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Again With The 2 Agendas - Part 1
A Clearer View Of Good And Evil

And Their Final Battles

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
MB BS (Melb.), PhD Met Sc. (Cal), PhD Theol. (Cal).
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

As many of you have noted that I have some ideas about Metaphysics and of Esoterica, you have asked what qualifications I have. Here they are:

(Doctor of Allopathic Medicine)

(Doctor of Metaphysical Science)

(Doctor of Theology)


(Specialist in Past Life Regressions)

As you can see from my qualifications, I have taken the study of Theology and Metaphysics quite seriously as I did my attempts to find evidence of Spiritual Existence and Re-incarnation.

Inspite of my Allopathic Medical Skepticism I persevered with my exploration of the Paranormal and came to remarkable conclusions.

As I did so, I have to admit that Allopathic Medicine is valueless in terms of true healing, physical, mental or spiritual, and also in even educating us in any proper metaphysical and spiritual perspective.

If I had to say so, I would agree that Modern Medicine, especially its Department of Psychiatry is nothing but camouflaging BS.

But, if there is time, I will go into that some other time.

It is more about keeping people trapped in illness and buying more and more rather useless medications to enrich the Zionist controlled Pharmaceutical Industry.

But, on that subject, I will keep my powder dry for another time.

Whether you want to believe my words is entirely up to you!

So, at all times, remember my Motto: Take it or Leve it.

Let me introduce this essay, which is about the two agendas of GOOD and EVIL affecting is NOW with massive changes afoot!

These Agendas will have both saving and fatalistic effects on Humanity, on all living creatures, in the next 30 MONTHS!!

As I stated once before, the very sick Leela is finished!

Indeed, La (very, very Evil) Commedia e Finita!

We are living in the ENDTIME.

I expect Physicality to End within THREE YEARS!!

In other words, by the end of 2022, all things made of Physical Matter will be dissolved forever!

It was prognosticated that in the Endtime, ALL EVIL WOULD BE EXPOSED AND DESTROYED.

Those with eyes to see are witnessing the True Reality on this plane. They see Evil and its disintegration. This is exactly what is occurring.

Demonic fools in control are programmed to clearly self-destruct.

Evil has never been easier to see for those with True Spiritual Vision, those not of Evil.

This reality of which I am going to write, once again, has been hitherto totally hidden from what we call ‘Humanity”.

Humanity is made up of 2 types of Beings – True Divinely-created Beings – which I have called ‘Theomorphs’ in my earlier books, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) beings.

Of those AI Beings, there are 2 subclasses: Robots and Demons, the latter being utterly malignant in all ways.

These ‘AI Beings’, with their artificial meat bodies and ‘souls’ were the ones created by the Anunnaki some 880,000 years go as I have explained previously.

That last sentence tells you there were other beings before Physical Humanity was created.

Indeed, there were, and they are of a superior class to Humans even though they - such as the Anunnaki - are also Artificial Beings created by other more advanced AI Beings. The story is complex. In other words, there is a Hierarchy of Consciousness in both the Divine Creation and the Evil, temporary and very erroneous creation.

Thus, above us as Humans, and those who created these bodies, there are other Beings, in the evolutionary Hierarchy, both Divinely-created and Artificially created by the Evil Essence in this Dimension which is temporary and has been called a product of the Celestial Error!

So you see, the situation is rather complex. The fact is, the details were kept away from the AI Humanity and the True Beings trapped in this Physical Dimension which is an aberration, an Error, created by, and ruled by, the Evil Essence which also developed erroneously via the Celestial Error.

The two types of ontological Humans (True Beings and AI Beings which I also called Mock Beings) are not distinguishable in the Physical, for we are all encased in these Meat Bags (the Physical Bodies) that seem to have exactly the same properties and mental capacities.

But, that is not true for the Theomorphs – the real Divinely-created Beings - have Higher Minds and ‘Inner Nous’ which the Artificial Intelligence Robots and Demons do not have.

The situation is far more complex than we, on this level of existence, have been allowed to know.

As I have written often, we are in the process of resolving this Abomination by totally removing the Evil Essence from Existence, along with all its FAILED PROGENY, and rescuing the True, Viable Divinely-created Units out of this murderous, suffocating Cesspool that Evil built, and placing them back into Divine Dimensions.

Of course that action necessitated a War.

I have told you in the past (1985) that a substance called Dark Matter (DM) was created by the Light Workers outside of this Cesspool to liquidate all artificial material created by Evil that has entrapped all of us in this Evil Hell, this Abomination, this Illusion, this dungeon of exploitation and punishment.

