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After WWI, Zionism Created WWII

By Jim Kirwan


In World War One, an international-matrix was created for blackmailing nations into fighting each other for Israel, even though that 'nation' had not yet come into 'being'.

Because the world was unaware, by the time World War Two began: The same tactics that had been used to blackmail Germany before the rise of Hitler - during the Jewish war upon Germany in the 1930's: The Zionists' were able to blame Germany for making war on “the Jews” when the fact was that Germany was only responding to the economic-WAR that the Jews instituted first, in the early thirties—to protect their stranglehold on the German banks and the German people. All of that was done in response to the Zionist overreach to keep the Germans enslaved by the criminal and worldwide-Zionist banking cabal..

The 'trick' of forcing the German government to artificially create the 'State of Zionism', illegally in Palestine, was not just allowed, but was created to force the Germans to deport the Jews to Palestine, with all their valuables, which was what brought the curse of Zionism into the modern world—before WWII became a reality for the rest of the planet.

For the most part this aspect of the Second World War

still remains unknown even now.

Once that shadow-war has been understood, the entire premise for WWII becomes something entirely different that has remained in the artificially crafted 'lie' that made World War Two so damning and so destructive for the entire world.

The United States and our 'role' in both World Wars was directly created, by the Zionists in their behind the scenes maneuvers to force the world to fight global-wars which their banking interests not only financed, but this was the same motivating factor that created the international war-machine and their trillions in profits, not just for the war-machine itself, but ultimately for the global bankers who supported all sides of both world wars.

What Americans have always failed to grasp is that these 'global-wars' were very callously created by the Zionists that have always sought global domination, since at least the 1850's—which is what makes “The Greatest Story NEVER told” so vital for the world that has been sleeping through these war-crimes as if they were global-conflicts that each had their own reasons for being—but in reality everything comes down to the greed and hate for the free world created by the Zionists-internationally.

Once the truth becomes visible it's clear that the Zionists are responsible for all the dead & wounded in World War One and World War Two, on all sides which is a much, much larger figure than the statistics cited here. What makes these numbers so damning is that the Americans were lied to about the wars themselves, because the USA was lied to about everything from World War One to Pearl Harbor, which was the key to dragging us all into these fake wars for the Zionists ­ again!

American Deaths in World War One

Total # of deaths 323,018 civilian & military

By Contrast the Number of German Deaths in World War One:

7,142,558 total civilian & military deaths

American Deaths in World War Two

Total # of deaths 418,500 civilian & military

By Contrast the number of German Deaths in World War Two:


000 to 8,800,000 total civilian & military deaths

If any REPARATIONS should be paid to anyone surrounding the deaths in WWII, then the Zionists owe the Germans and the Americans, as well as every other nation that was dragged into both of these false-flag-global wars, far more than any the other nation currently has.

Even though “the numbers” might seem vague or incorrect, whatever the actual numbers are ­ even one is too much.

Israel MUST PAY for what they've been doing to the world,

since before World War One!

On the plus-side for Germany & the World.


Germany has been crucified since the end of WW2, for everything they did “to the world”. But what has not been sufficiently covered is the truth about that nation and the legacy they brought to the entire world.

Currently the Jihadists and the Zionists love to spin the idea that only they are worthy of running the world.

But what no one has so far done to reveal just how much Germany has given so graciously to the planet ­ not to mention the millions upon millions of copy-rights that were blatantly stolen from the German archives after the global wars supposedly ended ­ from that treasure trove America and Russia have benefited greatly, from their so-called defeat of the Third Reich ­ but there is still so much that so many do not yet know about what Germany was in addition to having created a truly economic miracle that has yet to be equaled.

German Secrets by the Thousands

By Dr, Ingrid R Zundel June 2016

When it comes to the Third Reich and what it really stood for, vociferous objections start the moment you utter the most timid politically incorrect thought. Revulsion is instant ­ and savage. Consensus is solid as granite. There can be nothing but nothing redeeming about the shocking Hitler years. If you think otherwise, you put yourself in Satan’s company ­ and that’s where you will stay.

Worldwide, our era has been reduced to nine letters.

I often ask myself: “Why such colossal vitriol against a government, long gone and never to return, that put in place a system and a plan which, at the very least, ought to evoke some curiosity? Why turn into a bully on command and demonize a highly principled, self-disciplined, industrious people whose scientific legacy, if nothing else, is still enriching our lives?”... k - there's a lot more in this insert inside Ingrid's article.

German Secrets by the Thousands by C. Lester Walker

from “Harper’s Magazine” (October 1946)

Someone wrote to Wright (military) Field recently, saying he understood this country had got together quite a collection of enemy war secrets, that many were now on public sale, and could he, please, be sent everything on German jet engines. The Air Documents Division of the Army Air Force answered: “Sorry … but that would be fifty tons.” (100,000 pounds!)

Moreover, that fifty tons was just a small portion of what is today undoubtedly the biggest collection of captured enemy war secrets ever assembled. If you always thought of war secrets, as who hasn’t?, as coming in sixes and sevens, as a few items of information readily handed on to the properly interested authorities, it may interest you to learn that the war secrets in this collection run into the thousands, but the mass of documents is mountainous, and that there has never before been anything quite comparable to it.

The collection is today chiefly in three places: Wright (military) Field in Ohio, the Library of Congress, and the Department of Commerce. Wright Field is working from a documents “mother lode” of fifteen hundred tons (3,000,000 pounds!). In Washington, the Office of Technical Services (which has absorbed the Office of the Publication Board, the government agency originally set up to handle the collection) reports that tens of thousands of tons of material are involved. It is estimated that over a million separate items must be handled, and that they, very likely, contain practically all the scientific, industrial and military secrets of Nazi Germany.

Wright Patterson with a military UFO display

One Washington official has called it “the greatest single source of this type of material in the world, and the first orderly exploitation of an entire country’s brainpower.”...

k - This article could completely alter the way you come to understand what Germany has given to the world and how the rest of us see the current world as well, and it's not just about weapons ­ this includes breakthroughs of all kinds in food, technology, medicine, transportation and life ­ what Germany was building was that 'world of tomorrow' that many of us can still only dream about today!


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