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Again & Again

By Jim Kirwan


There 's a new video called 'Four Horsemen'

that lays out the continuing history of Conquest, War, Famine, Death

and more against humanity.

One hour 38min 53sec.

This is a phenomenally positive look at the this global-curse

that predates Biblical times.

If we hadn't let this go this far: If our oceans were still alive, if the water supply had not been totally corrupted and the wildlife had not been slaughtered and the earth had not already been poisoned, or the entire population of planet had not already been critically attacked - if greed had not overtaken the people, and virtually everything that controls our way of life had not already been totally corrupted ­ then maybe there might have been some time left to begin to redress the problems ­ as identified in the excellent film above.

The reality is that everything that might once have been possible to correct has now been left in the dust of history ­ which is what brings us to what began with the the beginning of this month of May that now severely limits how much time there might be, to even begin to reverse the current course...

Cobalt 60 is a very affordable planet ending weapon, that can be used to put an end to the bluster of Donald Trump anytime soon. Trump's behavior with the whims of his left-over generals are needlessly flirting with global-ending war, that will happen, unless 'they'can be stopped. Because “if Cobalt 60 is used then all the rules of warfare simply evaporate”, According to Tim Rifat.

Comments on a Terrible World - by Tim Rifat