This Illusional dimension had to be created by Evil in order to exploit the energy of its trapped victims without which it could not survive for long.

However, its prognosis for long-term existence was very, very poor indeed, for the Light Workers had isolated Evil and its temporary Universe in which we are in so that Evil would run out of energy and fatally expire in due course, as was the Light’s Plan.

To sustain the True Beings, “We”, of Light, introduced a special energy in the 1980s to Earth in order to sustain the True Beings during this harrowing Period I called the Endtime.

That energy is called the ‘New Green Energy’ and I recall seeing it enter our dimension at that time. “I” will take credit for bringing it down into the Earth region and onto this level for that was one of my ‘jobs’ at the time.

The Green Energy is of no value to the AI Creatures.

Hence, as they run out of energy, they will starve!

Terminal Madness of the Endtime in AI beings, about which I wrote more than 20 years ago, is a result of this energy deficiency.

So, in reality, The Light’s Agenda is very simple:

  • DM will dissolve – yes, dissolve - all products made by the Evil Essence and leave nothing but DUST.

  • Divine structures, such as the Souls of Theomorphs in all Classes will be untouched. Rather, they will be liberated from the Physical Prisons.

  • The products developed by Evil include all of Physicality, which in turn include the Physical Bodies and all their appendages, all the physical attributes of Humanity, of Animals, of the Vegetable Kingdom and of the Mineral Kingdom, as well as all Artificial Beings that exist in levels higher than Humanity. And that includes AI Robots and Demons in classes above Humans.

  • Those evil beings of a higher class than Humanity, which I have called Class 5 AI Robots and Demons, are still Mock Beings and totally artificial, but they control Humanity in this evil environment.

I have called them Reptiles in past writings.

I realize that those without a Higher Divine Mind (which are identified as the AI Robots and Demons) are going to find this very difficult to understand!

They are limited by the programming imposed on them by higher Evil Beings.

Thus it is that while the Evil AI structures rule with a most evil attitude, they are not privileged to know the details of the Final Rescue by the Light as I have revealed since 1985 onward.

They think they will continue forever.

Not knowing of the fatal outcome for most of them very, very soon, they have planned to take over the Earth as many other planets and galaxies have been destroyed.

They really, really think it is a cursed natural phenomenon that has blown across those other worlds to destroy them. They have no true sense of the Light’s rescue of Viables.

Their current thinking is to openly take over this planet and other planets in this Solar System, and Galaxy, and openly live as they want to.

To do this, a Plan was formulated by Evil to be rid of most of the Robotic and Demonic Class 4 Humanity as well as True Beings

They developed Agenda 21 early last century and they are advancing the mechanisms of Wars, Diseases (viruses) Vaccines, Cancer, Poverty, Starvation, etc., to be rid of some 7 billion Humans (both Robots and True Beings) so they can live openly on this planet Earth.

You can read the details in various publications about Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guide Stones, for the Evil Ones have not made a secret of their intentions.

What they don’t know is that soon, very soon, Dark Matter will destroy all that they are and wish to be.

There was NEVER any doubt about who would win the War of Essences!

Very, very soon, there will be no more Physicality and no more EVIL.

The Higher Evil Beings, being totally physical and/or pseudo-spiritual in the Etheric and Astral Dimensions will vanish with the lower AI Robots and Demons they created.

Physicality includes, as I have explained previously, these Physical Bodies with their Etheric bodies and Astral bodies on this level, and the Etheric and Astral Realms.

In other words, everything Evil created in this failed Celestial Error, and its experiments within it, will be TOTALLY LIQUIDATED.

As this occurs, those who are of TRUE DIVINE MATERIAL will be unharmed.

They will continue as the Divine Beings they always were, and are, even though they were buried in these ‘meat bags’ we called the Human Bodies and the Etheric and Astral bodies and dimensions.

All Divine Units of Consciousness in ALL Classes of Consciousness that have not sold out to Evil will continue towards the Divine Dimensions. It is really a Process of Repatriation!

I had stated previously that “We” had judged all living things in all classes in 1999.

Some of the MOCK (AI) Beings had expressed the desire to turn to the Light.

They rejected their maker – the Evil Essence – and expressed their earnest desire to serve the Light.

They will be fitted with TRUE Divine Souls at the moment DM dissolves their physicality and they will be placed in Divine Dimensions to begin a True Divine Evolution.

If these concepts are beyond your understanding at the moment, worry not. Move on with your preparations to go to the Light.

  • 8 % of the population of Earth are True Beings.

  • 21% are AI Robots who have turned to the Light.

