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After The Election

By Jim Kirwan


Chapter Two: The President Elect versus the Enemies of the United States.

The image is Hillary with her antique sponsor, George Soros!

Yesterday Jon Rappoport wrote a critically important and in-depth article that highlights many things that did not come up during the election itself, because this period of time, in the life of the nation, was never a problem before. Jon did what he did in a very concise and effective manner, by asking real questions of both Trump & the public, indirectly, in a form that addresses the battleground issues for both the President-Elect and the besieged-public that we are all being forced to look at now. For the next 79 days, we're all going to be seeing everything through eyes that have been captured by the Parallax view, a view that cannot show anyone exactly how the current riots in the streets will end...

In this spirit Jon set up a mythical ultimatum from David Rockefeller, the 101 yr old phantom owner of the world and President-Elect Trump in which Rockefeller raises questions about the realities and the dangers that Trump is facing, according to Rappoport's mythical Rockefeller ­ and the unknown 'Trump'.

Will Donald Trump Keep His Promises

by Jon Rappoport

This battleground never existed before this election ­ because the enemies of the United States were never before so clearly defeated in any general election. But since that's finally happened, the Republic is now being forced to fight this second challenge to freedom, against the evil creatures who seem to prefer war in the streets, over the defeat of Hillary in the election. Before going further please visit the link above and read the whole article.

David Rockefeller, arch-Globalist-in-charge, might write to President-elect Trump.” from the article by Jon Rappoport November 11, 2016

k - I wondered then what I could do, in a similar way, to mythically answer for the “Trump” I thought we elected. Here's part of that as seen against how David Rockefeller looks to the world of today. He's only alive because he's on his seventh human heart, to artificially extended his global-crime-spree.

    k: What I'm about to say did not take place anywhere,

    except in my thoughts.

JR: “Donald:

I won’t waste time congratulating you. We both know you and America are in for a rough ride. That plucky little demon, George Soros, is already funding and orchestrating thuggish riots in American cities. They do induce a bit of chaos, and I take a certain delight in chaos.

The machinery of Washington DC is ready to chew you up, Donald. There are spies everywhere, and at least a few of them will infiltrate your Presidency at influential levels—if you yourself don’t bring them in because you believe you need them.

I represent and lead an international order, as you know. Our basic plan is to eliminate sovereign nations and erase borders. We must do this, so we can usher in our own global system. We are winning. Surely, you see this....

...In other words, Donald, if you are more than a self-serving narcissist who has found a way to stir up the masses in your favor—if you really intend to “restore American values”—you are going to have to give something in order to take something. You’re going to have to make deals. You, of all people, should understand this.

So the question is: what are you willing to give? Where are you willing to back down? Think about it.”


k - Donald: “Thanks David for your concern about the success of my presidency, however since I'm thirty years younger than you are I suggest that there are some things that you have failed to notice about your 'position' in the events that have just taken place in reality.

Your global-ambitions have been failing throughout the entire twenty-first century. If you and your project were half as 'invincible' as you've convinced yourselves that it is ­ you would already be ruling over the entire planet.

The truth David, is that your global-criminal enterprise has failed to the point that I was even able to run for the presidency at all. And your strategy throughout has always depended upon sub-human barbarians, that have always been transparent, to anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear. And as for the implied threats you want me to “consider' - what you would bring to the world is older than civilization itself, and wherever it has triumphed anywhere in history, just like you, it has always ended in total defeat.

To answer your intended serious question above David - “What am I willing to give ­ where would I be willing to back down? You have again assumed “facts-not-in-evidence”, because you and your so-called movement have just overwhelmingly lost the election that was suppose to enshrine your evil Hillary, and her criminal war-machine forever. Instead the election ended Hillary and potentially banished both you and your one-world-order from the earth.

As for your thoughts about how business-works David, that too is being surpassed. In your view everything is always up-for-grabs, and those with the money always win. That might have been true back when you first began this global-grab for global-power: Way back then, when money was worth something, but thanks to your over-reach, your arrogance and your all encompassing greed—money is worth nothing at all today. And that great-grandfather, is the unforeseen by-product of all your failure's, to bring this supposed takeover of the planet to a quick and concise ending.

k - Here's Soro's with one of his playthings.

So before you issue orders about what I “must do” - I suggest that you look to your generals, to GWH Bush and Kissinger both of whom have at least one foot in the grave ­ because none of you will last another year ­ much less live long enough to see the world defeated or remade, into your filthy images. What are you going to do once these children that want to overturn the world find out, just who you are ­ not to mention what you've got planned for them?

You represent death incarnate, the worse of humanity from almost beyond the grave ­ yet you still want to dictate terms over the lives of everyone just beginning to try to live, in the sewers of the world that you've created just for them”.

kirwan: There's a great deal more in Jon's article ­ and it's exceptionally well thought our and written - but today's comments that Trump just made, are threatening to change everything about the policies that American's thought they were choosing Trump, to enact, in the election. This subject and what it portends will follow in Part Two, later today.

'The Winds of Change Or Global War'



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