That's why history just keeps on repeating itself, decade after decade,

The truth is everywhere “out there”, but if we fail to listen, to see, or to understand these colossal facts that we have ignored for centuries, then there will be no way to change any of this ­ time to choose and to back that choice with your lives, your honor and your sacred thoughts ­ because if you've already given all that away, for a few worthless dollars, then just go back to sleep because you're already dead.

In fact we may already be too-late