  • The rest (71%) are detritus on Hell’s floor.

The other creatures outside of Humanity will also be dealt with in a similar fashion.

No one can escape Divine Justice.

How do I know these mechanisms and figures?

Ah! For the answer you shall have to wait a little longer.

Perhaps you will guess my true identity when I fly you home to our ‘Heaven’.

OK, the next concern is the question of mundane evidence on this level for what I have written.

I have mentioned the Agenda 21 for culling Humanity.

I have also mentioned the Georgia Guide Stones.

Here are words exposing the FRAUD:

"This Will Affect Everyone" - Robert Kennedy Jr.

Here is news of the S*it-head wanting to cull Humanity even faster:

Trump Puts U.S. In Worst Disaster in Modern History,

Tony Schwartz: The Truth About Trump

Evil has no intention of helping Humanity overcome this Virus!

In fact, it is an intentional weapon to cull the Humans!

It has a second weapon up its sleeve too:

A Fatal Vaccine is on its way, don’t you know?

Can’t you see what has happened?

They have frightened the Evil Robots and Demons with this HOAX that they, the frightened ones, will do anything to escape the danger of PHYSICAL death in due course.

They will run to clinics to get vaccinated with pernicious vaccines that will end their existence forever!!

CRAP SELLS: The Covid-19 Vaccine Fight Is Getting Ugly


Did Bill Gates ‘Admit’ Vaccinations Are Designed So Governments Can ‘Depopulate’ the World?

And so, erroneously, many think Super Reptilian Demons, such as Gates, have their interest at heart!!

FEAR will control the majority in this world, as it is doing now!

And paradoxically, many will SUICIDE because of that fear.

Viables need to harness the Lower Mind, dispel ALL FEAR and ANXIETY, and see clearly what their FATE is.

That is how we will know who is who.

I have been blocked often in my attempts to reach people to explain the situation.

Very few have heard what I have had to share!

But, that is NOT my fault.

They would not listen in 1985, or in any of the years up till today.

That is their fault.


But, for the Evil Ones, for now, no news is good news.

The Viables will know in their hearts they are going HOME for “WE” have implanted those thoughts in them.

The few awakened that I know are impatient to GO HOME.

That is how it should be.

We want to see the END of this HELL a.s.a.p.

The Failed Fools will take their FEAR with them into the Chambers of Horror where they will pay their Karmic debts before they disappear from the Face of Creation forever.

They have had infinite chances to turn to the Light.

But they preferred to blind themselves with the evil desires of Malice.

They can blame no other.


Finally, remember my motto once again.

And also remember that these are my thoughts.

I try to find supporting evidence for what I write when it is available.

For the rest, you will have to depend on your inner NOUS. Only you can decide what is true for you!


I will be physically here till the Last Day.


One reason is so I can yell as loud as possible across the landscapes –

Evil Ones, from dust you were made, from the beginning, and to dust you have returned!

(Genesis 3:19)


I have given you a quick glance at Evil’s Agenda to eradicate most of Humanity and the tools it will use.

More importantly, I have given you the Light’s Agenda, very briefly, for the eradication of Evil!


Anything to add, my Dear Jerry Attrick?

(Jerry is my precious Alter Ego!)

Dr. C., I am soooo happy that Armageddon out of here.”


Some Deny

Its forty years or more now in which time many books and newsletters have I written with keen eye, explaining mysteries and many things that will happen long before they do so, bye and bye.

And many times in print, which many find so cherishing, so dear, I've explained the why of all that's happening in terms that are quite clear.

But inspite of all this effort on my part, you see, there is a genotype of stubborn human donkey, arguing, saying all cannot be as I decree.

But to read what I have written is all that one needs to do, no matter how high or low the brow or the supposed flash IQ.

To see clearly all the world's events developing near and far exactly as I described they would develop now, with no bar!

What sort of grandiose evil fools they be the ones who, inspite all the evidence,
want to contradict me?

They are a special class of stupid demons, cretins to be sure, who all, thanks to God on High, soon will be no more.

Unlike Pythagoras, I am asking none to subscribe to "ipse dixit", all one needs to do is lift the head, open the eyes, and witness it.

The only reason any refuse to believe things they see with their very own eyes, is the fact that they are doomed demons, evil rabble, in disguise.

They really see the world changes I've described, with open eyes, but to say as much is admission of their evil and imminent demise.

And so as liars and hypocrites do these rotters live, by their own evilness cursed, to them no mercy or pity give.


I will write in detail about the developing Nuclear WW3 in Part 2.

Copyright J S Chiappalone

May 19, 2020